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Questions about nursing when pregnant and tandem nursing

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My dd is still nursing at 2 1/2 and it doesn't make my skin crawl or anything,(yet - hopefully it won't) and I'd like to tandem nurse, but I'm just wondering the logistics of nursing two babes at night. 


Also, she really likes nursing on top of my stomach (with us both laying down) while I'm getting her to sleep. Do you think that eventually that will become uncomfortable for her and she'll want to just nurse on my side on her own, or should I start encouraging her to only nurse laying on the side now so that it's not as much of an issue if it does become a problem?


Sometimes she just nurses once in the night and goes back to sleep relatively quickly.  But sometimes she wakes up twice or more or nurses for an hour or more to get back to sleep.  Sometimes I fall asleep with her which didn't use to be a problem for me, but now I wake up all crunched up and uncomfortable - especially my knees.  We just transitioned her into her own toddler bed from our bed because we only have a full size bed, and I didn't think it'd be comfortable with two babies in our bed - even with our co-sleeper (my husbands a really big guy and I move around a lot). We wanted to transition her long before the new baby is born so she wouldn't have increased jealousy over that.  Now I'm regretting our decision a little bit, though, because it is uncomfortable for me to nurse her in the toddler bed for hours on end (sometimes) whereas in our bed I got great sleep and never had a problem with sleeping while she was nursing. Sometimes I fall asleep with her which didn't use to be a problem for me, but now I wake up all crunched up in her bed and uncomfortable - especially my knees.

And how's that going to work with a new baby?  Maybe we would have had enough room.  I do seem to be losing my milk some though - I have some Mother's Milk tea, maybe I should take it.  Maybe I should night wean her - but I would think that would be even harder then daytime weaning.  She really doesn't nurse too much other then to go to sleep for a nap or bedtime or for comfort.  I really wanted to let her lead the weaning unless it became really uncomfortable for me. 


Right now, the nursing isn't uncomfortable for me, it's the sleeping in the little bed.  We made such a huge deal about her toddler bed; we had a half birthday "party" and got her special sheets, etc. We built it up so much because we wanted it to be a really positive thing, that she really loves her bed now.  She doesn't want to sleep in our bed now - even when I've asked her.  So I don't think it'd be good to go back to her being in our bed - especially if it is a problem with all of us in the bed with the new baby.



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I would say definitely wouldn't take any herbal teas/supplements without consulting your OB/midwife.


Maybe there is a special chair or somewhere you could designate as a nursing area before she gets into bed?



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I have a very similar situation and have similar questions.  I cannot wait for people with more experience to write in. 


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well we co slept (still do ) the whole time so i don't know if it will help. when i was about 3 months into my pregnancy I started turning over once DS1 fell asleep and let go so he would get used to being to my back rather then always have access. 


once ds2 was there it took a few weeks but basically I was on my side to nurse the baby and DS1 had to lean over me to nurse on the other one. He just had to get used to nursing until he was super sleepy then laying down to pass out. 



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I have nursed through two full pregnancies, and tandem nursed DS1 and DD for more than a year.


DS1 was gradually night-weaned (at age 2.5-3) while I was pregnant, he was just ready for it, we did the method of agreeing to nurse for a count of 40,20,10 (different numbers as we progressed), down to that in the end he just did not woke up anymore at night (wasn't worth it, eh?). DD night-weaned herself way before I got pregnant.


Both children nursed to sleep throughout the pregnancies, and I did have worries how this would

turn out once baby was born....both of them surprised me: DS1 latched off at bedtime rather quickly (all that fresh new baby milk certainly filled his tummy quickly) and went to sleep.

DD decided that once DS2 was born that milk was for the baby and not for her, and has never looked back!


As for the logistics: we cosleep, so when tandem nursing at night, I had DS1 on my side and it was on him to find a comfortable way to latch, and baby was on my tummy (me on my back).


Good luck!

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Thank you for all the replies, mamas!  She does nurse until she is completely asleep - that is the biggest thing I worry about.  She nurses into a deep sleep too.  When she was around 7 months old, she would usually only nurse for 5 minutes and she was asleep.  But now it's usually at least 20 minutes, sometimes up to an hour.  I've tried taking her off after she seems to be really asleep, but more often than not she will wake up totally and start crying.  Lately though sometimes she will pull off herself and lay down and go to sleep after a long time - like 45 minutes.  I think maybe this is because there's no more milk in there at that point?  But she's only done that a few times.  Maybe if I start taking her off more often, she'll get used to it  more?


So onyxravnos, You said your DS1 just got used to getting super sleepy and then laying down to pass out.  How did he get used to it?  Did he feel any resentment about not being able to do what he usually does? 


moonInLion, I hope my dd2 reacts the same way one of yours did, but I'm worried she might not.


I'm already worried about her being jealous and feeling resentful, because even if my dd1 sits on my lap for an extended period of time she feels jealous.  We tell her she has to share Mommy, and she does, but it seems to be hard for her.  Maybe I need to go out and hold lots of babies to get her used to it. 


So It sounds like cosleeping and tandem nursing is what worked best for both of you, so maybe I shouldn't have switched her to her own bed.  But now she is in her own bed, she likes it so much, I don't know if she would come back in our bed.  I guess maybe we can cross that bridge when we come to it. 

Maybe by that point she'll be pretty much sleeping through the night, because she'll go about 6 hours now before waking up and 6 months ago she would only go for 3 hours.  Or maybe she'll go to sleep in her bed and when she wakes up, I'll convince her to come into our bed and do as you guys suggested. 



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