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Is anyone else without names yet??

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I've browsed, and nothing really appeals to me in the name department (it doesn't help that DH is for some reason stuck on Greek Mythology names....like Aphrodite and Zeus....Ares I may be able to handle, but he's off his rocker if you ask me!)


I'm also finding names I always thought I'd like to name my girls don't really appeal to me any more (Chloe, Brooke, Marley). I do like Bronwyn, but DH has a bad association with that name apparently.


I've decided not to sweat it and if babe is just "babe" for a week after birth I'll be okay with that.


Is anyone else still nameless?

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Me too!   I have no real ideas, and am feeling pretty apathetic about the whole thing. Hubby has a name he likes that I am ok with, but not super excited over.

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We have a list, two girls and two boys.  But haven't made anything final yet.  I keep over analyzing them and just don't want to make a final decision just yet.  I've looked at so many books, always looking at the credits on tv for different names and it seems like short list.  Not a lot of names are appealing to me....  I'm guessing we'll take our names to the hospital and decide once we see him/her.  Names are so hard!!!!

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Mythology names that aren't quite so out there:  Ariadne, Penelope, Phoebe, Helen....Perseus could go by Percy.

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Well, we have a boy name all picked out and settled upon. (We didn't find out baby's gender). I had a couple ideas for girl's names, but as time passes, they appeal less and less. I think I'm just going to make a list of possible choices and if baby is a girl, then maybe we'll just choose closer to time or after she's born. That being said, most everyone (including me and DH) expect that this little one is a boy. I've felt that all along, and have only had a few people say they think it's a girl.


I lean toward Greek names (not mythological ones though!)- the more mainstream (yet not on the top 100 list), Greek origin ones. Also Hebrew/Biblical names. DH and I are also sticklers for name meanings.


Probably the only reason we have an easier time picking boy names is that DH had them in mind before we were even married (weirdo! Lol!) but they work for us. I just wonder why he couldn't think of girl names too. winky.gif We didn't settle on DD's name until I was past 20 weeks or so, and her middle name came even later (and we discovered her gender beforehand).

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Mythology names that aren't quite so out there:  Ariadne, Penelope, Phoebe, Helen....Perseus could go by Percy.

Maybe I shouldn't say *not* the mythological names...I'm actually considering Phoebe, but I'm not sure it would go so well with the other two.

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We don't have a name yet either.  I started thinking about them again last week, but not much is jumping out at me.  DH is convinced she will be Hadley.  I don't dislike Hadley, but I don't love it.  I like the nickname Hattie, so that could work with Hadley.  My favorite name is Sadie, but DH says no.  I still sometimes call her Sadie though.

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We don't have any idea either.  DS wasn't named until he was 4 days old...I think we would have waited longer if the grands weren't hounding us.  It felt weird actually naming him-- did anyone else feel that with their newborns?  I go through stages with naming-- like I'll all of a sudden have energy and interest in names and spend hours pouring over online resources, and then that's it.  Done.  So, we have about 3 journal pages of names that appeal to us, but who knows if any of them are what this little one will end up with.  Right now DS is calling him/her "George" and a friend is calling him/her "Waffles".  I have no idea where either of those came from :)

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We have just started talking about it, We have both thrown the name Amelia around if we have a girl.  However #2 and #3 were named after they were born so I think we are just going to wait and likely just wait until he or she is born.  Might take a few days for baby to have a name though :)

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Was just looking at my list of names when I saw this post.  We struggled over names for #3 and decided after she was born...but I would love to know this one's name before he comes!  We know it is a boy, so that makes it a little easier...but still difficult!  and DH is terrible at the name stuff...plus I am picky...it seems.  :  )  I have ALWAYS loved Oakley for a boy for some reason - no idea why, no family connection to it, just like it.  DH is not a huge fan...might hve to work on him again and see...otherwise Luke, Oliver, Drew???  I love that there aren't many Oakley's around.

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I came across a toddler named Oak many many years ago and LOVE the name. It often got changed to "Oakie". I never thought about making it Oakley, then you have kind of a more "formal" name, earthy name, and cutesy baby name.

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Eirul, your post made me laugh because my DH loves the name Zeus. He has a thing about the letter Z. Thankfully, our baby is a girl, so we didn't have to have that argument.


We considered Cedar for a boy (a reference to both the tree and jazz pianist Cedar Walton), which I really do like. Nice and earthy, like Oak.

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