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pre and pots partum trouble

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To start with, I want to say that in my second trimester, I had a big trouble with sleeping.  I was waking up at night with a strong feeling of anxiety.  It lasted until end of my pregnancy. In 33 weeks, I started to have a problem with my blood pressure increased. When I was 34 weeks pregnant, first time I experienced strange sensations that I did not have in my previous pregnancies.   I had numbness in my left foot and shin, but more disturbingly, I had numness/weaknes in my left hand and arm from time to time that can last for many hours.  Later, I experienced numbness sensations in all my 4 limbs, but more frequently in my left leg (especially at night).  Due to that numb sensations I could fall asleep, my anxiety was going up, nighttime was the worst time for me.   

I was educed, stressful labor.  I did not sleep for three days/nights postpartum.   On day 4 I fell ill.  My numbness in extremities came back; I became extremely fearful for myself and anxious.  I was getting up in the morning with a hangover effect, very dizzy and unsteady on my feet.  My world perception narrowed, I felt myself unreal with unreal body that at times I did not feel as my own. My limbs were weak and as they did not belong to me.  Strange headaches.  I had trouble concentrating, even my hearing lost acuity.   I had few very strong pains in my chest lasting for the entire day; I was very concerted about my life.  Fear of nights and my going to bed was very strong, I could not relax in bed to fall asleep and I was waking up during the night with in fear.  I’ve been leaving like that for 5 weeks now.  My mind and my body are exhausted.  I lost interest in everything I used to enjoy, often I cry.

Is anyone with similar experience especially regarding numbness in extremities?  What did you do, how did you cope and how did it take for the physical symptom to disappear and mentally recover?





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I don't have a lot of time to respond, but I've had good success with EFT for anxiety.  I haven't had a panic attack in years and I strongly believe it's because I used EFT.   It's free to learn and do, so it's not any real commitment.  I think the website is EmoFree.com, do a quick Google search and see.  Chest pain and hand numbness is often from back problems.  I recommend that you see a chiro and a massage therapist.  Good luck.

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I second Abra on the Chiro idea.  


I had numbness, weakness and tingling in both hands until a couple of months post partum.  It eventually went away on its own, but mine was very mild.  Having it so strongly seems like a larger issue than mine.

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No advice, but just wanted to say sorry for all the anxiety and pain you've been experiencing!  This must be a very difficult transition to a new baby for you.  Please keep posting for whatever support you need!  grouphug.gif  And welcome to the group and MDC!!

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