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Carmen: Yeah I'm glad your body is doing what you want it to. Welcome back from vacay. I know I always need a vacation after vacationing in Vegas. I hope you time to settle back in.


BByHipr:Welcome.gifHope your stay is short and sweet. Tell us about yourself.


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Hopeful- dust.gif for your TWW!


Pokey- that sounded just like our day! Did it feel good to get the crying out? I know that I always feel so much better after I cry. I've got my fx that next cycle is it for you and your DW too.


Allison- that was hilarious to read about your 12" long tendrils! lol.gif I don't know if it's something that is happening vicariously to me or not. I think I may just generally have lots of fertile cm. It comes like clockwork too now that I'm tuned into it. I'm always like "yep. I'm probably fertile cause I'm super creamy and this is the one day per month that I want to have sex." lol! Also- yay for your test results!


Cannany- it totally makes sense that you don't want to give up trying yet. Still, the foster-to-adopt orientation might be a good way for you to see with your heart that other options do exist. I also really want to foster-to-adopt someday, but definitely want us each to give birth at least once too. I'm excited to hear how it goes for you :)


Esenbee- totally! Our tww felt like a frickin' eternity! Here's to your remaining time flying by! What are you doing to distract yourself?

Gelly- I've got my fx that the lack of signs is a good thing for you! Take care of yourself, Miss. Sending you tons of dust.gif


AFU- Our day was remarkably similar to Pokey's. Even though AF came last night I still wanted DW to POAS. I had patiently waited (okay, not so patiently waited) 12 days for that test and I didn't want to give up the experience of testing. She graciously tested and as expected it was negative. We both just kinda brushed it off with trite reminders that we'd keep on trying. So, we went to breakfast and then to church and then grocery shopping and by the time we came home I just hadn't brushed off the funk. I never go in the bedroom and close the door when DW and I are home together, but that's all I wanted to do. So, I lay in there playing on my phone and just sort of zoning out when DW came in to check on me and as soon as she laid down to hold me I burst into tears... She should not be the one consoling me, but she just has this way. I love that woman so damn much. It's just so hard, you know? I want more than anything in the whole world to be able to give this to her because she wants it so bad and has been wanting it so bad for so long and because she will be the best mother in the whole world. *Sigh*

So, we move forward to next month. While we were on the way to breakfast we had a conversation about what we'd do next cycle and agreed to not do any interventions- no clomid, no ultrasounds, no trigger shots. Just the OPKs and insem at our lovely Alma center. I'm feeling good about it. Maybe this will be the trick to just let her body take its natural course. Afterall, both her FSH and estradiol were in the excellent range. It was only her AMH that was low. 





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Carmen- Welcome back and fx for you!


BByHIPr- Welcome to the group! Hope you find lots of support and and that your stay is short and sweet :)


Invitin- I'm so sorry to hear about your sister. I'll keep her in my prayers and you too that you get some answers from your ENT. I bet it's nothing big. Dr. Google always freaks me out too. Baby dust for you this cycle as well!



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invitn, just chiming in to say that I had similar ear ringing and vertigo (accompanied by almost "fainting"). I had 3 episodes in about a month. I had a battery of tests: they checked my arteries via u/s, I had a tilt table test, and also did some treadmill thing while I was all hooked up to stuff. everything came back normal. on a whim, the doc decided to order b/w to check for vit D... I was scary low, like 4 or something. I was ordered to take 6000 iu daily and I went on to get pg the next cycle (m/c) and then again the next cycle we tried (3 months later). I haven't had an ear ringing/"dizzy" spell since! idk if it was the D3 or switch to IUI or just chance but I certainly feel like it could have helped me get pg so quickly after my levels went up. I think I read something (its hard to remember, it's already been almost 2 years!) that low vit D can inhibit getting pg, but you might research for yourself. any way, I digress... I suggest you have your D3 checked, or at the very least start taking lots of vit D3, it can't hurt, I don't think you can OD on it, really. G/L! I hope you figure it all out!
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invitn: I hope everything goes well for your sister. She's fortunate you are there to support her :) Have you ever had ringing in your ears and vertigo before? I was diagnosed with "Meniere's Disease" a long time ago and the symptoms are the same. I didn't get the ringing though - just severe vertigo. I started seeing my chiropractor at the same however and he said a lot of back/neck issues mimic Meniere's. Anyway, after some treatment and a diet change (no/little sodium is the suggested diet for Meniere's) it finally went away. It comes back sometimes but a few trips to my chiropractor and it's gone again. I'm not actually convinced it was Meniere's even though I had the testing done...it may have just been my back or neck. Not trying to freak you out....just something to explore if it doesn't go away!

