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My friends installed a flip down changing table. It's the best.


When we do changes on fabric surfaces, we put down a waterproof cloth first (ranging in size from 8x10 to 2 foot by 3 foot) Or we regret it. And then the waterproof cloth often ends up in the laundry. But we were given a dozen little waterproof pads as handmedowns from my brother's family.

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oh i forgot we used those cloths as well..

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mamalove how about public transport or a small car? We will be using the bus mainly (we don't have a car). The price is perfect as we'd like to stay under 300 and I haven't managed to find a city jogger even used for under 500 if its a double..


Honestly, we only ever go anywhere in our van or walking.  I think it would be too cumbersome for public transport, but any double stroller for infants is pretty big.  If you need to take the bus, I would go with a single stroller and wear the other baby.  The stroller does fit nicely in the back of our van and would likely fit in the back of our Honda Civic, come to think of it.  It's really hard to find a double stroller that's not bulky..

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Don't have time to read any of the responses, but one of my best buddies who had twins said this:  You need somebody to cook you meals, bring you snacks/water, rub your shoulders and feet, and clean your house so you can take care of your kids, especially at the beginning.

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We use a double Maclaren, which fits well in the trunk of a small car. (only works once they can be a little bit upright) I've found public transportation to be really really hard. I've taken the train twice, once with a single stroller and one in a sling. They made me take the one in the stroller out and I held two screaming babies the whole ride. The other time I just used the double stroller and blocked the door, which I felt bad about but couldn't really fix.


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I'm really wondering now if we should consider trying to buy a car. I am just not sure how we are going to get 3 kids and a big dog on a bus when we need to get anywhere.. walking is an option but come winter all the snow/rain is going to make that really miserable.

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Talk to local folks. Public transportation varies wildly. Subways are much easier than other trains, buses in Stockholm (that being the only city in Europe where I've taken public transit) are much more stroller friendly than elsewhere.

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I'm sure I won't have a problem with the buses and the pram - its footprint is exactly the same as that of a single pram, I see those on buses here, sometimes two at a time. The bus "kneels down" to let the prams in. But if I had another kid and a dog... yeah, maybe buying a car is the next logical step.

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Just wanted to say that this thread has been so helpful to me as well. We are lucky to have a car that can fit three seats (generous hand-me-down from DH's parents) and to live in a 2-bedroom townhouse/condo but are dealing with many of the same questions. I've since put an easy-to-push stroller and a changing area in the bathroom at the top of my list! Doing some research and I may be back to ask more questions. :)


I don't know if anyone here reads the blog Ask Moxie, but she has this handy theory that babies are either swingers or bouncers. For my DS this was definitely true - he screamed if I so much as lowered his tush into the comfiest-looking bouncy seat ever (I kinda wish I had one in adult size for myself). Meanwhile the swing was the only place I could put him down at all. Our swing has two different motions, btw, and he only liked one. The more traditional back-and-forth swing he actualy didn't like. I would recommend if you can looking for a swing that has different motions. I lent out my bouncy and never got it back, so I'm thinking I might get one of those new Rock 'n Play numbers rather than a bouncy - any opinions? 


ithappened, well, we moved from the city to avoid having to do public transportation with a kiddo (among other reasons), so I'm probably not the best person to ask! I am very used to using buses/trains, but now that I rarely have to with DS, I am grateful I don't have to. If it is at all possible, I probably would consider getting a car, especially for food shopping, even with the annoyance of parking it in a city. For public transport, I would probably go with double carriers or two babies in a wrap plus holding my older child's hand, but of course then you can't push a cart. So not for shopping, just for getting from point A to B.

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