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Blocking DDC's?

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So, since there is no more DDC crashing, is there a way to just weed all groups out of my new posts? I feel like so many times that I look at new posts its just DDC after DDC, none of which I can respond to.
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I feel the same way!! Either let us respond, or don't show us the groups.
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I "third" this motion. 

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That would be nice.  After I lost my pregnancies, it was just a painful reminder each time I saw my former DDCs come up in the New Posts lists.  

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yeah, this is kinda irritating...pretty much every thread i open these days is a ddc one.

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Also, don't highlight DDC discussions on the first page of the website. I keep seeing this and clicking through to the discussion, only to realize I can't participate without joining that DDC.

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The DDCs are active so I can imagine they do fill up the New Posts result. However, most of the DDCs are Open membership. That means that though you do have to click the Join button to be able to post, you get immediate access. There's no obligation to do anything as a member. You can either stay as a member or you can leave after you've made your post by clicking the "Leave this group" button.


There are a small number that are Closed groups, which means when you click the button your membership approval is submitted to the group leader for approval. 


With that clarified, the functionality to selectively remove forums, subforums, and groups from your new posts results is among a list of other features. Once it is available we'll announce it. smile.gif

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Great, thanks Cynthia!
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Just bumping this thread in the hopes that the ability to remove DDCs (or hopefully, just the ability to filter out groups of which I am not a member) from New Posts will be added soon. Close to half the threads on the first page of New Posts are DDCs -- threads to which I can't even respond. I realize I could join and post to any group I want, even if I'm not having a baby that month, but that kind of defeats the whole purpose of DDCs, doesn't it?
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