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i wanted to update this thread, both because it is a really big thing in my life and because we are taking some steps.



  • twins 20m now and still no words at all, except "ball" and the occasional mimicked word but that is usually a rare one time thing.  this holds for both of them.
  • btw the my son finally walked at 16.5 months, nearly 3 months after my girl, but he just stood up one day and walked perfectly across the room, only stopping to turn around and clap with daddy who was cheering him on. it was all pretty funny cause he clapped for himself every time he walked for the next few days!
  • today i had both kids hearing checked fully, they passed all 3 types of test they do with completely flying colors, no concerns what so ever.  i was starting to rally think this was the issue, fluid or something. but while i would have loved a easy answer, i would rather have healthy twins, so I'm thrilled.
  • 10 months of staying with family this last spring, then getting talk to all day long by tons of folks and a whole summer traveling and them being babysat by a talkative grandma and all, did not change the lack of talking at all, that kinda makes me feel better that it is not just that i dont talk to them enough, i really feel they get talked to a lot the last 4-5 months and that is not the big issue any longer
  • it is soooo clear that their receptive language is great, and that they really have all the concepts in their heads well. they clearly are frustrated that it is not coming out. 
  • if someone were to tell me that they were talking perfectly, just in a different language i didn't know i would agree, their tone and inflection and intensity when they babble about everything is so speech like.
  • but if one more person tells me how all of that is a great sign and they will burst forth with whole sentences next week I'm going to strangle them, its been like this for a few months now.


so what I'm doing:



  • now that he hearing test is done i would like to rule out other big things and then focus on what i CAN do
  • i have set them up with early intervention in my county, they had their first intake visit and will get their full evaluation next week.
  • we start nursery school next week, its a transitional program that i go with them till Jan and then they go on their own, i think this socialization will be great for them, we had a social at the school last week to meet and greet and they had a blast off playing with the kids. kids that all do talk at least a bit and adults that cant read their minds.
  • i have gone back to sign language big time and they have taken to it amazingly, they know probably 6-8 signs in just a week and actually asked my for things thru sign and were beyond the moon thrilled when it worked. i just got a second Signing Time dvd and we are watching it together, they are enthralled.
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I know it's been awhile since this thread was active, but I have 12 1/2 month old B/G twins who aren't saying any words.  I guess they make noise and babble but I am starting to get concerned.  They use consonant noises sometimes but mostly they make "uhh" noises or laugh.  I actually have them scheduled for an Early Intervention intake this week even though I'm told they usually won't do anything for speech until 15-18 months at the earliest.  Adorkable, how are your twins doing?

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my twins are doing super, they just turned two and have a huge handful of words and more important than that they do their best to copy the words we say to them and really seem to hear when they get it close. my sone was so thrilled to conquer "apple" and finally make it a crystal clear two syllable word that his face just lit up and he kept saying it to himself, clearly happy with the sound and it was his word of the day for many hours.


strangely the still have not really bothered to say mama, but they say dada al the time, so im ok with that.  we will keep working with them, but what folks say about a word explosion when it is right for them, really does seem to hold true.


i also have kept up with the baby signing, they LOVE it and actually make up signs for things and crack themselves up doing it. i think it had helped them both in verbal speech and self confidence in communicating in vernal and would suggest it to anyone. both speech folks they have seen say that the large sign vocabulary they have is great for them and they always see faster grasping of the concept of words and names in babies that learn signs.

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I'm glad for you!  We had an early intervention intake this morning and they'll be evaluated in about 2 weeks.  I think my husband and I are going to start signing with them, though.  

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Was there a specific book or video you used for signing?

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i use the Baby Signing Time videos adn both my kids and i really like them. one thing that was really funny was that the sign for the name of them "baby", "signing" & "time" was one of the first things they picked up and then they started asking to watch the videos by name!!

 and once after our move it have been a long time since they had sen a video, i got o new one in the mail and set it on the counter, they could only see the edge and it was a different color from the one they knew, but they spazzed out and started signing the name again and asking for it.  a few days ago , by son seemed particularly frustrated by not knowing words for things and i noticed when he is thinking about it, he absent mindedly makes the gesture for "sign" as he ponders.  the videos clearly have had a big impact on them

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