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Preconception health

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Any of you mamas out there have any advice on preconception health and diet?  We are about to start trying and I would love to be as prepared as possible.  I take New Chapter prenantals and fish oil caps, anything else?


Thank you!

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Exercise is great and it's important to try to keep your stress low.  I do yoga and cardio.  I was advised to eat some protein every 3 hours to keep my blood sugar level and to be sure to eat plenty of fruits and veggies.  I also cut out alcohol and reduced my caffeine.  I was also advised to have 3 orgasms per week to help tone the uterus and to generally help with hormone levels.  That's a fun rule.  I was 36 when I started trying so I spent a lot of time preparing.  You may not need to depending on your age and health.  Good luck!

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great - i was going to say folic acid but that should be in your prenatals.  I agree with the rest, but would add- see your gyn.  Get a pap, cultures, and whatever routine bloodwork they may do.  It may also be a good idea to have your immunization status checked.  The CDC  has released a list of recommended pre conception steps.  I work in an OB GYN office and I am working at putting together a standard PC visit that meets all of the recomendations, but you can  google it too at cdc pre conception.


Good luck


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I am in the same boat, trying to prep for  pregnancy.


Here is my plan: I am further reducing any toxins that I can reduce my exposure to such as pesticides, harsh cleaners, hair dyes, booze, etc. I take pregnancy dha, probiotics, vitamin D, folic acid, and a prenatal. I do cardio, but plan to add in some gentle yoga and am even hitting up a holistic dentist because, from what I read, dental health is rather important pre/during pregnancy. I am trying to eat as much fresh produce/fruits and veggies I can as well as high quality protie--organic of course.


I am trying to do everything I can to have a healthful pregnancy because I had gestational diabetes last time and gained a bunch of weight and both were real bummers. Don't want to be there again.


That 3 times a week rule seems interesting. . .and can probably help with that whole getting pregnant part too : )


Thanks for posting this because it really made me think out my plan more.


I cannot wait to hear more suggestions!



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