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Anyone faint while pregnant?

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Not sure what was going on with me this morning, but I blacked out in the shower today.

Thankfully my husband was in there shaving and I said something like "Oh I feel so dizzy...."

He must have opened the curtain when I said that because he said I just fell and he caught me before I hit my head on the tub spout.

I feel better but still kind of dizzy/jittery....wondering if it's low blood sugar?


Has that happened to anyone else?  So bizarre....I'm not really a fainter per se although my symptoms have been extra bad the last few days so I'm feeling overall really really crappy.  :(

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That sounds scary! I'm glad you weren't hurt.

I haven't completely fainted, but I've come close. I often feel dizzy when I shower now, and I remember that from my first pregnancy too. I always assumed it had something to do with all the extra blood your body is trying to make combined with the hot water. I blacked out once during my first pregnancy, but luckily it was gradual enough that I knew it was coming and was able to get to a couch. (I was subbing at a nursery school, so it was super embarrassing though!)

It wouldn't hurt to give your Dr./Midwife a call to see if they have any ideas or suggestions.
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I haven't fainted yet this time, but I did faint when I was pregnant with Pearl. I was much further along - 26ish weeks - and I was waiting in line at the post office. When I saw my midwife later that week, she told me it was probably a combination of blood sugar and blood pressure. I would definitely call your doctor, but just know that it's happened to me before and the baby was fine. smile.gif

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I did once last time, at the airport of all places, waiting in line to check in for my plane. Didn't completely faint, but everything went back and I believe people nearby guided me to a chair.

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I almost fainted at the doctor yesterday after I sat up after the ultrasound. I am a fainter by nature, though, and have very low blood pressure. It can definitely be scary. Make sure you snack throughout the day so that your blood sugar doesn't fall too much.

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So glad your hubby was there to catch you!


I am not a fainter, either, but I've been feeling really lightheaded today. In my case I know it's from eating pure carbs (blood sugar issue), and I [should] know better than that. I have ended up feeling lightheaded in the shower though, and now I make sure I eat first--you may need to do that, too.


I blacked out at an outdoor expo type thing in the summer when I was expecting DS2. I was much further along though, at least halfway, and it was ridiculously hot out with no shade.

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Thanks for the input ladies!

I think it's because I forgot to eat breakfast this morning.  I just wasn't hungry and in the hustle of getting my son off to school I guess I forgot.  I won't do that again!  I'll let my MW know at my appt on Friday though, just in case it becomes a habit.  I think she'll want to do bloodwork (I'm due for my yearly anyways so I think she does it then) so I'll ask if she checks blood sugar.



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In my first pregnancy, I fainted half a dozen times and came close many other times.  Low blood pressure.  My family tends toward low BP anyway, and mine dropped every month until about the 7th month.  Eat salty foods.  Drink plenty of fluids, if you can--I'm doing okay on that so far this time, but in my first pregnancy any significant quantity of liquid tended to make me feel sick in the first trimester.


If this becomes a persistent problem with dizziness or fainting, esp. with vision blacking out around the edges and ringing in the ears, and your BP readings are low, ask your doctor about getting thigh-high compression stockings.  My midwife in my first pregnancy was unconcerned about my BP, so I went to my primary care doctor in the 5th month, and he hooked me up with these stockings.  They were awesome!  They really helped to keep the blood in my brain so I could stay conscious.

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So I went grocery shopping today and started feeling lightheaded/dizzy again.  I'm letting my MW know tomorrow morning for my appt.

Not sure what's going, I did eat a bagel with some butter for breakfast.  I was going to have something more sugary or even some OJ but honestly it just isn't appealing to me.

I have to force myself to eat right now, I just feel so gross.  Trying to drink more water too.  I did just have a big bowl of veggie fried rice so that's my salt intake for the day.  :)

Thanks again ladies!  I'll let you know what my MW says....

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