sotohana: I hope less intervention is the ticket for you and DP. Good luck!



Afm: CD8 and AF is still here this morning. Tapering off as I said but it's usually completely gone by now. I have a busy, busy week at work after being away last week. Maybe I'll O Easter weekend...DD was conceived on Easter weekend 2009 :)

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pokey & soto - sorry to hear that AF arrived, cycle buddies. i'm so bummed! the 12/12/12 posse is not in the cards. 


carmen - hopefully acupuncture can help shift your body into the right place for your next cycle. i hope you have another easter-conceived baby!


allison/darthqueentuna - I have heard about taking mucinex to increase ewcm, but I don't know what the actual protocol would be. I have had the good fortune to be sick around O and took Mucinex 2xDay for 2 days before and 1 day after O, which I really think increased the CM production. If you google clomid + mucinex, I'm sure Dr. Google can tell you 50 different protocols for it!


Cananny - It feels weird to say this, but I wish AF would hurry up for you! 


invitn - hope the new donor is the ticket to your bfp!


sorry if i missed anyone... this thread moved a lot since the last time i checked. 


AFM- 12 dpo. my temps are still up way over my coverline (they dropped on 12dpo last month) but I got a ( - ) FRER this morning. I'm feeling pretty hopeless for this cycle but, well, no AF yet. I can get a medal for my nice long LP even if I don't get a take-home baby. :( I woke up at like 3am this morning so I had extra time before work to cry and have a hissy fit! It is very convenient to have insomnia at 12 DPO so I have time for my theatrics. I also spent an hour on FF looking at the chart gallery of hundreds of people who got negative test results on 12 dpo & positive on 13 dpo, but I just don't think it's me this month. I have a blood test tomorrow morning, which I am inclined to skip b/c I don't want to: 

1. pay for it when I don't think I'm pregnant.

2. get a phone call from the world's most condescending nurse telling me i'm not pregnant.

I doubt I will get AF before tomorrow at 8:30am, so... I'm undecided about what I'll do. 

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AF arrived with a vengeance this weekend, and after bleeding more than I've EVER bled for two and a half days, I went in to the RE this morning for my CD3 check and just found out that my beta was 50. So, they think I may have an ectopic. I have to go in on Wednesday morning for another beta, and if it's the same or higher, I get to take the shot.


Words can not describe how upset and angry I am right now.

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Cananny- I will be happy to send AF over to your house ASAP!  Let's hope she makes the short trip ok.  I hope your foster-adopt orientation goes well.  Who knows, you could start the process and get pregnant and end up with several kids!


Allison- Yeah on the tests coming back perfect!  I hope your ultrasound goes well too and that you don't end up bruised and battered. 


esenbee-  Perhaps no news is good news in this situation.  I hope the lacks of symptoms turns out to be a good thing!  The wait is torture!  I hope you get some answers tomorrow and good luck!


gellybeangrl- Fingers crossed for you!


Carmen- Have fun at acupuncture!  I just dropped off my empty containers for new herbs today.  Clomid is prescribed to increase progesterone.  I don't totally understand it but it does kind of produce "stronger" follicles that become a better corpus luteum to produce more progesterone.  I suppose having more than one would be helpful too.  It seemed to work for me because my progesterone level was great last week.  It just didn't seem to last long enough.  My normal LP is 12-13 days.  I have been taking Vitex for a while and that evened out my cycles.  I have seen several people on here mention B-6.  I assume there is some in my prenatal, but would it help to take more?  I might try it this month.


