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Looking for buddies in Boston

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Hi mamas,

We are moving to Boston in a few weeks and I would love to find like-minded families to connect with!  My girls are 5 and 2.5 years old.  We are an AP family and we are doing Waldorf-inspired kindergarten at home, and planning to homeschool for the long haul.  :)


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I am in cambridge with girls 4.5 and 1 and a son who is 6.5. I would be happy to do a playground meet up! PM me if you want to set something up.

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Welcome to Boston!  Have you joined the local homeschooling Yahoo groups, namely HubHomeschoolers and Homeschooling Together?  There are lots of young homeschooler meet-ups and great activities for city homeschooling offered through these groups and others.  Hope to see you at one!




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Thank you both for your responses!  I will check out those yahoo groups, and I will PM you MamaJenese when we get there.  Moving in 11 days!  I would love to hear from anyone else too who is in Boston.  :)

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Hope the move goes smooth!

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I'm a homeschooler in Winchester.  My daughter is 2.5 and my son is almost a year.  I have a good friend whose daughter is almost 5 and does some Waldorf stuff.  I don't know what AP stands for. I just moved her last year so I'm kinda new too. Let me know if you want to meet up at a library or something. =)

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Welcome :) We moved here in August of last year and my daughters (one just turned 3 and the other will be 5 in July) could certainly use some playmates! We live in Bradford, but I go to school in Boston and we're there enough to meet up occasionally! PM me if you're interested in getting together somewhere (the girls LOVE the Museum of Science, the Children's Museum, and Quincy Market type stuff. They've only been to BPL once, but they were amazed. I've sworn to take them back soon!)

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