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TalktoMeNow, I saw you mention that Jasper likes to drink water... did that coincide with his weight gain slowing down? Does he nurse less now that he drinks water? Just a thought.

Also, where is he on the WHO (not CDC) height and weight charts?


ZippyGirl, we've also been "breaking the rules" about introducing one food every four days - but so far, we have only given A a few types of organic fruits and vegetables. No berries, citrus, dairy, grains, etc.  Her favorite so far seems to be pear and pea puree.


I also got A's high chair secondhand, off of Craigslist.  The high chair and two bags full of 9mo clothes (in nearly new condition) were $60 all together!  That probably doesn't seem like a great bargain to some people here, but we live in a HCOL area...

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We got the high chair from Ikea - the white $25 one and I love it. It is compact for our tiny dining room and SUPER easy to clean. Cheap, compact, easy to clean.... WIN!
And the legs pop off and it fits in our tiny coat closet if we need to stash it away.
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Glassesgirlnj, I offer him around 1tbsp of water 1-2x a day. I think he manages to drink about half of that. So it's not a lot. But I'm thinking now I could switch to giving him cups of stored breast milk. I have a freezer supply that is going to go bad. I think it's the drinking out of the cups that he likes, not specifically the water. smile.gif
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I posted in the Chit chat thread, but I thought I'd post over here as well.  No food on a regular basis yet, which is fine by me.  I mean, I think introducing foods is fun, and I can't wait for him to be interested and to see what he likes and such, but I don't mind not having to clean up a mess or stress over what to give him or deal with the diapers... haha!

He's tried sweet potato, butternut squash, avocado, banana, brown rice, carrot, and cucumber.  No favorites.  He's pretty repulsed by food in his mouth!  Oh!  And DH gave him a bit of applesauce and he gagged, he was so repulsed.  APPLESAUCE YOU GUYS.  I thought for sure that he would like that.  Oh well!  

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Dylan doesn't like applesauce?! Wowza! bigeyes.gif Sora would eat a whole jar if I let her. I mean, an adult-size jar. Girl loves her some applesauce.


I'm really surprised by this but Sora loves zucchini. Zucchini! Who would've thought?


We gave her a huge chunk of watermelon the other day and she just sat on the clean kitchen floor in nothing but a diaper, getting sticky juice all over herself. It was too cute. I am such an anti-mess freak... I figured I have to let her get messy sometimes or she'll never learn to hold foods on her own. lol.gif

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Zucchini, what's not to love?

Shay doesn't like the texture of purees so I can see a baby not liking applesauce.
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KJ has had banana and avocado.  I'm not offering them consistently just yet, but I want to start.  She seems to really, really love avocado.  She makes a face when she gets a good bite of banana but then she goes for more, so I guess it's not repulsion but a reaction to something so new.


The doctor said to offer her avocado in the evening to see if that helps her sleep longer.  Last night was the first night she had avocado right before bed and she proceeded to sleep for 7 straight hours.  Yeah.  I'm gonna keep that up!

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Audrey will eat everything I give to her and shove it into her mouth as fast as she can!  I've been giving her whole pieces of banana and avocado but she also likes the purees so we do both.  She's also tried butternut squash, carrots, oatmeal, pears, and cantelope.  She loves to feed herself the happy baby puffs and is doing great with her hand eye coordination.  Should we be feeding them three meals a day now?  Is it ok to skip a meal here and there?  I feel like such a newbie at this.  I just don't really remember what I did with dd1.

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I feed Sora 2 meals/day but her pediatrician said I can bump it up to 3 meals now. I have done 3 meals a few times since her checkup but haven't been religious with it. I'm so used to our 2 meal schedule. Plus, Sora doesn't seem like she cares either way, so I'm not forcing it every day quite yet. I see no harm in skipping solid meals here and there if breastmilk/formula is offered plentifully and meals in general aren't skipped - as long as the baby isn't seeming hungry and deprived either. Know what I mean? I can't skip Sora's morning solids meal or she gets cranky as heck and lets me know she's hungry for it. But her afternoon/evening meals have been skipped a few times when we were out of the house and busy, and she didn't seem to notice, nor did it affect her sleep.


I'm trying to offer Sora whole pieces of some foods so she can get the hang of feeding herself, but most of the time I just do purees. I love making them, and she loves eating them! She hasn't turned down any food so far. If she's iffy on a flavor and not as eager, I'll mix it with pear puree sometimes to get her eating it, and then she seems to do fine eating the food by itself after just a few tries. It worked really well for avocado! Now she loves it by itself. 

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We try to give Shay something whenever we eat. At breakfast he usually eats some fruit and maybe cereal. At lunch some kind of meat or veggie. Dinner whatever we are having that he can eat or another fruit or veg. Today he fed himself chex at breakfast, a whole banana at lunch (we all had sandwhiches) and chewed on pork chop, salad and potato at dinner. Some days I feed him purees but he doesn't have much interest in them anymore and just makes a mess (other food is also a mess, but he seems to enjoy them more).
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Jasper's favorite food is summer squash. I boil it, cut it into big chunks, and he goes crazy. He can't get enough. He ate an entire squash for dinner. I'm pretty sure the nutritional value is quite limited... probably mainly water? I've also been feeding him some jarred baby food. He prefers purees at this point (other than banana and squash), and I have no equipment to make them with. So I buy a few jars of organic baby food here and there. I usually don't manage three meals a day. More like 1-2.

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I just gave Audrey some fingers of toast for breakfast with her banana and she loved it!  So far, she hasn't choked or gagged on anything so I'm starting to feel a little more comfortable feeding her chunks of food.

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Amanda, when we puree stuff, we just throw it in the blender.  Shay likes it mashed with a fork more, but mostly he likes to feed himself.

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I mash with a fork :-)

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Levi has had banana(which isn't mashed, he just sucks on a banana while I hold it lol), peas green beans, and tried chicken in one of those mesh food things. Next he's going to have sweet potato. :)

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KJ hates sweet potato! WHO IS THIS PERSON???

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lol I got some yams today at the store. Gonna cook one tomorrow for Levi.

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J likes avocado from his mesh feeder.

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Oooohh, we're gonna have to try that next!

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So in an effort to fatten up my baby I have started giving her solids mixed with high cal/neonate gainer every day.  She seems more content later in the day, which is awesome.


She HATES getting messy and refuses to feed herself.  I think part of that problem is that she has to sit in a lap.


Does anyone have any high chair/booster seat recommendations that, say, a 3 month old could sit in without the tray being up to their eye balls?

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