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My Ex's Dog Is Going To Be Put To Sleep

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I bought her as a puppy when he and I were broken up eight years ago. When we got back together she was both of ours dog. Several times when we would break up I would take her but sometimes he would take her. Last fall when we broke up he kept her and my younger dog that he never took from me before. Now he went to jail and she was still wearing a tag with my old number on it and I just happened to check my old voicemail.

I was there several weeks ago to get my car out of impound and my young dog he had tied up in his yard. We had to live in a hotel for a week before finding an apartment that would allow me to have a dog. I should have tried to break in and get my old dog back. I should have done something. I just know if I had gotten her I would have found a way to make it work.

The shelter says she got attacked by another one of his dogs and is not adoptable. I feel so bad I've been crying all day. They said if I can find a rescue to take her they might let her go to them. I wish I could go there and get her but I'm two states away, have no money for gas and my lease specifies only one pet per apartment. I have emailed and called every rescue group in two states and only three have contacted the shelter but none have agreed to get her. I am going to feel so guilty about letting him have her if she gets put to sleep on Monday but I don't know what else I can do.

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The shelter is saying that since she is old and there were five dogs brought in from his house they have to put two of them to sleep because they don't have space for that many dogs. So they will put to sleep the dog that attacked her and will put her to sleep on the next day because they are both considered dog aggressive now. They said they would consider releasing  her to me but the lady sounded doubtful that I would even get her if I showed up. Plus I now live three states away and have no gas money... I even beged my parents to let me borrow gas money to get her and all they had to say was 'well ex is a jerk'. I have spammed facebook but no one I know wants to go get her. It doesn't help that the place my ex lived I only spent six weeks at and havent been there for a few months so there are no close neighbors or even aquantences I could call.

Also I don't know if they are charging my ex with animal abuse or neglect but I hope they are!

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can you send me the details, what kind of dog it is, her name, which shelter she is at? I have a few rescue group networks on my facebook.

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