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double lay off : (

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My husband and I work for the same small company and we are both being laid off.
Because it's so small cobra is not an option. We won't qualify for medicaid since we will be making too much on unemployment.  ARGHHHHH.
How do I even apply for jobs?  Do I tell them I am preggers? Even if I get a job I won't qualify for leave at this point.  And is that fair to the company that hires someone who knows that they will have to take off so much time so soon? 
What do you ladies think?
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I'm so sorry for you situation, how stressful!

Maybe it would be better for your husband to get a new job instead of you?  Or were you both going to try to get a new job?  I would be straight up with them - because they would find out pretty soon anyway, and they might feel resentful if they realize you weren't forthcoming.  I would think that they are not allowed to discriminate against you because you are pregnant in hiring, and since you would be giving full disclosure to them - it would not be unfair to take off so soon after you got there.


Good Luck, that's a really tough situation.

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That really sucks!! I'm so sorry!


I disagree with Degas.  I've been on both sides of the hiring table and, to be honest, if I was applying for a new job I wouldn't tell them.  I'm all about being  honest if asked something, but you're under no obligation to disclose. I also had a quick peek at the EDD list and it's still quite early for you.  You're not at the stage where most people are public with their pregnancies yet, so why give a potential employer information that you may not have even shared with friends.  I can't remember if this is your first, but if it is, you won't show for ages anyway.


As for the discrimination thing... they may not be allowed to discriminate because of pregnancy, but some will, so I wouldn't give them that opportunity. 


That's my two cents. Good luck with whatever you decide to do! And good luck on the job hunt!!

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Thanks guys.  Dandylez, I have done hiring myself and I know what you mean.  They are not supposed to discriminate but it can happen anyway.  Very hard to prove. And Degas, I know what you mean too.  I would not want an employer to resent me.  I wouldn't feel as bad keeping it a secret if I get a job with a big company but it would be difficult for me guilt-wise with a small business.


My husband and I are both on the hunt.  He has been actively looking for a couple of months now. He has been the warehouse manager for the past 8 years of this company. Unfortunately, he doesn't have a college degree which prevents him from consideration in a lot of supervisory roles.  It just plain sucks.


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I wouldn't tell them for the reasons above and as far as maternity leave go I don't believe there is any requirement as to how long you have to be employed first. Maternity leave is a federal thing so they can't deny it to you.

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I understand your dilemma, but if you need a job, you are under no obligation to say a word!! I interviewed while pregnant, disclosed that info and the HR person was almost horrified I told her. She said that was none of her business and would have no impact on hiring... i did still get the job.... smile.gif
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Well, if an HR person said to someone that you are under no obligation to tell, then I take back my statement.  They know better than anyone.  I just wouldn't want my employer to feel like I deceived them, but if it is not expected that you will not disclose that type of thing, then they shouldn't feel deceived - unless they are taking things very personally, and I would say that is their problem.  I don't know enough about the hiring process, so you should listen to these other ladies.  I have never been in the position of hiring like them.

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Also, you may not have been there long enough to build up much paid time off - if that's how they do their leave, but onyxravnos is right on that they can't deny you the federally mandated family leave - unpaid for up to six weeks. 

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Check the laws out to be certain.  Family leave is federally mandated but my understanding is that there is a requirement that you have been employed by the company for at least a year to qualify.  I clearly remember this from my last employer pretty carefully when I became pregnant with DS and I believe that if you have been employed for less than a year they have no responsibility to hold your position for you when you go on maternity leave.  That was 3.5 years ago, but I also read something about a court case upholding this just a couple months ago.


ETA:  http://www.dol.gov/dol/topic/benefits-leave/fmla.htm

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I with the others that you're under no obligation to tell.  It's illegal for them to ask in interviews whether you have children and I assume asking about pregnancy is the same, so why volunteer.  You might also be surprised - companies tend to hire for the long term, so a mat leave 6 months from now is likely a blip in their radar if they like you long term.


Also, some companies (usually huge ones) don't have a "required" waiting period before you're eligible for leave.  Might be worth looking into if you intend to work after the baby is born.  Or, get some temp assignments to tide you over till you have the baby?


Good luck!!!

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