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My af is missing! (m/c mentioned)

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Normally I have 28/29 day cycles but I'm waiting on af after a m/c. Right now I'm on day 34 and I took a hpt which was bfn yesterday. About 2 days ago I swore she was coming. I had intense pain right above my pelvis and a really heavy feeling that lasted for about an hour. I was so happy thinking af was here. I. Was. Wrong.


So, if anybody has seen my af, can you send her back to me? Thanks!

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*sigh* still no af.

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Sorry about your mc. It is so hard on its own and then to have to wait longer to ttc. Sorry and hope af shows soon.
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hey! your back.  :-)    I think my af was not an af...just some thing that was sent to confuse me.  You can use Vitamin C to bring it on....but i am always so afraid of a lurking bean.... hmmm

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I think af just enjoys confusing the crud out of us all. lol DH had the theory that since I bled for about 3 weeks it'll take that long for af to come back. If he's right, that'll be within the next 3 days or so.


Hate this waiting until my body decides what it's doing before I can try again. Ugh!

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I'm so sorry for your loss!


A similar thing happened to me. I MC in January and waited 8 weeks and didn't get my period. I, too, thought I might be pregnant, but I tested multiple times and they were all negative. My doctor put me on Provera, and that induced my period about two weeks later (which was earlier this month.) Now I'm in my 2WW...so we'll see what happens!

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I'm sorry for your loss, rkb15. hug2.gif


I'm on cd39 (cd40 in about 15 minutes. lol)  I keep getting on and off pain around my ovary area (both sides) and think "this is it!" but, no. I had a "moment" earlier today. Had a WIC appointment for kiddo and they have me as pg in the system. Supposedly the ob office reported it to the health department. She kept trying to take it off the screen when I told her I lost the pg. It wouldn't come off so I said "maybe it knows something I don't". But when I left the office I felt sad. I hugged DS extra tight when we got to the car.

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Hey mchrissy, whats up. Did af ever start??? I know you were due back wben mine was late but now im cd13. Hmmm..thinking of you.
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Welcome back Sherry! Hope things are well with you and your family. Af still hasn't shown. :(

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