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Egg free Easter eggs?

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We want the joy of coloring Easter eggs without having to use real eggs. :( Are there any natural egg dye kits out there that use fake eggs and natural dyes?

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I don't know about kits, but I've seen wooden eggs at the craft store. I'm not sure whether you could dip-dye them in the traditional method, but it would be worth a try. At Michael's, I've seen them with the wooden acorns, beads, etc. 

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What's your concern with real eggs? Veganism or allergies? My own ds had issues with real eggs due to vegetarian tendencies (he didn't want the hardboiled eggs to be eaten afterward, wanted to save them) but my blowing eggs in advance worked out as a nice compromise.


I have seen 6 packs of paper mache eggs at Michaels for $2.99. You could decoupage them or paint them.

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I've never seen a prepared egg-shaped product for dying. Lots of options for painting/decougape/sewing/felting. Perhaps dye some fruit or veg that would take color easily?


What is your objection to eggs? Vegan? Allergy?


If you use eggs in your cooking, you can drain the eggs and wash and dry it as well. Less waste but they are pretty fragile.

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Eggnots are the answer! 


We are vegan and don't use real eggs at Easter time. This year my mother found these: https://www.eggnots.com/Default.asp


They are ceramic and hold dyes like a real egg! My son loves them :)

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Wooden eggs from the craft store can be painted with watercolors and look great! The kids can get really creative and have a lot of fun.
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I ordered eggnots! :D I am not eggs-actly opposed to using real eggs...I just find that year after year we never end up eating them all and I don't want to waste them. I am not vegan, but have considered it just because I feel bad eating meat. lol.

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It's so cool that something like egg-nots exist. I'll have to try dying some unglazed pottery bits... Blowing eggs in advance (2 here for muffins, 4 here for french toast) works out all right if you remember to start in times and if you eat eggs. I managed to get 18 done. 

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