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Soto: just to be clear, it sounds as though what you are taking is a fertility booster that is commonly used by many of us. THIS IS NOT a pre-natal vitamin. You need a pre-natal vitamin.


I just found out on Wednesday, that one of my infertility support group friend's who had finally had her long awaited little baby boy, that he died of a congential heart defect last Sunday. I'm going to his funeral on Sunday. Although they are still trying to understand how congential heart defects come about, one thing they know is the folic acid found in a pre-natal can help to prevent this defect.


If that isn't enough to promote how critical it is to take a pre-natal then I don't know what is.


"Taking a folic acid supplement is crucial. By taking 400 mcg of folic acid a day for at least one month before you conceive and during your first trimester, you can cut your chances of having a baby with neural-tube defects such as spina bifida by 50 to 70 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Taking folic acid helps prevent some other birth defects as well.


You can buy folic acid supplements at the drugstore, or you can take a prenatal or regular multivitamin. Check the label on multivitamins to make sure they contain the 400 mcg of folic acid you need.

Also check to make sure that your multivitamin doesn't contain more than the recommended daily allowance of 770 mcg RAE (2,565 IU) of vitamin A, unless most of it's in a form called beta-carotene. Getting too much of a certain kind of vitamin A can cause birth defects."




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I agree with Krista, Soto. That isn't a pre-natal vitamin. Unless you have a known reason to be taking the supplements you listed - I wouldn't take them before consulting with a naturopathic doctor!


Afm: No cramping today, a bit of nausea but I think it's because I was hungry. I don't really feel pregnant. I do feel tired though...and we are reserved on a 8:35am ferry tomorrow! Up doing laundry and cleaning up a bit. It's my DP's birthday today so we're heading to Mayne Island for a few days. I'm SO excited...we rented a cute little one bedroom cabin :)

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Well....I am convinced to start taking my prenatals again. Of course, I eat more breakfast cereal than anyone should...so I probably have the folic acid covered...but just to be safe, I am starting with my new bottle today.
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DP came down the stairs and said, "you took it already?" and I asked what it said at two minutes, she said, "it says you are not pregnant." I looked up our donor and he is still available. But when I came up and looked at the ept, I can see a faint line. I'll take a tampon with me to work today, but we will test again on Mon if no AF.
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mtnlisa - fingers crossed for you :) the first time I tested this happened to me - a faint line showed past the time limit. could be evap line. but in my case it wasn't. hoping tomorrow the line is faster to show up :) !!!

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Oh okay. Thank you for the clarification on that. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's baby :( That is so heartbreaking. 

I will definitely begin taking a proper pre-natal with at least 400 mcg of folic acid. You've convinced me for sure. I've also just told DW and she will begin tomorrow morning.


Mtnlisahug2.gif<-- this is me giving you a supportive hug. My fingers are crossed for you!!


Carmen- that sounds so lovely! Happy Birthday to DP from me and DW :) Also sending you lots of dust.gif


AFU- we had our second IUI this morning. Last time when DW was all laid up, the midwife said that her cervix was super open and gushing cm. This time it was hard to get the tube into her cervix. :( I'm not sure if our timing was the best. Then again, who knows really. It could definitely happen. If it doesn't we will keep on keepin' on. Afterward we went to lunch and talked about her recommendations of going at least 6 times. She said that on average it takes 6 well-timed insems to get pregnant- that is without medical intervention. Her suggestion was to do at least four more tries after this if we need to before seeking more help from an RE. Both DW and I thought that sounded like it made a lot of sense so we've decided that's going to be our new plan. If we get to 6 and it hasn't worked then we'll sit down and re-evaluate. Good thing is we have two ovens, but I know how much DW wants to experience pregnancy and I want that sooo bad for her. 


Cananny, can we please be moved to the TWW? Thank you!

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Hi everyone!!


No personals again tonight, since we're day THREE of trying to get this damn flooring installed and being SUPER late... augh.  I will be glad when it's all done.


Our plan is to switch to the clinic and do IUIs with frozen WTBK donor.  We were at that point already, so the referral was already in.  We have an appointment on May 2nd.  I hope we can push this along fairly quickly, since DW is supposed to ovulate within a week after that appointment...  


