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Mothering › Mothering Forums › Baby › Diapering › Does anyone actually 'love' their flats?
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Does anyone actually 'love' their flats?

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I want to love flats, we tried them with ds1 and I just didn't get the appeal.  they were thin (even when folded), not as absorbant as pf and super bulky for newborn days.  We are prepping for #2 and I would love to learn to love flats.  Can someone show me what I've been missing?

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I love using them folded into a pad to line my softbums as a cover. Doing this I can keep it to 2 covers a day unless we have any poopy blow outs. Alot cheaper/ easier to wash/ more natural than microfiber.


Not sure I really "love" them though. 

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I've cloth diapered 5 kids, over 19 years, and used just about everything out there.  I really love my flats, primarily, because I can get them SUPER clean, and they dry very quickly, even on the clothes line.  I don't get build up on them, and they don't stink, and need to be stripped, like my fitteds and prefolds used to.  You can customize how much absorbancy you have and where the absorbancy is by using different folds, more than one diaper at a time, or using a doubler.  You can find some folds here: http://www.little-lions.com/page47a.html or search for videos on YouTube. At most, you need to buy two sizes, and even when your child outgrows the smaller size, it can be used as a doubler.  They are super cheap, which is a plus as well.  I prefer the way they fit into a pocket diaper, and I like the fact that I can switch how I fasten them closed (Snappi, pins, just laying them into a wrap or a pocket).  I frequently use the jelly roll, with a snappi, when I want baby to be coverless. 


My kids are about 7 lbs when they are born, and even the smaller size organic flats that Green Mountain Diapers sold were too bulky at first.  I just used wash cloths or doublers in the very early days, which can of course be repurposed when the child gets bigger. 


And finally, my flats are holding up WAY better than my prefolds, fitteds or AIO's did. 

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Anyone else?


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I love them because they are versatile, they fit for a long time, you can make them out of anything, easy wash and dry (low energy use), cheap and trim.  I used small GMD flats and old receiving blankets from newborn - 5 months.


There are a few older threads about flats.  But you don't have love them - there are lots of ways to diaper :)

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I love them as a part of my wide variety of diapers.  I love how simple and basic they are.  I love the way the look on a baby and how trim they are.  I love how easy they wash and dry.  I love that they are so versatile in a diaper bag and can be used for so many things besides just diapers.  If I only had flats, I probably wouldn't love them as much.  But even with plenty of pockets and fitteds and prefolds, I still reach for the flats too.

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