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Please move me to the 2WW--Thanks!

I will be back to write more later!
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Lisedea fingers crossed for you!

Carmen, sorry I jumped the gun last time, but happy tww to you now, too

Afu 5 dpo and I am imagining? All sorts of symptoms, probably just the leftover crampiness from the iui. Can't hardly wait for ten more days to pass!
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Amt: That's awesome you found a new donor! And I think following your gut is a great idea :)

darth: Good to hear the new place is shaping up. DD has yet to sleep in "her room" but it's nice to plan.....it can always be a play room!

lise: Welcome to the 2WW! I think we're cycle buddies this time!


mtnlisa: Thanks! When will you test?


Afm: Insem went fine yesterday and we're on for another one just after lunch today. I think that should do it but I'll see what my temp does tomorrow morning.


Did someone ask to compare Vancouver to other cities in Canada? I haven't been to a lot but I've been to several of the big ones (Montreal, Toronto, Halifax, Edmonton, Saskatoon, Victoria)....I think the west coast is quite different in terms of culture and general vibe. It's much more "outdoorsy" focused and has a reputation of being a hippy, pot smoking haven. The hippies are more like yippies for the most part but there probably is a fair amount of pot smoking going on ;) Our weather is very moderate - not too hot, not too cold. We only get snow a few days a year but it rains a lot. We have a huge chinese/hong kong population (more than any other city outside of China I believe) along with lots of other different immigrant populations (indian, japanese, korean, eastern european) so that makes for a really rich cultural experience - especially food! People from Toronto or other easternward cities often say we are "boring" but the people I know who say that are looking for nightclubs and a big night scene. I have no idea what that scene looks like in Vancouver but we are definitely focused on skiing, mountain biking, hiking, beaching, etc in this city. Fleece and goretex are dressing up ;) The landscape itself is quite different too - we have the mountains, the Pacific ocean, many lakes, rivers...and it's quite stunning (google photos of Vancouver and you'll see how beautiful it is!). Can you tell I love it here?? The only complaint I have is that it's REALLY expensive to live here...Vancouver was just rated the most expensive city in North America. So that's not very fun.


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I agree with Carmen!!  It's hard to watch "house hunters" when they're in the US and buying some MASSIVE house 20 minutes outside downtown-city for the same price we paid for our condo 45 minutes outside the downtown core, and they're whining about the commute/location/etc.  I'm like "are you for real?  You have this gorgeous house for $250K and you're complaining about paint colour?".  And we got a GOOD DEAL on our condo.  The weather is really hard to deal with for the non-natives, my import friends (those who did not grow up in Vancouver) really struggle their first Vancouver winter (40 days of low laying grey cloud, raining solid, dark, very damp).  It's now April, so we're all starting to perk up again, but February/March is a brutal brutal time in this gorgeous city.


However, sunny days make up for it.  The bonus in Vancouver is that nobody caarreeesss what you do, everyone is very accepting of everyone else.  Pride is HUGE (last year I think they topped 500,000 people?), nobody bats an eye when they see my wife and I (although we do get mistaken as sisters on occasion... and twins once!  Ha!).  There is still some gay bashing, and there was a hate motivated murder a couple years ago, but generally it's not nearly as bad as some places in the US.  No crazy Westboro Baptist nut jobs boycotting Pride.  Despite the $$$, there's tons of young families around... In our new place, there's a stroller going by every 3rd person, it's CRAZY.  


Vancouver Pride!  Woo!

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Carmen and Darth- Your descriptions of Vancouver sound so so lovely to me and so much like my own area. I have lived in the Portland, OR area for about 4 years now and IMO, is what you've described. I grew up in Olympia, WA (halfway between Seattle and Portland) and love everything about the Pacific NW! I think the people here are lovely and the sunny days more than makes up for the rain we get 80% of the time. Everything is so green and beautiful and its only about an hour to the Pacific Ocean and about an hour to the mountain!!! I wish I could spend an extended amount of time in Vancouver because I am pretty sure I would feel so at home there. I often tell DW that we should just move to Canada! Now you've got me planning a vacation...


