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Milk Drying Up :(

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Anyone else had this happen yet? DS nurses and look up at me saying "All done?" which I FINALLY figured out means "Mama, why is the milk all done? I need more!"


So yeah, my supply is dwindling pretty quickly. greensad.gif DS is the kind of kid who falls asleep easily by nursing and all other bedtime methods take 30+ minutes even when he's very ready to sleep. Gotta figure something else out soon!


I was planning on tandem nursing until I remembered how much weight I lost EBF DS for 6 months. I weighed less than I did my entire adult life. Don't think my body can handle nursing 2 babes but I guess I won't have to try....

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Mine tanked so fast.  I can barely pump 2 oz at work 5 hours after nursing ds in the morning.  It has not, however dampened his desire to nurse.  It's good in a way, because he can still "nurse" to sleep.  But I'm starting to not so much enjoy being nursed on for 30+ minutes...I'm thinking dh might have to start putting him down at night.  Ds will not tolerate being rocked to sleep by me, but, after some screams for mommy, he will settle for rocking from dad.  My LC said that my supply might increase during the 2nd trimester.  It will be interesting to see if ds will keep nursing until the full supply comes back after the lo is here.   

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same here. dd is 19mo and I honestly doubt she still gets much milk from me, though I find it hard to tell. Last night she actually got up at 3am (after I nursed her for 30min), climbed out of our family bed, wandered through the dark appartment, climbed up her chair at our dining table, drank from her cup, climbed back down and into bed and then fell asleep lying next to me WITHOUT nursing again!!!! Unheard of. I am praying that this is the beginning of less nursing and maybe even the end of nighttime bfing.

I loved nursing her, but being pregnant it has just become increasingly painful and the dry-nursing is driving me nuts. but what's the most irritating is that dd has developed a habit of sticking her upper hand in my shirt and fiddeling with the nipple she is not nursing on. I can't.take.it! and she won't take no for an answer. last night she threw her worst tantrum ever, because I wouldn't let her do it.

wow. the terrible twos are approaching...

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Omg the nipple pinching!! I swear, it's universal. And way more annoying when you're pregnant. I nurse my 2yo as long as I can stand at night. Sometimes I just have to make him stop. Sometimes I will let him nurse again after a while if he is really tossing and turning and can't fall asleep. I ask him if there is still milk coming out and he says yes. smile.gif I am hoping to wean him, but I am also really sad about weaning too. It has been such a nice relationship.
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We are still nursing strong, but it HURTS!!!!  Is everybody going to try to stick with it for as long as they can or start the weaning process?  I am torn on what to do....

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my first two are 22 months apart, and I tandem nursed for 10.5 months. weaned DD, then later that month got pregnant with this little bean. I plan on nursing through pregnancy and tandem nursing again. so far my supply has decreased a little, but not so much that DS isn't wanting to nurse hourly. I'm only really minding the nipple pain at night, but he's had a cold and his latch has been sloppy at night, so I think once he doesn't have a stuffy nose it will be a lot better. 

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oh, and I lost weight quicker nursing one then I did nursing two. I just had to eat a ton and drink a ton of water. 

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My supply seems to be ok but my LO does ask to change sides more often and sometimes tells me that one side is empty. I can still hand express milk though so maybe it's a flow issue.

I'm not planning to wean, I would love to tandem feed them, but yes, I'm finding the nights difficult. Especially feeding her to sleep. She goes to sleep around 8pm which seems to be when my nausea is at its worst. That combined with the nipple twiddling or, more often, belly button gouging and the thumping of arms and legs on my very tender tummy makes it very hard work.

So many reasons to be counting the days until the second trimester. Things must get better, surely?!?!?!?
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