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Shoes for you and shoes for baby

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What are your favorite shoes?  Those of you who are on your feet all day long, which shoe feels the best?  


I have heard NB is a good brand but it seems to be a hit and a miss for me.  One pair over the years worked well, but the others make my feet hurt in a short amount of time.  I love Toms but I worry they are not supportive enough, but they are comfortable.  I also have one pair of crocs; they also never make my feet hurt but I also worry about arch support.  Nike shox have worked well in the past.  They are expensive though.  As far as a comfortable heel, that I have never found.  I do have to wear them from time to time, any suggestions on finding a comfortable pair?  


I was also wondering when do babies need to start wearing shoes?  I wouldn't think they would need them much while they can't walk and we will have summer babies so socks will probably be warm enough for a couple months?  

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I might not be the best person for this, since I do barefoot running and, once summer hits, spend most of my time in barefoot sandals or Vibram FiveFingers.  I'm a huge proponent of letting adults' and babies' feet out of shoes as much as possible.  I had constant running injuries and pains until I switched to barefoot running and now I do most of my walking in shoes with minimal to no support and I am a million times more comfortable.  My feet and toes have much more flexibility and strength than they did before.  I wear heels to work and then immediately switch to barefoot shoes.  As far as minimalist shoes go, they are much more comfortable than any other shoes as far as I am concerned, but you do have to get your feet used to them.  The bones, ligaments, and so on need to strengthen gradually over time, so you can't just jump into it.


My understanding is that babies in particular should be kept out of shoes for as long as possible since shoes constrict bone growth and can lead to problems further down the road.  We don't plan on having our kids in any kind of shoes until well into toddler-hood (there are suede or leather bottomed moccasin kind of things that can be used when they're just toddling around) and then we'll look for some barefoot alternatives.  Vivo Barefoot has some nice kids' shoes, but they're a little pricey. 

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LIly, when reading about barefoot walking/shoes, I remember reading that kids do really well in water shoes, they are not constrictive and have thin soles and lots of traction. I actually have a pair of super cheapo water shoes I've been using for walking for a few months, unfortunately they've started to fall apart and I might have to replace them with something a little more sturdy.

I do a lot better in flat, flat shoes, too. Plus I have flat, flat feet. I am often on my feet a lot during the day (teaching) but take a lot of breaks and don't do a ton of walking around/physical work, so I don't know how helpful my feedback is to someone who does.

What kind of barefoot sandals do you wear?





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I don't do shoes on babies until it is absolutely necessary, and then I do the thin suede soled kinds. You can get name brand ones like Robeez, Bobux, Ministar (at Target, a Bobox brand), etc. I have found some really really cute ones on Etsy too, for less, and have bought them used on eBay before as well. It wasn't until Cecilia was playing in gravel and stuff that I started to put her in shoes with a thicker sole, and even now at 2, I put her in the flexible kind if I know she won't need to be on rough terrain.


As for me, I am barefoot 99% of the time and in sandals the other 1%. 

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I hate shoes.  I have big ginormous feet so shoe shopping is hell and nothing cute ever comes in my size.  Or if it does, it looks ridiculous in that size.  I never wear shoes indoors if I'm at someone's house (unless they have a thing about it and want me to keep them on).  When it's warm I wear birkenstocks, when it's cold I wear Vans.  I have a couple pairs of dressy shoes for the few times a year I dress up, and a pair of sensible flat dress types for work.


I don't bother with baby shoes except for pictures sometimes, until the baby spends a lot of time walking around.  And then I only use robeez type shoes if we are not in someone's home.  Once we start spending time running around outside I put shoes on if we're not in our own yard.  Once walking and running is firmly established I end up buying a lot of Garanimals.  Mostly because of the price considering how fast they're outgrown, and because they fit Elsa's wide feet well.

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Boots, I have these:  https://www.lunasandals.com/  I just have the elasticized leather straps.  But really any flat sandal other than flip flops are good.  I think even Old Navy had some flip flop like sandals last year that had heel straps.  The straps are important because in normal flip flops your toes flex downward to keep the flip flop on, which can cause all sorts of injuries.  This is true of any heel-less clog, etc.  Any flat sandal with a heel strap is good.  I've actually found some pretty good ones at Payless.


I use Vibram Five Fingers for running and these Merrells for walking, running errands, and traveling:



Merrell, like Vivo Barefoot, has a kids' section: http://www.merrell.com/US/en/Barefoot_Kids


They're a little more pricey than I would buy for kids, so the key is just a flat sole with no rise (no difference in height between heel and toe) and a flexible sole (should easily twist). 

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You can definitely get soft flexible baby/kids' shoes for less. smile.gif

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Yep, Aimee, that was my point.  Any flexible sole and no-rise shoe is fine. 


Here's some cute ones from Vivo Barefoot that I might get eventually just because it's our first.  http://www.vivobarefoot.com/us/kids.html 


The nice thing about many barefoot shoes for kids in particular is that they are meant to be thrown in the wash.  For Merrells and Vibrams, the linings are sewn in and not glued, so they last a really long time.  Much longer than other kids' shoes, so that might be a consideration if you're trying to reduce your eco footprint or avoid buying lots of pairs of shoes (and you have range of kids to take the hand-me-downs).