Krista- Its great to see your name on here! I've been wondering how things have been going for you. 


Lise- Good luck!


mtn- I am not sure on this but my thought would be that 5 DPO would be too early for actual pregnancy symptoms to occur. I think they start after implantation but again I am not sure. Either way my fx for you!


AFM- We went to the RE yesterday and I am so glad we did. The RE recommended that I do baseline u/s and lab work as well as an HSG this cycle. It turns out that I have an odd combination of medical concerns that could lead to fertility issues! I have low thyroid levels as well as low adrenal production, which he think means that there could be some auto immune condition going on since those two things are rarely seen together. He explained that there is probably something attacking my thyroid and my adrenals that is probably also attacking my ovaries. I am not sure what to think about all of this. My PCP knows that we are TTC and she has gone through this process her self. She is the one who found the thyroid and the adrenal problems so it irritates me that she hasn't even hinted at the fact that this could be an issue. She said I am young ( I am in my mid-twenties) so I shouldn't have any problems getting pregnant...


So today is day 1 of my cycle. AF graced me with her presence this morning. So tomorrow we go in for all the baseline stuff! Now I will get to find out about all of the joys of a Day 2/3 u/s!!! Have any of you ladies done an HSG this early on in the process? It seems like most people get them done after awhile of TTC so it seems odd to me that he recommended that we do that this time as well. Any thoughts?

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Lisedea: Good luck! I hope this cycle works for you!


Darth: Your new place sounds awesome.


Carmen: Good luck in the TWW! I loved your descriptions of Vancouver. I really want to visit the NW one day.


Hopeful: A lot of REs want to do an HSG early on to rule out blocked tubes before you spend a lot of money on treatments. Ours did, but we decided to hold off because my insurance won't cover it. If yours will, I don't see a reason not to do it.


AFM: My body may have a hard time letting go of a pregnancy, but in the meantime it's been working again all on its own and I had a beautiful drug-free 17 mm follicle on my u/s this morning! The RE thinks I'm probably going to ovulate on my own this cycle, even though my beta was only down to 20. I haven't ovulated on my own in well over a year! He thinks the metformin did it. We are taking this cycle off, and I go back in a week and a half to make sure I did ovulate. If not, we'll trigger and let my cycle go from there. Could I please be moved to waiting for AF? Thanks!

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We will be taking a break (DW needs to have a cervical polyp removed) this month...

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rs11--yay for your body getting the idea--I was concerned about my AMH level (10+) and my RE said, well its because you have PCOS, but it doesn't matter because now you are ovulating on your own! It feels better to be able to, no? 


Hopeful--I did have an hsg before anything else with my first pregnancy--IMHO clearing out the tubes might have been helpful for me--I remember (very little because due the cycle day it was painful) that it took some time for the dye to get through so maybe it helped me.  I got pregnant, um 10 days later??  And you are totally right that I couldn't possibly be having actual pregnancy symptoms, but I'll just go ahead and pretend I am :)


Carmen--glad to hear your insem went well--I can't decide when to test.  A) I have one hpt left from my last pregnancy so I don't think I will go out and buy a new one unless I've made it to the 25th without bleeding.  That said, I am teaching a class on Sat the 21st with a friend with whom I will definitely share the news so I might just have to test that morning.  By 10 dpo last time, I couldn't hold a flat object against my abdomen and was sleeping 12 hours a night and eating like a horse, but didn't have time to test until 14 and it was quickly positive then.....ah the obsessing....





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In regards to Clomid. First off, I hope most people know that Clomid should really only be used if you have difficulty ovulating and/or have PCOS. It is not intended for use for someone who regularly ovulates. It is not just a drug to stimulate so that you produce more follies. I'm sure there are REs out there that prescribe it anyway, but it's a good thing to keep in mind because it is an ovulation stimulator, not an follie stimulator.


Clomid and age...