BByHIPr-  Welcome!  I hope your stay is short and sweet.  Good luck to you!


Sotohana- Thank you.  I'm sorry you are going through this too.  I actually cried more on Saturday the day before AF came.  I had a little meltdown when we were grocery shopping for a ham for Easter.  It sounded so unappetizing to me.  I was hoping my stomach being off and me being so emotional were positive signs. It seemed silly to have a ham bring on my freak out.  Oh well. 


mrsandmrs-So sorry to hear about the BFN cycle buddy, but I'm still holding out some hope for tomorrow!  I'm sorry we won't be in the 12-12-12 club with Sotohana.  That would have been fun.  Here's to some new year's babies!


rs11- I'm so sorry!  That sounds much more difficult to deal with than a negative.  I will be keeping you in my thoughts.  I wish there was something I could do.  What does the shot do?  Are you having any pain?


AFU- And to answer your question Invitn, my doctor wanted to try the Clomid to raise my progesterone before using a supplement. I emailed her yesterday and she already wrote me back and said she is going to order a prescription for progesterone for me to take for 14 days after I ovulate this month.  I hope this does the trick.  My LP is not normally this short.  It is usually 12-13 days.  My progesterone was good this month but it seemed like a switch flipped and things went wrong.  My breasts were sore this month in a way that they are not normally sore for PMS.  My tummy was off and I had some headaches.  On Friday my temperature dropped a good bit, but I googled it and they said it could be an implantation dip, so I felt better.  The next day my temp went back up above the coverline but my breasts were remarkably less tender.  I was emotional and my stomach still felt off but then I started feeling crampy and spotting.  The next day AF came 2 days early.  I wonder if I conceived but there was an implantation issue because everything seemed fine until 10DPO.  I wish I knew what was going on. 




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Rs11- I am so sorry to hear that. Did they do an u/s? Why are they thinking ectopic? Because of all the bleeding? Hugs to you...

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oh goodness, RS. I hope you're okay. Keep us posted. That is so frustrating.

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rs, sending you hug2.gif   im so sorry you are having to go through this.

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Hey everyone, I don't have the emotional energy to spare for personals right now, but I'll answer the questions. I had my normal CD3 u/s this morning. Everything looked good; there was nothing in the uterus and I had some "functional" cysts (waiting follicles) on my ovaries. But the beta came back at 50, and it should have been much lower than that before I ever started bleeding, and since there's nothing in my uterus, it points to an ectopic. I find out for sure on Wednesday. There's no symptoms of a possible ectopic yet; it's too early for that and the zygote isn't developing anyway. The shot will make it dissolve and send me back to baseline.


I feel like crap; I've been having mood swings, hot flashes and dizzy spells for the past few days. It's probably the combination of the heavy bleeding and the hormones.

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I'm sitting in the radiology waiting room. Surrounded by pregnant women and women who come out waving ultrasound pictures and chatting excitedly with their entourage.

I'm pretty sure this is a new level of hell....
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pokey.....thanks for sending me Af ....
i am finally starting ...im spotting...so that means ill be full blown by the am hopefull.....

be back for personals later ..on my phone right now!!
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Cananny: *LIKE*! thumb.gif


RS, I'm so sorry.  :(  Someone else just told me they were pregnant today, but the beta isn't doubling and they think it might be an ectopic pregnancy.  :(  I'm so so so so so sorry you have to go through this on top of everything else.


AFU on my u/s: So, I had a perfect 1cm lining, a perfectly shaped uterus, two perfectly sized (and cyst free) ovaries and two lovely empty corpus luteums on the right side (having absolutely no doubt that I ovulated on Saturday).  THUS, I officially do not have PCOS!  HUZZAH!  It was really neat seeing my (enormous) bladder and my (tiny) uterus and my (even tinier) ovaries!  I had a fantastic tech too, who actually told me what she was looking at when I asked nicely.  Thanks for all the love, guys!  You made my ovaries happy.  jumpers.gif

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Allison~ Yeah...yeah, and yeah! Great news that there is no PCOS and that everything looks great!


Cananny~ Yeah, yeah....and yeah for AF af.gif (finally) showing up...!


