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Gross subject, I know, but I'm struggling. For about a week, I've been having diarrhea when I first wake up in the morning. For the last couple days, it's been multiple times in a day. I'm wondering what's to blame - pregnancy in general, my prenatal vitamins, something else? I'm taking Rainbow Light prenatals, which are supposedly easy on the stomach. Is anyone else experiencing this unfortunate symptom?

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I don't have exactly diarrhea, but I definitely have loose stools.  I have had this with all of my pregnancies.  Most mornings I have to get out of bed before I would like to because I have to go greensad.gif  It is annoying, but I think it is *much* better than the alternative of constipation.  I have always considered myself lucky.  I don't think it is vitamin related as I take the same whether I am pg or not.  I think it is pregnancy related (at least it is for me).

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I think there is a stool softener in the rainbow light....that's what I take.  (not that it's helping me, I've got the other end of the spectrum problem).


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I seem to be alternating between the two. I need to get the right balance of magnesium to keep things comfortable!

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I stopped taking all my vitamins (including Rainbow Light) due to gagging and throwing them up. Rgh. Taking DS's Rainbow Light chewable and my diarrhea is now gone! It took a couple of days off the vitamins but wow, that's what was causing it! 


Now I just have to figure out which it was: Rainbow Light, DHA, Calcium, or Iron. eyesroll.gif

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Usually taking more iron helps to calm diarrhea, and taking more magnesium helps with constipation.  This seems to be holding true for me while pregnant as it did before, except that now I can take a lot more iron without getting constipated--probably because baby needs it!

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