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Need sources discussing amalgams while breastfeeding

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So I just got a filling (and need many more. Ugh.), a composite, of course. Would never consider even using a dentist who did amalgams! My insurance really sucks. "If more than one type of service can be used to treat a dental condition, we have the right to base benefits on the least expensive service which is within the range of professionally accepted standards of dental practice. The alternative benefit of amalgam 3 surf has been considered toward the posterior composite".. basically, instead of reimbursing me for the cost of a composite, they're reimbursing the cost of amalgam! So I was thinking of sending an appeal stating that amalgams would not be a reasonable option while breastfeeding, to see if i can get them to reimburse more. Looking for good sources to back me up! I have kellymom, which quotes dr hale's recommendation. And this http://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/bhcv2/bhcarticles.nsf/pages/Dental_fillings?open is good too. except its from australia, so i'm worried they'll dismiss it based on that alone. Can't find anything about it on ada or app sites. Most of what i find in google is about removal.

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In my days of insurance billing for a mercury free/holistic dentist, the statement from your insurance was a very common answer.  I was successful appealing for patients that had a Clifford Test (Dental Materials Screening Panel) that proved their sensitivities to metals (although we know everyone should not have mercury in the mouth). 


I applaud you in appealing on the fact that you are nursing.  The IAOMT may have some research as well, just didn't find on the website in regards to nursing.  Maybe give them a call?  As well as Dr. Hal Huggins



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Thanks! I just looked at that cliffords website. A lot of it is much too technical to wrap my brain around but I did see that to order it from a website it linked to that it costs $325! YIKES! That is..painful! With all the work I need done paying for that (if it came back positive for amalgam sensitivity) would still probably cost less than rolling over and taking what insurance feels like paying. I wonder if I could successfully appeal without it. In addition to breastfeeding, "family history of mercury sensitivity"..without getting specific. But with all the ASD and  autoimmune  disorders (guillain barre, MS) in the family, putting mercury permanently in my mouth is the most absurd idea in the world. I hate insurance companies more and more every time I need to use it (and get minimal benefit!)

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I think it is worth a shot to appeal either way.  The more people that appeal such issues may one day turn the insurance companies around, you know? 


Good luck to you.

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