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A couple of questions about homebirth in Los Angeles?

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I've looked at the old threads and have a couple of recommendations. Thanks.


Can anyone tell me what current rates are for various midwives and/or PM me? I just need a general idea what I am committing too. I'd also like to know of any birthing center options, which might make DH more comfortable.


Also, if your insurance covered it I would love to know. I have CIGNA. Cost for a hospital birth is more or less zero. My unplanned, unassisted birth was actual more expensive because I had to pay an ambulance and emergency room co-pay (!).



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Based on some recent phone calls, I've been quoted between $4400-5000 for pre-paid services with an itemized bill at  the end of the process to submit to insurance.

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Im also wondering the same.  I had 1 midwife quote at 4500.  This includes everything, correct?  

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$5,000 seems to be about the average.  I spoke to many, many midwives in LA and they all seem to charge about the same.  Some birth centers accept insurance.  But they only seemed to accept insurance for a small part of the overall bill.  So the total would be $5,000 and insurance covers $1,000 of that...leaving you with a decent sized bill to pay still.  I ended up with a hospital birth because I just couldn't come up with that kind of money.  I never found anyone willing to take payments or anything like that either. 

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Everyone spoke I spoke to takes monthly payments and most can bill insurance directly for labs.

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If yOu need sOmeone cheaper, there is Brenda Capps out of Bakersfield. I used her in 2007 and she was charging $1500 for total care (no labs). I know she'll travel south to Santa Clarita, but I don't know about further south.
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There is also a new birth center just opened-- they do homebirth:


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It's been 6 years since I had my homebirth so prices have probably gone up but I paid 2400 (but I lived in Inland Empire at the time which is cheaper than LA typically.) I was given a "cash paying" discount of $600 off if paid in full by 30 weeks (3,000 before that discount.)


I will add that I had my first child in a hospital because of money and could I do it over, I would pay monthly for 3 years if I had to in order to have a homebirth. My homebirth was amazing and I really wish I had done it for my first child as well.

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Ours is in the mid-$4000 range for everything, and you can pay as you go, but they require full payment by 36 weeks.  No cash discount or anything, but they will prorate for the missed office visits if you come to them later in the PG.  All my labs have gone directly to my insurance, but my insurance is being a little b**ch about paying for the MW, so best case scenario we'll get back close to $1000; worst case, nothing.  We have Anthem PPO.  Ironically, we chose PPO strictly so we could go to a MW for a HB, and now they're telling us that if we had HMO they might have covered it...grrr...

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I've never seen this doctor referenced before but Dr. Chin, who practices out of Cedars and takes insurance http://www.yelp.com/biz/chin-anthony-md-beverly-hills is a back-up OB to my homebirth midwives. I think that speaks highly of his take on birth but I've never come across his name before so I thought I would include it here. We met yesterday and he seemed really moderate in his views.

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my midwife (del balgas) operates mostly in the oc, but might come to parts of LA (depending on where you are) and charges between 3-4K :)

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