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Possibly TMI...what would you do?

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I have a history of chronic bladder and kidney infections, though I have never had one in pregnancy before. i always have urinary frequency and difficulty emptying my bladder, pregnant or not. So those particular signs do not neccessarily trigger "UTI" alarms for me. About 6 weeks ago, I had severe kidney pain, with no visible blood, and no bacteria in culture- i was told it was ust regular back pain. i knew it wasn't,but it dulled to just a typical pregnancy ache feeling. It is still there, intemittently, but not enough to complain about.

 However, last week, I felt baby flip into the head down position, and for a few days after that,I had a lot ofbladder spasm-type pain- almost like when you have to go really, really bad and  have to holdit. So when I went in for my normal midwife appointment a week ago, I mentioned this ( and my history) and she said she would run a UA- call me back if the results were positive for infection.

She never called, and by Friday, the pain was gone.

 But then Saturday, I noticed blood- enough that at first, it made me think of starting my period. Of course that scared me, but then i realized where it was coming from. i have only ever had hematuria when i had a kidney infection before.

 So I assumed that the midwife had forgotten to call me.

Monday, I go in, ask for my lab results.......no bacteria was shown, but blood and RBC were both high and/or positive ( this was before it was visible to me). I hadn't received a call........because the midwife had gone on leave.

 So yesterday, I go to triage as I was instructed, i explain the whole history to the doctor- that I am not feeling poorly, but that I have had blood in my urine, to varying degrees that I could see, since saturday night. I hadn't seen blood since first thing that morning. He first off asks if it it is coming from the vagina- I was completely sure that it was not and told him so....but he insisted on a pelvic anyway.

Then he said let's run another UA,and that I should wait up at the hospital until they had the results......3 hours later, I ask the front desk again if the results are back, and the nice young man informed me that they were actually waiting on the full culture- which wouldn't be back until tomorrow ( today). I came home, very frustrated as to why they would tell me to hang out if they were waiting for a full 16hr culture ( bc the UA onlydays before showed no bacteria...but plenty of RBC). When I come home, I have one instance of serious blood in the urine ( think heavy spotting afte urination) then nothing else noticeable...all the way up to now.

  This morning, I realize that there is a voicemail on my phone from that doctor....from when I was sitting in the office. No idea why the phone didn't ring...and in the message he says

 the UA "shows maybe a slight infection but no blood. so let's put you on some light antibiotics."


I am so very confused. I do not feel like I have a UTI, but i realize that progesterone during pregnancy can mask some the associated pain. I am confused as to why they wanted to wait for the culture, but it turns out he decided to dagnose an infection before it came back.I am confused hy the first UA ( a week ago) showed blood, before I was seeing it, but yesterday's showed none, and I saw significant blood just a few hours later.


I am against casual use of antibiotics. the phrase " maybe a slight infection" does not make me want to jump to using antibiotics.

This isn't the first time that this group has not informed me about strange results on labs ( they never told me I was anemic this spring, or that my labs showed a protein level above 300..which they ordered twice a week NST for....). I do not feel like I can trust them, but switching proviers is not an option at this point ( military).


Has anyone had UTI during pregnancy? Is it normal to have blood with a slight infection because of increased blood flow? Why would the UA a week ago show blood and no bacteria, but this one supposedly showed bacteria and no blood---when I am intermittently seeing blood ?

 I am sorry this is long, but I feel like I have no one I can trust to ask about these things.


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A qucik amendment- I am already taking natual precautions/treatments for UTI. I always do this because of my history. I still haven't received calls back from the nurses, after leaving two messages. Any suggestions, pretty please.

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I feel like with blood in the urine I'd do the antibiotics anyway, even if it's not showing up on their testing. Other than doing things to ward off infections (vitamin C, echinasea, maybe some oil of oregano) I can't think of anythings specific you can do. Kidney infections scare me, but I have no specific information on your case!


Most testing isn't 100% anyway, and if they are showing a slight infection and you are seeing blood then it could be just the beginning of a kidney infection that your body is hyper responsive too (I've heard of UTI's in pregnancy progressing almost painlessly to severe kidney infections in an incredibly short time frame, I assume as well due to pressure in that area and increased blood flow). I had a UTI with my first, I thought, and I mentioned it to my midwives and they immediately offered antibiotics, without ever running any testing, and I said no. They suggested waiting 24 hours and if  I wasn't seeing serious improvement then they wanted me on the antibiotics. I was about this stage of pregnancy- 33+ weeks or so.


