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I am just super bummed right now.  Within an hour of telling all my siblings and parents that we were pregnant last night I started spotting.  I held out hope that it would stop but this morning I started bleeding for real.  I would have been 6 weeks this coming monday so I know it was very early, and I know that like 33% of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and I know this one wasn't meant to be but this really really sucks.  It is making me question whether I want to try again at all.


Maybe I wasn't really pregnant at all and my period was just insanely late and totally freakish and all six of the tests I took were wrong but I think the reality is that I was and its gone.

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I'm sorry. I don't have any words of wisdom that you haven't already heard. Just that your post made me sad. I hope it all turns out right.

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I'm so so sorry. I went through this in June and it was the worst, one of the biggest traumas ever. I too thought maybe I wouldn't want to try again for awhile or at all. It is a terrible terrible thing to go through. Just because it's common doesn't mean it isn't painful.


Take some time to mourn, then take time to heal, and when you feel ready, turn your attention to all the other wonderful things in your life for a little while. Revisit it later when you aren't hurting so much.

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hug2.gif If you need someone to vent to I'm here, I had no idea about the 33% greensad.gif, but I do know the cycle after is very fertile... I can understand if your frustrated, especially right after telling your family, it def makes us very pessimistic... Again, if you need someone to converse with, let me know smile.gif

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Ciga, I am so sorry!  no matter how early a loss is it is still heartbreaking.  I hope your family is able to be a support for you.

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hugs Ciga- sorry ive been MIA- I saw your bfp and was so excited for your family.  Heal your spirit...

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Thanks so much everyone.  Yesterday was pretty rough but I feel much better today.  Fortunately my family is awesome and very supportive.  My sister had an early miscarriage many years ago and talking to her really helped calm me down.  It also helps that I have this amazing little boy smiling at me and hugging me.  I feel very lucky to have one perfect child.  During the last cycle we decided that if I didn't get pregnant we would take a break from officially TTC for a while and even though I know that there tends to be heightened fertility after a miscarriage I think we'll stick to the original plan.  I really appreciate all the support and comradery that I found in this forum and when we do decide to "get back on the horse" I will definitely be back here.  

Good luck to all you ladies! 


ahikaru- Some people say that accounting for unknown early pregnancies the number could be as high as half. Its kind of crazy to think about. It also makes me totally rethink testing early even though that wouldn't have saved me the trauma this time.  In the future, I'm going to stick to testing well after AF is due. 

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I'm so sorry Ciga! I was happy for your BFP in the 2WW thread, this is so sad.  Good luck with the not-trying....often times that is when a baby comes and sticks!  hug2.gif

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