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I went to my first LLL meeting last night and I definitely recommend other first time mama's start going as well.  I was worried that I would feel out of place being only 30 weeks, but everyone was very welcoming and the leaders seemed especially happy to have me there at this stage.  


Hopefully I will have no issues with breastfeeding but since I feel strongly it's something I want to be able to do (as most of you do too) I'm really glad that I'm starting to get a support system in place now.

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So happy you found LLL :)  I started going to meetings when I was about 26 weeks with DS, and now the women I met there are some of my best friends... Such an awesome resource.

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I'm going to my first meeting on April 11th!!  That's great you had a good experience.  Hopefully mine will be the same.

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I'm planning on going to an April meeting too...DS nursed for 5 years, but I'd still like to meet some like-minded folk and get back into nursing-mode.


I had a rocky start with DS breastfeeding and didn't feel "put-together" enough to even make it to a LLL meeting to get help until he was a few months old. I'd like to start the routine and know where I'm going sooner rather than later this time around.


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I was just think about LLL. I went to my first meeting when pg with DS I think I was about 33 weeks or so. It was great because I knew were to go and what to expect and had met the leaders so when DS was born I felt comfortable going and excited to show him off :) He was only 10 days old when went.


Unfortunately the group I went to with DS that was in my neighborhood is gone :( So need to find a new one. I am going to try to go in April too.

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I'd really like to go to an LLL meeting, but our local group meets at 10 AM on Wednesdays. How are working moms-to-be supposed to attend? So frustrating.

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Our local LLL chapter has one weekday meeting each month + one evening meeting each month.  Maybe you can call and ask if they have one?

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My sister had the same problem with the daytime meetings when she was pregnant-- She called and one of the local leaders arranged to meet her for coffee.  That got her kind of in the loop and she was able to get some questions answered, plus she felt better about calling when she thought of other questions-- I think she called a couple leaders a bunch of times.  After she had her DD, she attended some meetings and then stayed in touch with a few of the women she met after her maternity leave was over.  She's still breastfeeding and working, and my niece is almost two!

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I've been wanting to start going to LLL but I was teaching childbirth classes on Thursday nights until last week. The group here meets on the second Thursday, so I'm going to try to go next week.

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