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Gestational diabetes- Now what?

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Has anyone else gone through this? This is my third, and I have never had issues before so this is brand new to me. Suggestions? Food ideas? Please help!

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I'm type 2 diabetic so a little different, but also have more experience as a result. The best advice I can give is to learn your body by monitoring your blood sugars with a morning fasting and after each meal (guessing that was what they recommended, anyway?) and just really pay attention to how your body reacts to different things. For me, I know that fruit and grains really drive my sugars high, but I can get away with high carb veggies like potatoes, which some diabetics can't. And then there are some days that are just out of whack and things that will normally be okay aren't. I try to eat consistently and ensure that I keep an even balance of carbs to proteins, very rarely eating carbs without protein. Pregnancy does funny things to blood sugar and makes it tough to predict and I just can't beat myself up over it as long as I'm being responsible about the things I put in my mouth and the stressors I put on my body. Suggested foods? Depends on what you like to eat. I'm not vegan, so that makes my protein options a little broader but my son is and I try to keep my family's diet tight on carb control, so it's still workable! String cheese, a protein bar in my puse as back up in an emergency, veggies with hummus, peanut butter sandwich on low carb bread with a teensy bit of no sugar added jam and a glass of milk. These foods are my partners in being a dia-bad-ass instead of a cry-abetic! wink1.gif

Hope that helps... Glad to offer any advice here or privately.

ETA: eating smaller, more frequent meals really helped me stabilize my blood sugars, which is ultimately the goal. Count carbs! Sugar free does not equal low carb, either.
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So just an update- looks like the new diet just isn't cutting it, I have another appt with the nutritionist tomorrow, and will probably be put on injectable insulin, which means that my midwives' group won't keep me as a patient, since I will now be considered high risk. Oh, and my blood pressure is up too. Just needed a place to complain, as I am so disappointed I could cry. I feel like all my dreams of unmedicated, intervention-free birthing are going out the window.

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Aw, hugs. hug2.gif I am a larger lady so I'm worried about GD too (my test comes up in a couple of weeks). Has the MDC GD thread helped at all? I saw it was quite extensive and some of those folks have tweaked the GD diet extensively to get it to work for them.


I am so sorry about the GD and blood pressure worries. It seems so unfair, and I know what you mean about watching your low-intervention birth possibly go out the window. It is hard enough to deal with the worry/stress/unknowns without also feeling like all your control and decision-making power is being taken away from you.

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Tatangel - I just wanted to say that I'm so sorry to hear that.  :(  Hugs...  Hopefully you will be able to have a birth that is close to what you envisioned, even if it does have to be in a hospital.  I will be thinking about you.

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Thanks ladies. I am feeling more resigned today. I guess that this is a good way to get in better shape and learn to eat better right?

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So sorry about your news. I had GD during my first pregnancy, and I will be getting tested again (I've already had one test) for this pregnancy in a couple of weeks. How high are your sugars? During my first pregnancy I was diet controlled and delivered an average-sized baby. What sort of diet have you tried? I've pre-emptively gone to a nutritious and modified my diet as a preventative measure, but I still find it difficult to maintain healthy habits at times.

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I am just doing a low-carb diet that the doctor recommended. My numbers have been good since Thursday, which is kind of a surprise considering all the crap going on in my life right now. I think I have finally found a doctor who will take me, which is great, but they didn't have an appt till the 17th, which is not.


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Sorry you are having to struggle with this. I wa diet controlled gd w my first but have been on injectsble insulin since
about 18wks this time. For me key is eating @ same time each day. This was so hard for me until bedrest unfortunately.

I did want to say that positives are long term health of your pancreas and protective factors for baby.

And i second you on motivation to be healthier in general....but stressful nonetheless.
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I just got the call that my sugar levels were high at the first test, so I'm going back on Tuesday for the 3-hour test. I know they say to keep eating normally, but I totally want to eat smarter over the weekend.


I've grabbed an app called D Buddy where I can log my food, water, exercise, etc and it gives you an overview of how you're doing. I just started it this morning & don't really understand the numbers yet. Also, so far I haven't found a way to tell the app I'm pregnant. It seems helpful, so I hope I can get it working for me.


I've also requested 2 books from the library which I'll consume as soon as I get them.


If I do end up with a postivie GD result, I'll be excited to get support from a dietician.

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