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Natural Cures for Adult and Infant Eczema

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My husband has always had eczema. While I don't like it, he uses a cream pretty much daily to help it. It helps the eczema, but I don't like the idea of using medicine daily. Regardless, I've figured it's his body, so he can do what he wants with it. 


Our 2 month old is now developing eczema, just as our 3 year old did when she was a baby. The 3 year old no longer has it and we didn't really do anything to treat it besides applying lotion regularly. I've been looking into what I can do for my 2 month old and it's sparked some ideas in my head in regards to my husband. 


He has the eczema, hayfever, and stomach issues. This is all making me begin to wonder if it's an allergic reaction or imbalance in his gut. What can we do to test this? Should he take probiotics? If he does, what brands do you recommend? 


Then what can I do for my 2 month old? I'd like to keep her gut virgin as long as possible, so I don't want to give her probiotics. Could me taking some help her? Anything I can apply topically to help? My friend recommended coconut oil. Anyone have any luck with that? Other suggestions?

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Finding their trigger is the biggest issue...can be all sorts of things. My daughter with the worst case has major food intolerances. Another was triggered by ddog hair and stress.


Aside from removing those, cod liver oil or flax seed oil and probiotics are both good. If you are breastfeeding the baby, take them yourself rather than giving them to her. Topically we liked apricot oil with our oldest. We only use California Baby Super Sensitive for their baths.

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That's actually the soap we've been using. How do you find out if they have intolerances and stuff like that?

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I've used coconut oil and avocado oil on my 2 year old w/o seeing much improvement. However, once I started giving him 2 droppers of evening primrose oil a day, his skin completely cleared up! He eats lots of avocado, eggs, coconut oil and other good fats, but those haven't helped like that has.

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There is no real testing for it, pretty much a process of elimination. If you think they have food issues, keeping a daily food log and watching for flair-ups after certain foods are eaten is probably the best way to start.


The ladies in the allergy forums are really great. Here are some threads with resources that might help you, especially if you suspect some gut issues...









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There's a Healing the Gut Cheat Sheet thread on here that might be a good place for you to start if you're looking at probiotics.  There's an abundance of information there.  


For my eczema, largely eliminating processed foods made the biggest difference.  I also didn't have it really badly, but there you go.  For lotion-type purposes I make my own concoction of 1 part coconut oil, 1 part olive oil, and 1/2 part beeswax.  I weigh the ingredients, so it's like 1 oz, 1 oz, 1/2 oz.  I put them all in a glass measuring cup, put it in a pan of water on the stove, and let it heat up that way until it's all liquefied then pour it in a jar.  It feels nice going on and helps with my itchy skin.  You can also infuse the olive oil with herbs to help skin conditions - calendula and burdock are good.  Calendula helps with healing and burdock is helpful with eczema specifically.  But, just the plain, non-infused oils are soothing and nourishing for skin if you don't feel like messing with infused oils.  

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