"Few realize that the rate of conception with clomiphene therapy is about 1/3 lower than the natural fertility rate for any given age and about 25% lower than when gonadotropin stimulation is used. This problem increases significantly with advancing age .Consider the fact that in women under 35 years, the pregnancy rate with clomiphene treatment is about 10% per cycle , about 5% between 35 and 40 years and 2% after age 40. Here are a few reasons why:


Clomiphene through its "antiestrogen effect" tricks the hypothalamus into thinking that estrogen levels are low. In response, the pituitary gland releases an exaggerated amount of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH), which stimulates development of the follicles, ultimately resulting in ovulation. The growing follicles secrete estrogen into the bloodstream, thus closing the feedback circle that the hypothalamus initiated in response to the anti-estrogen properties of Clomiphene. Unfortunately however, at the same time the pituitary also releases large amounts of LH which causes the ovary to produce large amounts of the male hormone testosterone. In high local concentrations, testosterone can compromise egg quality and thus ultimately the chance of having a baby. The older the woman, the greater this adverse effect of clomiphene will be."




I'll try to find a study to further support my original statement because I know how much we all love stats!!

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nos -- this is for you!






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hi all - i'm drive-by posting so forgive me for skipping personals. We met with our doc on Monday and talked about moving to the injectable meds. of course, we're thrilled about this because i'm not responding well to clomid, but daily injections, blood draws and ultrasounds ... well, it sounds like a giant PITA. the nurse said that i'm getting a prescription for follistim & ovidrel- is anyone else using that? any advice or warnings of what I should expect? Also, he put me on metformin... anyone want to tell me about that? I have only taken two days of it, so.... I know about the GI side-effects but... any other pleasant surprises I should be expecting?


Also, my doctor made me have an HSG, which I completely freaked out about and acted like a giant baby. I made my wife go with me and hold my hand, which the doctor and tech thought was so weird, they couldn't handle it. But my fertility doctor totally psyched me out about the procedure, telling me it was considerably worse than an IUI and offering to prescribe me vicodin (!) for the pain. Anyway, it really was not that bad. The procedure itself was weird and uncomfortable, and I had some serious cramps afterwards, but it was totally bearable. I wish I hadn't been so anxious about it; the anxiety was kind of the worst part. Also, if you have to pay for it out of pocket (we did) it might be worth shopping around to find a better price. My clinic told me that the local hospital charged $800 for it; the place where I went was a stand-alone radiology clinic and they charged less than $250, so it's worth it to shop around. The doc who performed the procedure told me that everything looked good, so that's a relief.


We're switching donors and sperm banks, so I am ordering more vials soon. I kind of feel like I have an endless to-do list for this baby-making business, but I'm feeling more optimistic and hopeful than I was the last time I posted here.


Our plan is to be so happy and healthy for a couple months, appreciate the sunshine, take the metformin and see how that goes, and hopefully get back into the TTC saddle in June. The weather here is starting to get awesome, which is the best part of living in the pacific northwest. Pull back the covers, blink into the sunshine and remember what it's like to be happy.


I'm being a little dramatic, but it's funny how we all react to sunshine around here. 

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Thanks for posting that Krista. My FS doesn't want me on Clomid because I ovulate regularly and thinks that it will not be beneficial...and recently I have been thinking about trying to convince her to let me use meds (I am NOT a med person but I would try ANYTHING at this point) to produce more follicles. I guess I will just be patient. Some day.... smile.gif
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Hopeful - I had an HSG early on as well.  My mistake was I didn't ask how much it was going to cost, and I was shocked when I got the bill.  My insurance only covers 50% of fertility treatments.  So I would recommend that you know exactly how much it costs you before deciding.  It was awkward and caused a little cramping but it wasn't bad at all.  It was kind of neat to see a picture of my uterus and tubes.  My doctor gave me some Valium beforehand that calmed me down a bit.  I think that definitely helps.  Considering how much we have to spend on sperm if we are using frozen, it may make sense to have the test done now.


Queen- I get the same way when I watch House Hunters.  I get so angry at the people complaining about how small the rooms are when the house costs $150,000 and it has 3 bedrooms and a yard, etc.  I live in the San Francisco Bay Area so I understand the crazy house prices you have where you are.  Houses in my area start around $600,000 and go up and up from there.  I've always wanted to visit Vancouver and I hope to someday soon.  I have been to Toronto and I thought it was a great city!  I also have a good friend in Portland so I know how beautiful the Pacific Northwest is.


mtnlisa - Good luck in the TWW.  I'd be happy to pretend along with you that your symptoms are real pregnancy symptoms. 


