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I am posting this for a friend I met in law school. I just found out that she has been invited to speak at the Human Rights in Childbirth Conference at the Hague, and she can't get there unless she raises the money for her airfare. She is an attorney at National Advocates for Pregnant Women, which is one of the only reproductive justice organizations that protects the rights of women during childbirth. My friend was an MDC member, has 2 kids, her second was an HBAC if I remember correctly, and she is incredibly passionate about her work. If you can donate even just a little, it would be much appreciated!


"Like you, we believe that birthing rights are human rights, and that all women must be able to make childbirth decisions free from coercion and punishment. In a landmark decision, the European Court of Human Rights recently held that choosing the circumstances and location in which they give birth” is a woman’s human right.

Next month, advocates and health experts will gather in the Hague to examine the implications of this decision for women around the world, and we can’t get there without your help. This conference, “Human Rights in Childbirth,” is a crucial opportunity for NAPW to share our years of experience defending pregnant women in criminal and civil cases where their human and Constitutional rights have been violated. Our presence is critical to raise the voices of American women who face serious and relentless attacks on their right to give birth with dignity.

We must make justice in childbirth a reality for all women. Your donation will help send NAPW’s expert in international human rights law and birth justice, along with an emerging legal scholar and expert in midwifery and health care systems, to the Hague to participate in this revolutionary event."


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