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So, DS has the hiccups....again. I know that people say that it doesnt bother babies the way that it bothers us, but I think that it's just not true. DS almost never cries. He sleeps 6 hours at night, he nurses until he is done and then he lets off the boob, he is farty and burpy so all is gas is coming out. Pretty much the only time he cries is when he gets the hiccups. Since he was born he has gotten the hiccups 6-8 times a day. He cries, they go away, and he is fine. But, I wonder if it will stop.
DH gets the hiccups at least once a day. His mother gets them every single time she eats. I get them twice a year, when Ive had too much beer. Is there ANY way to make them go away? Or better yet, prevent them?

Like I said, Im sure that people will probably chime in and tell me that its not the hiccups that are the problem, but Ive been watching this for 8 weeks, and he is miserable from the time they start until they go away. They are really jerky and look so painful greensad.gif
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My LO gets them all the time too!  She used to get them in utero.  I agree- it is annoying and I wish I knew how to make it stop!

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Ds is the same. He will be all happy then start hiccuping and bam he's crying. Once the hiccups go away he calm down. I personally feel that hiccups are very uncomfortable, so I'm not surprised. Sometimes I'll give him a little gripe water to try and help, but it only works about 50% of the time.

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My girl gets hiccups all.the.time.  She used to get them in the womb at least once a day too.  When they are bothering her, in her case it is usually accompanied by gas.  I give her a little gripe water and that seems to help, and bounce her on the exercise ball and sing to her so she'll calm down.  Maybe she just stops hiccuping to get me to stop singing!

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