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I just want to complain.

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I am so f$%King tired of being sick.  I had a terrible first trimester, and it got better for a while but for the past few weeks Ive been sick again!  I threw up my breakfast.   threw up in the buy buy baby bathroom last night (gross) got home and made myself a second dinner and threw that up too!  (there was a brief interlude between both dinners where I went to the grocery store and cried in the cereal isle bc all I want is raison bran and I'm allergic to wheat) I'm so weak and tired bc i can't keep any food in my tummy.  I'm also increasingly grumpy because I'm so hungry.  it SUCKS being sick for months on end!  I also have the worst headache.  probably dehydtrated.  


ok thanks; just needed a place to be negative for a little while.  SORRY!!!



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I'm there with you, 25  1/2 weeks and still sick.

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lets just remind ourselves this is temporary and OH SO WORTH IT!  I hope you get some relief!  

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Oh man.  I am right there with you.  The first trimester for me was awful AWFUL and I am feeling a little bit of that sickness coming back as I get close to the third trimester.  Luckily, I've had a break for a couple weeks in the middle. 


I cried while doing dishes.  Dry heaved and nothing came up.  But I saw a lovely pool of blue spots. 


My mantra is: This isn't going to last forever.  This isn't going to last forever.


I hope that mantra can help you.


What do others do to get through?   

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:( Oh momma Im so sorry ! First trimester was pretty yucky for me, and so far so good. With my last pregnancy though, the morning(all day) sickness came creeping back around third trimester. Im waiting for it to pop up this time too. 



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I take unisom, zofran, b6, and omeprazole, around the clock. Keeping them in my body at all times helps, MOSTLY. I know that's not real crunchy, but HG resulted in no weight gain which probably led to early delivery for me last time, and this regimen has gotten me to gain 20 lb so far.

If I still feel nasty, I drink more and go to bed early and try to get 10 or more hours of sleep. I'm 24 weeks and the last few days I unfortunately feel the "nasty" coming back, I have had about 4 - 6 weeks of not vomiting.

On the plus side.. all that unisom helps me sleep at night.

Also, if I am craving something I eat it. If I can't stand the thought of anything but need to eat, I make smoothies. If I can't stand the thought of cooking I have my husband cook or we go out to eat. We used to go to a particular restaurant every week, I haven't been able to think about the smell of it since I got pregnant this time. Having stuff in the house like nuts and other things I can just grab and eat a little bit of helps.

You can get unisom (the doxylamine one, not the diphenhydramine one), b6, and omeprazole over the counter, so it's easy to try. I made it about 3 weeks farther in this pregnancy before needing zofran thanks to that regimen.
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I'm so sorry. That was me last time more or less. Lasted from 30 dpo to 3 hours after I gave birth. Although on a happy note, 3 hours after DD was born I suddenly felt like this massive weight was lifted off my body and I felt fantastic--like I could run a marathon :)

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after 6 months of throwing up 3-10 times a day, my midwife put me on anti nausea medication Tuesday.  I hate having to take medicine, pregnant or not.  I think most pharms are poison and I don't trust doctors.


but i do feel better.  I didn't get sick once yesterday!  last week, i just couldn't take it anymore emotionally.  I thought, if i throw up one more time im going to go crazy.  its nice to be feeling better.  I'll probably start gaining more weight now too.  26 weeks and I've put on 14 pounds.  It's a pretty good number, considering how sick I have been.  It's nice to have a forum where I can talk about these things.  I don't like being negative in general, but this was a case where I felt I just needed an outlet; I think everyone needs that sometimes.  so i apologize for bringing negativity to the boards; thanks for letting me vent without judgement!!!!

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You said you are allergic to wheat, have you tried cutting out all sources of gluten? I had to cut it outvwhen my nurslings werre reacting and found I felt much better. This pregnancy is the first one I haven't puked all day  every day for 9 months. 


Also Mommys Bliss morning sickness remedy and heartburn remedies have both been helpful.


I tried one zofran and the hospital a month ago and it gave me the worse headache ever.

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Originally Posted by fruitfulmomma View Post

You said you are allergic to wheat, have you tried cutting out all sources of gluten? 

I'm actually celiac, so I don't eat any gluten. some people don't know what that si though, so its easier for me to tell people I'm allergic to wheat.  

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Oh you poor thing.  I hope you get some relief.  During one of my pregnancies, I also took Zofran to get me through some of my harder work shifts.  I didn't take it all the time, but it was very helpful in circumstances where I really needed to be able to function.


Are you getting enough protein?  For me 20 grams of protein every 3-4 hours helps keep the nausea manageable.  It's still there, but about half of what it would be, with much less actual vomiting. Wish I'd figured this out about my body for my first three pregnancies...........



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