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UTI Anyone?

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Help! I think I have a UTI or bladder infection. Has anyone experience this time around and if so, what did you use?


I am quite averse to antibiotics but remember having to take a course with DS during the 3rd trimester. My OB did an internal exam and she was really rough and it make me cramp up for Hours! (Strange b/c with a UTI it's a urine test...)


Anyway, I really don't want to mess around with this but wanted to check around to see if anyone has tried something. Right now I'm taking a high dose of live probiotics, echinacea, vit. C and my other regular supps. for pregnancy.


I have a kit full of homeopathics but am having a hard time deciding which one to start with.

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I used to get mild ones and would take unsweetend cranberry juice several times a day. I know that in pregnancy though it can be quite serious (pre term labour) and my midwives highly recommend antibiotics for them. (I thought I was getting one but my tests came back neg).


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D-mannose will knock out UTI as fast as any antibiotic. It is the simple sugar found in cranberries that makes them helpful for fighting UTI's so it works way better than even cranberry juice. The bacteria binds to the sugar and is flushed out in your urine. I had a UTI a few weeks back and I had it gone in two days. During those two days I did sitz baths to deal with the stinging pee feeling. I put witch hazel, chammomile, uva ursi, comfrey and tea tree oil in the baths and it really helped. <3

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Thank you, mamas! I will have DH look for that.


In the meantime, I called our homeopath and he is preparing a remedy for DH to pick up. Strangely enough, DS has the same thing, so he's getting it too.


I started to take high doses of Sepia also and it seems to be bringing out the infection and so we'll see what happens when I combine the dr's remedy. I'm hopeful I won't have to take the antibiotic.


Thanks again for the advice & support---Hugs!

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D-mannose is really hard to find :-( We have a local vitamin shop that carries it because I, and some other customers, requested it. Before then we had to order it online and keep it in the house at all times. I hope the remedy works or at least keeps it under control long enough for you to get some d-mannose but I sure wouldn't blame you for getting abx. I hate them too and haven't taken them in years but bladder and kidnery problems are not fun and everything seems so much much worse when pg. ((HUGS))

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D-mannose is available at Whole foods if you have one close. Honestly it's the most amazing thing in the world for UTI's.

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I finally got some--the NOW foods powder version. How much would you recommend? The dosing on the bottle says 1 Tsp.--is this enough?


I had an apt. today with the MW and they were concerned that I hadn't had a urine culture. So they did one and I'll have to wait a few days....


Also---I need to give this to my DS---anyone know how to adjust the dosage for him?



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I take way more than it says too. I give my toddlers the recommended adult dose and I take about 2-3 times as much. Definitely look into it for yourself but from what I understand it is a harmless food/sugar and you really aren't going to hurt yourself on it in any way. I also drink more water when taking it to help it to flush everything out. 

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Thanks--hoping for good results!

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