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Thanks.  I was thinking baby shoes are so adorable but I just didn't see the need other than the cute factor, at least for awhile - especially when they cannot walk.  That makes sense that shoes can restrict their growth, and besides who doesn't love baby feet.  Those cute little toes! love.gif

I do love going barefoot but we live on land and have animals (and random pet cats from other people love coming into our yard/garden and using the bathroom of course) so barefoot isn't always ideal (and stepping on stickers hurts).  I love croc sandals though and they never seem to hurt my feet.  Shoes are important for sports for us (courts can tear up feet) and when you are on your feet all day - haven't been lately due to some pregnancy complications but I know it always won't be that way.  I do wear toms all the time, they are so comfortable.  Finding nice yet more comfortable dress shoes has been something I have always struggled with.  I will check out some of the barefoot looking shoes, they look fun.

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I did give in to the cuteness of shoes a few times when Cece was little, but it was to put soft shoes ("crib shoes," they're often called) on her. I also knit and crocheted booties, so she wore those!

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I second Crocs as my squishy, minimal shoe of choice. They are cheap enough to own in many colors. They will accommodate swelling feet and come in cuter styles than they used to. Just make sure you get the kind made of croslite, as they are making shoes out of a variety of materials now.


This is what I am ordering for summer:



I am also planning on keeping baby barefoot as much as possible!

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I love crocs BUT there are a few downsides: they are really slippery in the rain (I have almost fallen a couple times when walking carefully on wet tile in the subway station by my work) and I think they contributed to me having a few episodes of (self-diagnosed) plantar fasciitis. I still have my eye on a few pairs, though, since they're nice for indoors. 


Lately I've been wearing a pair of Nike sneakers (http://www.famousfootwear.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=92036&pg=1024099) as my commuting shoes. I am really not a sneakers person, and have had problems with finding comfortable ones before, but these are super comfy and are supportive without having really thick athletic-y soles. I change into dressier shoes (with a little wedge) at work. I've found that wearing really flat shoes has been less comfortable lately, even just walking indoors. They seem worse than just going barefoot - and sadly I can't walk around barefoot at work :( 


I grew up with no shoes allowed in the house and ran around the yard barefoot a lot. And I take my shoes (and often socks) off as soon as I get home (still trying to get my partner to do this, and I'll be more insistent once we're putting the baby on the floor, just from a germs standpoint). I live in the city now, with all kinds of gross/sharp things on the sidewalk, so I usually don't even like to wear flip flops/open sandals outdoors. Once my kid is walking, we'll need some sort of shoes with protective enough soles for running around the park, etc.  But that is so far off that I haven't even thought about it much, except when seeing cute baby shoes on some of the kids deals websites. 

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I've always used the soft sole shoes on mine... they can even be worn BEFORE they are walking, if you like the 'cute' factor. I like sweet little baby toes so I tend to keep their feet bare as much as possible, lol. My 4.5 year old still has a pair of soft sole shoes that she wears around. I got them on ebay and they go up some pretty big sizes. They were cheaper and better made than the ones at Target which are the brand I typically get. :) I'll have to see if I can remember the store name...


As for myself I tend to barefoot it more than put shoes on. I wear a pair of Simple (brand) shoes in the winter that are suede and fleece on the inside... they tend to keep my feet similar to being barefoot. Since I tend not to wear shoes as much as I did 10 years ago a lot of my old shoes are REALLY uncomfortable now... and I have NO idea how I carried off wearing them for extended periods of time. I'd love a pair of soft sole shoes for myself... but the only ones I can find are kind of pricey and I'm not interested in spending a small fortune on my own shoes right now.

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I know what you mean. Ten years ago I wore heels EVERY DAY. I can't even fathom why I did that, let alone how...ROTFLMAO.gif

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My toddler LOVES her crocs. They are the only shoes she doesn't take off, in fact, she brings them to us all the time to put on her. We did soft sole until there was a need to protect her feet and now I will probably get a pair of sandals from stay for the summer and some new crocs.

For me, the only shoes I ever wear are Privos. They are a division of Clarke but they have a fantastic range from super casual to walking shoe to dress shoe. I walked around Italy in them for 3 weeks and can't say enough good things about them. You can frequently find them in closeout stores too which is great bc they can be a little pricey.
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I am wearing SAS. They are WAY expensive, but my last pair lasted about 4 years. I have pronation (arches that fall when standing) and I don't do well with too many other ones.

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I swear by Danskos.  I love them and own two nice pairs that I wear to work often.  I also wear ballet flats a lot when I'm pregnant - but Danskos are more comfortable.  I do have to pull out the heels every so often on a dressy day here, and I hate every minute of it when I'm pregnant :).


I wear Chacos sandals in the summertime and also have a pair of slip-on Keens that I like a lot.  


When prego, I like shoes that don't demand lacing/tying.  Actually, I always prefer to wear slip ons especially with kids - it's a timesaver and then when you've already got a baby strapped to your front you don't have to say "Crap!" and redo everything because you forgot to put on your shoes right before you walk out the door :).  Been there done that!


As for my kids, they've all worn those Robeez-like shoes, but not past about 1 year old.  Then they are too mobile for them and need something different when outside.  When inside, my kids are either socked or barefoot.  I am a fan of Crocs for kids - easy to clean, easy for kids to put on themselves, and cheap enough to purchase multiple pairs.  Otherwise, I like Target for kids shoes.  I also like froofy-girly shoes with girly dresses - but rarely make the room in the budget because they are worn once or twice before outgrown.  So my girl often wears crocs/dresses unless we get hand-me-downs ;).  

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