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Re-clipping tongue tie??

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If you had to do this, will you please share your story? I'm in the midst of decided if I will do this. My DD has/had a posterior tie.

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Hi there.
My DD had a lip tie and poaterior tie, both clipped at 6 weeks. At 7 months we had to get the posterior tie clipped again. Appatently it was pretty far back and he couldn't get it all the first time. Thie second time her used the laser to clip.
I totally understand your struggle...NOT an easy decision to make. The main thing I and DH weighed out...we had total trust in the dentist who did procedures and made sure he thought it could cause issurs later on possibly (not just nursing). The dentist did do the second procedure for free, which helped me understand he didn't say it needed done again just to make $. If he would have said it might only help nursing and he didn't believe it would cause issues later I don't know if we would have dine it.
To compare the procedure between the two ages..I was so nervous about getting it done at 7 months, but it was actually not so bad. Again, didn't seem like any pain to her. The ony time she was uoset was when we held her still. It was comforting to me to be abke to be right there and hold her on me during the quick procedure.
Anyway, it did help! I could immediately tell her tongue felt much looser. Unfortunately we are having some issues still now at 10 months, but I think it is unrelated to the tie. After the second procedure I had my first two pain free weeks of nursing in the 7 months of her life. I had no idea it could feel like that....nothing, pleasant, and totally enjoyable.
Feel free to message me if you want to chat!!
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