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I have to chime in and say another Bones fan here!  Loved her birth. She's a lucky person for having such a quick labor the first time.

Loved the scene where they were touring the hospital.


As far as dreams go mine have returned to "normal" and I haven't dreamt about a baby or anything birth related in months. I've been watching a lot of birth videos to and would expect some, but no.

I have only had one nightmare this time and it involved my 5yr old dying in front of me in a graphic way. Yikes! I was hugging him tighter the next day.:)

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You know what's interesting to me? Almost every pregnant woman I have talked to has had a dream at some point about the baby coming out early and her doing something to/with it and then putting it back in the belly. I wonder what that's all about? I had a few of those in the first trimester. Lately I sleep so hard that I don't remember many dreams. I think it's because I've actually been sleeping through the night more often. I know that's about to end as I head into the third trimester and those middle of the night pee breaks start getting more frequent.

My dh just had one of those dreams for me orngtongue.gif  Because of military training, he will be gone all summer and will miss the birth.  So in his dream, he managed to get 3 days off and and came to be with me when I gave birth (in a bed and breakfast birth center).  But when the baby came out, I thought it was too early and put the baby back in!  He was sure the baby was fine and full term, but I wouldn't listen and insisted that the baby stay in longer, even though his three-day leave was running out.  

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I had my first baby dream! It was so lovely. I didn't have to labour or push, the dream started right as I was taking a beautiful sweet girl into my arms. She was fat and wet and still attached to the cord, with puffy closed eyes and a big big cry- completely perfect. It was absolute magic.


Anyone think this means it's REALLY a girl??

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