AFM- We decided to do one IUI this morning and one tomorrow morning to cover all our bases.  My RE's office squeezed me in this morning which was very nice of them and things went smoothly.  Tomorrow my wife will be able to go with me and that makes me very happy.  She keeps me company while I lie there for an hour.  Happy Weekend to everyone!

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Evening all



Mrs2.. I am on injectables this cycle for the 1st time.. and yes a BIG PITA but worth it as I have had excellent results!  I am also on Metformin 3 x a day.. However I can not take it during day.. I have to do right before i go to bed.. otherwise I am really sick..I also get really thirsty and feel very dehydrated in the mornings.. I drink a ton from 10 pm on!!  I think injectables were the least side effects of any med I have been on. so that made me somewhat happy :)


Darth.. Congrats on the move.. I told DP Id love to live there.. how to go about it I am not sure.. .. mayb someday!!


Krista.. always nice to hear from u.. how are you doing?


Pokey... we will be cycle buddies ( by a few days anyways) I was at our RE office this Am... we probally just missed each other.. did you get to experience the lovely fire drill?  



I went for an U/s today and holy toledo did my follicles grow.. and grow ... I had 4on Monday... and today.... after 4 days of injections.. I have more than 15! And there was one at an 18 and 7-8 at sizes over 14... My RE was very happy and really surprised how well i responded and how great the follices grew... They thought I might go for insem tomorrow morning so I made a plea with the sperm bank and picked up the sperm today ( not next week like planned) .. I got in a tank this time in case we did not insem until Monday... RE called and wants to push till Monday because she wants the other follicles to grow bigger.to give me more follicles to work with..... So one more injectable tonight and and trigger tomorrow evening late and my insem appointment is at 830 am Monday!  Im glad the daily blood draw is over... Now of the injections could be over... 


Hi to everyone... I think you are all moved.. please let me know if anyone needs moved still!

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Hopeful: Sorry to hear some challenges have popped up. But I guess it's good that you know what you're dealing with. I had an HSG just recently - I had never worked with an RE or other doctor when TTC so I was never really offered one. It wasn't bad at all...I too was VERY anxious after reading terrible stories online. I've heard that REs will offer it right away "just to make sure." I found it very invasive and would not have done it early on at all. However, it depends on how you feel about it....and if you think it's worth it at this point. Personally, I like to take the road that assumes everything is fine until proven otherwise. But if I was spending thousands of dollars for each insem I'd likely do the test earlier.


rs: Yay for O'ing on your own! That's great news :) Maybe this kickstarted your fertility overall. I hope next cycle the same thing happens :)


mtnlisa: I also tested very positive at 10DPO with DD but this time around I'm waiting until 14DPO....it's HARD though! Any gut feelings if you're pregnant yet??

mrs: Yes, sun makes everything feel more positive, doesn't it?? Enjoy the break!


pokey: Happy weekend to you too! I hope the insem goes well tomorrow and welcome to the tww!

Cananny: Grow follicles, grow!



Afm: Insem #2 done! Now I cross my fingers all night for a great big temp jump tomorrow morning :) I didn't get to lay down and relax very long after the insem but I think it went well. I don't have "that feeling" that they went great this time but time will tell. I'll be waiting until 14DPO as I mentioned....it's gonna be a long 2 weeks!

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Carmen--Yea! I love being cycle buddies with you! I didn't get "that feeling" either....in fact, things felt a bit off for me. Ah well...we'll see.

Cananny--Holy crap! That is a lot of follicles! Multiples? wink1.gif

Mrs--I totally understand your sunshine reaction! When our grey state gets sunshine, we all get a bit dramatic.

wishin'--Sorry about having to take this cycle off--but that polyp definitely has to go! smile.gif Good luck to you and your DP!

