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brown/pink spotting...is this normal?

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hi ladies,

I can't remember if this happened the last time around.  Honestly I can't remember much and it was only 2 years ago. I had brown and pink spotting when I was around 4 weeks and I'm almost 6 weeks now.  Then it was only when I wiped and one of the two days it happened it seemed directly correlated with me exerting myself.  Tonight, at nealry six weeks, I noticed very light pink spotting when I wiped.  I don't feel like I've exerted myself today and I'm kind of freaking out.  I told my immediate family about the pregnancy today and now I'm feeling like I jumped the gun and/or jinxed myself.  Has anyone exprienced this and had everything be okay?  I haven't chosen a midwife yet and I'm not sure if I would call my PCP about this. 


So, my other question would be.  For those of you who went to have blood tests, did you go to your midwife/ob or to your primary care?


I sware I've done this before.

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This happened to me around 6 weeks with my last pregnancy.  It went from a little bit of brown to almost translucent pink (not much just enough to notice).  It lasted about three days and then stopped. 

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Happened to me during my last pregnancy as well. It's probably fine if it is not bright red. Hope it subsides quickly so you can put your mind at ease :)

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I had some spotting at several points during my first pregnancy. as long as it's not heavy or bright red you should be fine. 

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I have been having a little light brown/pink spotting occasionally as well. I was worried (this is my first pregnancy) and I asked my midwife about it. She said it could be from recent sexual intercourse (which I knew it wasn't this last time!) or maybe just a small capillary getting a little irritated on your cervix (which is normal) and the blood making its way down in the cervical fluid. She also said brown blood is old blood, so if you're seeing brown now it's probably at least a couple days old and whatever caused the bleeding is over. 

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Thanks for the words of comfort ladies. Unfortunately, this morning I started bleeding heavily.  This just wasn't meant to be for us. So, I guess I'm out of the November DDC

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I'm so sorry, ciga.  

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I'm so so sorry. 

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Oh, no. I'm so sorry.

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So sorry, ciga :(

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So sorry

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