Rs11~ hugs...hug2.gif. I am so sorry for you. Know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. I'm at a loss for words.


June~ How are you feeling?!?


Krista~ a shout out to you...how ya doing? I miss seeing you around these parts.


AFM~ Well not much to report...I am having some insomnia, and some stomach troubles today (this may be TMI.. diarreah, cramps and gas), but who knows if that has anything to do with anything. I would expect to have more pregnancysymptoms, because I am taking so much progesterone and delestrogen, but alas nothing much is happening. For those of you who got your BFP...did you have cramping...if so what did it feel like? Was it a one time thing, was it over several days...did you all have bleeding with it? I know everyone is different...I am just curious.




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mrs: Sorry about the negative. Can you get your results online so you don't have to talk to the nurse? Our labs just started doing that and it's awesome. I get my results posted online before the end of the day!

rs: I'm sorry you're going through this. Take care and I hope it isn't ectopic. The bleeding even with an early loss can be brutal hug2.gif

pokey: There is likely not very much B6 in your prenatal. Most people who are taking it for LP length are taking 50-100 extra. I was taking 125 when my cycles first came back post partum (I'm not taking any beyond what is in my prenatal now though). Be sure to check how much you are ok with taking before you do it though. Too much B6 isn't great - you'd have to take a LOT for it to be dangerous but I always want to warn people if I suggest it! I'm very surprised your doctor would suggest clomid to raise progesterone before using an actual progesterone supplement (or are you taking the clomid for other things as well). There are very few known risks to progesterone supplements. And fwiw 12-13 days shouldn't be a problem anyway! I hope you figure out what's going on either way...

cananny: Yay for AF!


Allison: Great news :)

gelly: The cramping I get when pregnant is very obvious and pretty much constant after implantation. It feels like AF cramps for me but they start long before AF is due (I usually only get AF cramps when it actually starts). I had no bleeding with the early cramping. The only time I've had bleeding or spotting is later on and it's always meant a m/c for me. However, as you know, lots of people have no cramping and lots have bleeding with no issues!



Afm: I'm off to acupunture today. I'm still spotting this morning on CD9. I'm becoming slightly less optimistic that we'll be able to try this cycle. Our chances to try are really narrowing down now and I'm feeling the pressure. Which I know is not great for conceiving!!


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AFM~ Well not much to report...I am having some insomnia, and some stomach troubles today (this may be TMI.. diarreah, cramps and gas), but who knows if that has anything to do with anything. I would expect to have more pregnancysymptoms, because I am taking so much progesterone and delestrogen, but alas nothing much is happening. For those of you who got your BFP...did you have cramping...if so what did it feel like? Was it a one time thing, was it over several days...did you all have bleeding with it? I know everyone is different...I am just curious.




Just wanted to pop in and reply to Gelly's question... I remember some cramping around 7DPO.  It was first thing in the morning -- very mild -- for about an hour or two. It didn't feel like AF because it was so mild (my AF cramps are usually icky and send me running for the Advil).  I didn't have any spotting with it.  Keeping FX for you!!


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Af is here making up for lost time.... idon't usually have cramps...but last night and this am...heating pad and I are Bff.smile.gif. im just happy to plan this cycle...gearing up for lots of u/s and daily blood work....and clomid plus injectables....dp said shes staying at work for next 10 days:)

mrs...are you going to test, or did you? fx
carmen...yay for acupuncture, but sorry you are still bleeding and may b out this month...fx your body cooperates ...
gelly...im holding everything crossed xtra tight for you!!!!
krista...you ok ? miss you on here smile.gif
Allison...fantastic news..pcos sucks!!!
rs....hope you are hanging in threre,,be kind to yourself...

has everyone been moved who needs to be moved?
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Our Kentucky Wildcats won the championship, YAY!  I wanted to give DSp extra good news, so I POAS, but negative.  POAS this morning as planned, negative again.  Still too early.  With DD, implantation was 10 DPO and today is only 9 DPO.  Had mild nausea from toothpaste last night..  I'm hopeful that it's a symptom...

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