Hopeful--I am so glad you got your bloodwork done! It does help to know....

rs11--That is fantastic news! joy.gif

Tuna/Pokey--Haha...I am one of those people that would complain about house prices like that! blush.gif I live in a "resort community" so prices are pretty high...but not as high as it sounds like where you two live. Of course, cost of living is horrible here...I mean, a gallon of milk is more than a gallon of gas (which, by the way, is at $4.99), anything fresh is either outrageously priced or non-existant, to go anywhere else it is another $100 per person, and it is thousands of dollars to heat our small well-insulated house in the winter. Ha, I didn't mean to go on that rant...just wanted to fess up to being 'one of them'.

I need to visit Vancouver! I thought seriously of moving there about 5 years ago (without visiting or knowing that much about it, of course...just info from the travel channel smile.gif) and I think we will go visit after D finishes her degree. For sure! And then, we will have to meet some of you in person!

Anyway, I had the most painful IUI EVER!!! Oh my goodness, it was awful.As I said to Carmen, things felt 'off'...maybe a good sign? wink1.gif This is our last try for a few months. If not pregnant, we will hold off and save up money for a while. We are also going to Telluride Music Fest in June...and I don't really want to be at the beginning of my first trimester while there in case I am sick. Ah well....waiting, waiting, waiting. This cycle I am trying pineapple core (for 5 days) and a single glass of red wine (for 10 days) to help with implantation. Maybe the combination of the two will work. smile.gif
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Lisedea, Carmen, and Cananny-- We are all cycle buddies!  I had my second IUI today.  It went better than yesterday, no cramping.  I hope we have some good news in time for the end of the month!  Good luck to everyone.

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Rs- Yay for ovulating on your own!!


Mtn- My fingers are crossed for you!


Mrs- You are so right about the sunshine. We all get a little crazy and totally come out of hibernation when it comes out. I may have missed this somewhere but can I ask why you will be waiting until June for your next try? I hope thr drugs along with the new bank/donor will be the right combination for you guys. Thanks for the info about shopping around for a place that charges less for a HSG, I will definitely do that.


Pokey- I am definitely looking into the cost side of things! I can imagine how shocked you would be to get that bill, it can be very expensive. Thanks for the heads up! My fx for you!


Cananny- Its awesome that you and Pokey have the same RE. Its such a small world sometimes! Yay for your wonderfully growing follies!!! FX!


Carmen- Did you get your temp jump this morning?! Did you have "that" feeling right away when you were pregnant with DD? I always wonder if I will just know when I do get pregnant.


Lise- Sorry you had such a painful IUI. I hope it is a good sign for you and that you will end up being pregnant at the music fest!


AFM- We went in for the blood work and u/s this morning. My estradiol was 41 and my fsh was 7.20. I had 8 follies on the left side and 10 on the right with the biggest one measuring 6 mm. I am not sure what all of these numbers mean but I think they are good. My DW thinks we should wait to do the HSG. Our insurance doesn't cover it and she thinks we should give it a few more attempts before spending that kind of money on it. I think it makes sense to do it now before we put anymore money into this in case there is something wrong. It seems like a lot of you have had a HSG before- did you think it was worth it?



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Hopeful--I would do it for peace of mind--make sure those tubes are open. Also, an added plus, fertility is supposed to increase for about 3 months after getting it done.
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I'm not sure if this is the right Queer Conceptions thread that I am supposed to be posting in but please correct me if I'm wrong!



Me and my partner ( FTM Transgender) have been together for 5 years and are getting married in August. All I have ever wanted is to be  a wife and a mother. We are beginning this journey because we would love to conceive on our honeymoon ( although I know the chances are rare that it will happen on the first try). I am excited to talk to women who have go through this experience and soak up as much information that I can. I have done my own personal research but I think the best information I can get is from someone who has tried and succeeded. I don't really know where to start. We have about 4 months.


Also, any help on a sperm bank that we can have the shipment sent to our home without a doctor filing paperwork.


ANYONE in the same situation as me, PLEASE any advice would be fantastic. We have decided to us an anonymous donor and to do it at home. Both of those are EXTREMELY important to us.


Thank you ladies in advance!



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