I'm sorry all the health care professionals youv'e seen are behaving so unprofessionally! I'd be beyond irritated in your situation. It's hard to know how to make the right decision without the right information.


Is there another midwife at the clinic you can talk to?

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Thank you so, so much for responding. I have an NST tomorrow ( not neccessary imo....) and I think I will just go to the front desk and request to see my labs myself first. If it shows something more than " rare" under bacteria... I will go ahead an pick up their RX. If not, I will request to talk to someone again. Unfortunately, you can't pick ho you see/talk to, and there are no appointments availabel before my 36 week, so that I can even talk to one of the midwives- this guy was a random doctor i've never seen and probably never will see again ( knock on wood....).


because of my history I am super careful about taking antibiotics just in case----- last year I had one long infection that wouldn't respond to any of the normal stuff, and I have a feeling that is because all of the times that I went in and they automatically threw antibiotics at me...I also don' want to be messing with my gut flora at this stage of pregnancy...it scares me that it is too close to get it back on track before delivery if the antibiotics throw it off. BUT if there really is an infection, or course i am glad to do it...i'm just also not really sure that " a mild antibiotic" will do anything considering my history.......we shall see.

Thanks again, jsut having a response made me feel that much less frantic :)


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I finally got a call back-------- the culture was negative for infection....

the nurse said maybe we should do antibiotics anyway.....but why would I take antibiotics if two cultures, 6 days apart, show no infection?


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How strange! 


I had been showing leukocytes and nitrites in my urine for several months, and tried all kinds of natural remedies to cure it.  I was *this close* to going somewhere and getting an antibiotic, but at my last appt. the nitrites were gone and there were only leukocytes.  Which is a sign that the body is fighting an infection.  The nitrites are what signal a UTI, apparently.  But I have no symptoms of anything.  So I don't know.headscratch.gif



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Is there still blood in your urine?
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I haven't seen any since yesterday evening ( after the last UA that said there was no blood). SO I don't know. I htink I will still pick up my labs to look at for myself tomorrow before I decide whether I want to go ahead and take the antibiotics as they have recommended.

Should be interesting to see what else they say...

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I hate MTFs.  They are beyond frustrating.


I would sometimes go to our local ER instead when I was having to deal with them.  Is that an option for you?  Just go to the ER, and let doctors who don't treat military families evaluate you?  Tricare will still pay, and I've found that often normal (non-military) facilities are so much more helpful.

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If I see blood tonight ( it tends to be heaviest during the night),I may try that, thank you for the suggestion.

My personal feeling is that this is only loosely related to the pregnancy, and it is more significantly related to whatever it is that has caused these chronic problems in the past. I would like to get to teh bottom of it, just from the perpsective of wise self-care. If I have an idea what underyling thing is causing these issues, then I can do better to care for myself and hopefully prevent acture problems. I havea bad feeling that many of the "infections" in the past were not really infections at all....but that like this, someone said here is someantibiotics because "maybe" there is an infection....just like this to find out that yesterdayhe says infection...today it turns out there is no such evidence :(


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How irritated! i'd be furious if someone told me I had an infection when the labs said clearly that you didn't. I also can't believe that they're happy to throw you on antibiotics rather than try to figure out WHY you are bleeding... taking the easy way out, I guess?


Definitely would avoid antibiotics given your history. No reason to give your system more of a reason to build up a resistance. I'm allergic or resistant to the most common antibiotics, and it's a huge problem already. I blame the prescription-happy doctors every time I presented with an ear infection (which was almost all the time).


No idea what can cause bleeding with an infection. I can't believe you've been dealing with this for so long without answers. So frustrated to have to fight for something that other people should be doing on their own. Hopefully you get some decent answers soon!

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From what I can tell, the most obvious answer, without an infection, is a stone---but that would suggest a lot of pain. While i have had times where there has been pain, I would definitely NOT say there is anything like that going on now.

  I haven't had any blood since that last show the other day. So maybe it really is done now? maybe it really was that Baby just pounced on my bladder really hard ;D

I am going to request a copy of my labs for myself today...if the bleeding shows up again, I figure I might just go to the closer hospital (faster depending on the time of day) and take all of those labs to show them the history.

thank you for the feedback Ladies.

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