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Hello, everybody!!!

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I have been lurking around here for the past two weeks and finally decided to join up.  I am due probably in mid-November, getting an ultrasound next Thursday which will clear up the date.  I am almost 39 and had been at peace with the idea that we were meant to have just one child, so this is a big surprise!  Luckily, both my partner and son (7) also have taken it as a pleasant surprise rather than a tragedy.  We just told our son last night.  At bedtime and on the walk to school this morning he could talk of nothing else! joy.gif He is going to find it hard to keep it a secret until Mother's Day as we have asked.  His teacher is pregnant, due in just a few weeks, so he has been very interested in the whole phenomenon and asking lots of questions.


If you've been on MDC a long time, you might remember me.  I spent a lot of time here from 2002 when we first started TTC, through the birth and early childhood of my son, but in 2009 I got in trouble for posting too many links to my own Website--I understand why the mods object to "diverting traffic" from MDC to other sites, but what they wanted me to do instead was copy and paste my articles into MDC, and it was just such a hassle--so I re-evaluated what I was doing here and decided to back off.  Now that I'm pregnant again, I feel a need for the community here, and I think I can behave myself and resist link-dropping! nono.gif  It was tempting when I was discussing subjects I'd discussed a bunch of times and written articles about so I didn't want to write the same thing over again...but now I am in a new chapter of my mothering life, with new things to discuss!


I'm definitely feeling pregnant, but the nausea and exhaustion aren't as bad as last time, probably partly because I know where I went wrong last time: When I started feeling queasy, I skipped lunch, and then after throwing up dinner I didn't attempt to eat until morning, and that started me on a long train of throwing up a lot.  I also was newer to vegetarianism then and probably not eating enough protein.  This time, I have been eating very frequently and plenty of protein.  As for exhaustion, I'm just trying harder this time because I now have my son's schedule to think of; he has to be at school at 8:00, and I normally walk him to school 1/2 mile and then walk another 1/2 mile to catch a bus to work, and so far I have been able to make that happen on time every day.


I'm apprehensive of the 7th week, though.  Last time, making neurons totally kicked my butt, and I was barely conscious that week!  I remember one day lying in bed under the open window, with a glass of water on the desk near the foot of the bed, while the neighbors cut down a tree and fed it through a wood-chipper, thinking, "I'm thirsty," and, "This noise is bugging me; I should move to the other room," but feeling UNABLE TO SIT UP FOR 7 HOURS.  I hope it won't be like that this time!  But if it is, it's only temporary, and I'll just take a few days off work.


My first birth was with a midwife in a hospital.  The hospital he (yes, male midwife) had been using closed its maternity ward 3 weeks before my due date, so I was something like his 4th birth in the new hospital and the first one to have any complication, so he didn't know their procedures yet.  My partner and I were pretty annoyed with some of their procedures!  That midwife moved away last year and transferred my records to the midwife practice based in that hospital, which is just so...impersonal and megaconglomerate, it was bugging me even when I had just my annual exam, although the actual midwife when I finally saw her was really nice.  I have many friends who go to that practice and are very happy with it, but in my newly-pregnant dealings with them I was just feeling really uncomfortable.  So I have switched to an independent Midwife Center that feels a lot more warm and encouraging, which will let me go home the same day I give birth unless there is some problem for which baby or I actually need to be in a hospital. thumb.gif


Anyway, I'm excited to be here and to go through this journey with all of you! grouphug.gif

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Hi Becca:) congrats on your new pregnancy and welcome to our DDC. smile.gif

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Welcome back!!!

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My first was caught by a male midwife, too!  I thought maybe he was the only one!

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