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Television Decompression Anyone?

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I took the TV out of the house this morning at about 10am. Ever since then, the kids have been WIRED. They've been playing loud music, coming and wanting attention every five minutes, etc. I didn't realize how much I had come to depend on the TV as a babysitter. Ugh. Working from home and all that.


So do you think they'll snap out of it in a few days?


PS - we homeschool, and the kids are DS, 10 and DD, almost 3.

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Yes, they will, but expect it to take a day or two or even three.  They'll soon find many other wonderful things to do.  Mine are watching all day today, but they are sick so I don't care, lol.  Poor things.

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they will but it depends on their mindset... i find kids with ADD or anything similar have a harder time because tv makes them feel like they are constantly doing something - which is what they want to do anyway!  so without tv they will be very active and probably disobeying more than usual.  But remember this is because of the influence of tv - don't go back to it all the time.  maybe for a few days you can keep them esp. busy with crafts or help cleaning/cooking,etc. even board or card games.  my 3 yr old loves memory and candy land and will play those by himself a while.  books are also a GREAT substitute.  they still get the story they need, but it's easy to turn off and requires brain work.  you can also send them outside, they will find something to do, get vitamin D and learn to enjoy nature.

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I think having to rely on such a dramatic measure is why they are wired. Is a kid next, their favorite toy, you? They don't know. 





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