Anyways, DW is DPO 10 today.  POAS in the AM.  I'm excited and hopeful to see lots of BFPs all this week!  :D


As for prenatals, DW has been on them for over a year now, with no issues.  I can't remember the brand she takes, but our Family MD told her to start taking them at least SIX MONTHS before TTC, because it takes that long to build up the proper folic acid stores (I've heard choking down prenatals while pregnant is horrible).  Folic Acid is also found in lots of leafy green veggies, so slightly cooking them or eating them raw is a great way to get extra.  If you overcook them (i.e., they're kinda browny green) then they've lost all their nutritional value.  Plus it's also the end of winter and we're all deficient in various summer vitamins.  :)


Anyways, goodnight all!!

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mtnlisa--Any sign of AF? I hope that faint line was real! Did it appear after the time limit?
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Soto fx for your TWW!

Darth hope your floor gets done today! When we went to the clinic with our first, we were able to move forward very quickly, good luck to you!

Afu, still no AF signs, wave of nausea calmed by eating an apple yesterday afternoon, was not starving when i woke up today but that might be accounted for by the half pint of ice cream i ate at ten, I'm almost 100% sure I'm pregnant. We will do one more ept this evening as dp won't be here in the morning when I get up tomorrow.
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So exciting mtnlisa!!!! I can't wait to hear the results from tonight's EPT!
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I don't have time to say much but I do want to say that I am so excited for you mtn!! Let us in on the good news as soon as you can!
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Good morning!


Just posting to say that I hope that MtnLisa is about to share some good news with us.


And to say that our household has a new addition:



We are fostering this sweet little puppy, Baxter. She's so full of love. And pee. Luckily the love outweighs the pee. We were not planning on getting a dog right now - our last dog died two years ago, and I wanted to finish having kids before getting a new one. So, this is sort of a trial run. We'll see..!

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Well, the line is still very, very faint, but certainly showing up within the time limit! I would feel better if it would just scream "yes!" but a line is a line, right!? The doctor doesn't want to hear from us until wednesday so hopefully she will order a blood test ASAP then. I hope this is the start of a roll for Q&C this month! Thank you all so much for the support!
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mtnlisa, a line is a line is a line! Congrats!!!!


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energy.gifheartbeat.gifenergy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif energy.gifheartbeat.gif


Yay Mtnlisa!!!! Soo soo happy for you!!!

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Yea mtnlisa! joy.gif Crossing fingers that the line continues to darken!
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congrats mtnlisa!!!!  fingers crossed for darkening lines and a beautiful beta!!



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congrats MTN.. FX for a sticky bean!!  carrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gifcarrot.gif








Angela .. that dog is soooo cute!!!!




AFM.. just went for an U/S and she saw 5big follicles.. asked what this meant.. means these 5 are trying to get pregnant... So hopefully one will attach..... Im on light activity, no jumping around or sudden movements, no sex , loose clothing.. and 81 mg of asprin and progesterone 2 x a day... I am trying not to get ahead of the game.. one week till testing day...





OK off to nap.. I am tired and back to my reg doctor.. i did something to my toenail.. its bleeding and painful :( I have not seen my reg doc in soooo long!!

Oh in other news we are having our first home visit for the foster-adoption this Friday!






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ooh Cananny! That is so exciting! Implant follies implant!


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Wow, mtnlisa!! So exciting! I hope those lines continue to get darker joy.gif


Sounds like all kinds of exciting for you too, Cananny :)


Darth, I didn't have any issue with taking my prenatals when pregnant with DD..even with extreme nausea! I wonder if it depends on the brand and when you take them. I took Sisu Multi Expecting - twice a day after meals.


Afm: We had a lovely 3 days on the island. Our cabin was perfect and the weather was equally perfect. DD is so relaxed when we camp or get out of the city in general. I can see the draw to live in a slower paced setting with kids. I'm at 10DPO and I honestly don't think I'm pregnant. I've had some mild symptoms, some nausea on and off and my breasts are getting sore but I've had no cramping or felt anything different in my abdomen area at all. I'll test on Friday but I'm not holding my breath. Surprisingly I'm pretty ok if it is a negative. But I'm acutely aware that we (DP and I ) had agreed to only a few more tries....this was our 7th try....DD was conceived on the 7th try.


How are the rest of my 2WW buddies doing? Lisedea? (your temps are way higher this cycle....even before O!)

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