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hello all,


just popping in to wish everyone the best of luck!!  sorry i haven't been around much but life is crazy!



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Hey all - sorry I dropped off for a bit.


Just inseminated yesterday and day before, so here is hoping. I feel positive, but still a bit gunshy after the chemical in Feb.



Question: anyone use saliva ferning monitors? Because I think I may have just Od in the last 24 hours, but I am getting great big beautiful ferns and wondering if we should call the donor for a third try (third day in a row). I'm always worried about his time...

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Carmen- I'm still crossing my fingers for you! here's to hoping the nausea is a good thing, eh? :)


Indigoscot- Hi! Thanks for popping in. Are you and DP TTC again?


Monkey- good to see you! As for your question, DW hasn't taken any saliva ferning tests. Are they affordable to purchase online? We might be convinced to try another method of tracking. Temping never worked for her and neither did checking her cervical positioning. Right now we mainly use two types of OPKs and the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. She also checks her cm very rarely. 


AFU- things are going okay in the TWW. We are only at 3 DPI, though. The only thing I might be a bit worried about is that yesterday we lost our cat (she came back early early in the morning), but when we were looking for her we had to lift the bed and the couch and I don't know if that might have been too strenuous for DW given that she just insemmed... Is that stupid to think? I honestly don't really know what types of exercise are off limits and during what phases of pregnancy.



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Fingers crossed for you cananny!!

Carmen, good luck, your getaway sounds awesome!

Happy tww Monkey!

Afu the line is dark today, and the doc said we can go ahead with beta, however, I don't even have time to do so this week!
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Carmen--I started temping vaginally--that is why! Ha! I so wish the higher temps meant something!

I think I am out with my drop this morning greensad.gif. Booo! Waiting for AF to show up tonight or tomorrow. If so, I am breaking until July or longer (thinking about saving up for IVF instead....we'll see....).
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I am back from a 5-day vacay during which I surged on *DAY 10*, the earliest I've ever recorded. I'm wondering if it could be early due to last month's likely anovulatory cycle and light period. Since we were away, I couldn't insem this month and have not taken the Clomid.

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Hi indigo - thanks for dropping by :)


monkey: I've never using a ferning monitor - did you have ferning before you insem'd too?


soto: Unless your DP really, really strained herself I doubt it could hurt at all. In fact, I think even really working hard couldn't hurt too much that early. I lift my DD (30 lbs) and carry her around on a regular basis and I'm not concerned about it early on.


mtnlisa: joy.gif


lisedea: Ah, I was wondering what was up with your chart! Sorry your temp has dropped now though. IVF sounds like a good plan if you can afford it!


outdoorsy: Wow, that is early! Hopefully it was a fluke and you'll be back on track next cycle.



Afm: Still not feeling very pregnant! Bummer. I am having some light cramping on/off but nothing too exciting. It's getting harder not to test now! Especially with several epts in the house!!

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mtnlisa, yay for a darkening line!


Folks who've taken clomid- I have some aches and twitches in my left ovary. Is this normal? A sign that things are working? I'm on CD 7, and just stopped taking the clomid last night. On Friday, CD10, I go in for an ultrasound, and then we plan the trigger shot/IUI from there. Yikes. Lots to think about!


Sorry for no personals- super busy this week. Thinking of you all.

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Angela, I'll bet you have some follies plumping up in your left ovary!!
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mtnlisa --- woohooo!  CONGRATS!!! broc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gifbroc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gif broc1.gifbanana.gifcarrot.gif   i hope the beta goes well when you finally get the time to do it.


angela -- that's perfectly normal and probably a good sign that the clomid is doing what it's supposed to.  it's also great that you have a trigger shot.  my first few times on clomid, my gyn refused to give me one, and my follicles just grew and grew until my ovaries felt like massive steel balls.  be prepared for your ovulation to be *very* strong.  fingersx.gif that this is the only month you ever have to take these meds.



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Mtnlisa: congrats!!!! Yay babies!!

Carmen: glad you guys had great weather, we were stuck inside doing floors, which took FOREVER... They're now mostly done now... The cherry blossoms are soooooo gorgeous!!! 16th between Macdonald and Arbutus is just this giant sea of fluffy pink flowers. I love it. My favourite spring flowers!!

Angela, I agree with wehrli, I think your ovaries are growing nice little follicles!!

AFU: AF arrived today, could we be moved to waiting to o?

Im OK with AF in light of the abnormal sperm morphology, in fact im kind of relieved. Some of the babies we have at work have abnormal genetic makeup and theyre so sick for so long and its just a sad situation (and im not talking about Downs either, some of the things we see are so rare they dont have names!) We have appointment next week with the RE, and we get to flip through the "Ikea Catalogue". Not sure how fast they'll push us along , since DW will O a week or so after our first appointment. Guess we'll see. I'm more than a little panicked about finances, since we just put everything and then some into our new house... Oops? DW is still angry with KD, because he was supposed to get this done in December... Anyways, water under the bridge! In the meantime, DW has a pile of requisitions sitting in the mailbox at our new place for bloodwork and who knows what else. I guess I'm kinda glad we are at this point, because I don't think we'll agonize over donors for hoouurrsss....

Anyways, good luck to all the remaining TWW!!!
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I have this ferning monitor: http://www.fertile-focus.com/saliva-fertility-monitor.html  It's very cool to use - makes me feel like I'm on CSI. But again it's one of those things you have to get used to. I didn't check pre insem this month because the EWCM was so abundant that it seemed like a clear sign. But here I am 2DPO and no sore boobs, which is confusing, because usually this is a clear sign that I've O'd. Wondering about my progesterone... we're going to be away right when I should get it tested, so I guess I just have to hope for the best. Anyone have clear O signs some months (sore boobs) but not others and still know that you've O'd?


Lots of cherry blossoms here in Dublin, Ireland, too -- I think our climate and timing is really similar to Vancouver. All that ocean air...

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just popping in to give my experience with the ferning scope. I ferned off and on the entire cycle, every cycle I used it. I had some ferning almost everyday. I found it confusing and not useful for me and my cycles. just wanted to add my 2cents.gif I hope no one minds redface.gif
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werhli - I appreciate this. I will try using it more regularly to see what happens. Apparently if your hormones are a bit wacky (which mine might be) it can be not very useful. But the ferns are so pretty that I want to believe they mean something!!

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Sounds like you're body is hard at work, Angela! If you don't mind me asking, I'm curious what the deciding factor was for you to go ahead with the clomid after reading the information that Krista shared? Does your RE agree with that?


darth: I bet your DP gets pregnant right away so be prepared to fill up the new baby room :) Yes, the blossoms are gorgeous - we have lots on our street as well and they were in full bloom when we returned from Mayne! Good to hear your floor is done.



Afm: Well, having multiple pregnancy tests in the house was just too tempting. I tested this morning at 12DPO and it was a very negative bfn. No amount of squinting or turning the test stick around and around could manifest a second line. I'm not surprised. I don't really want to keep taking the progesterone for the next 2 days but I guess I should...just on the very rare chance that I actually am pregnant. I'll test again on Friday morning. My dream of having our second child in 2012 is officially gone :(

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Carmen - I'm so sorry to hear about the BFN.

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Carmen- I am so sorry to hear about your BFN. hug2.gif


Monkey- I am not familiar with ferning but it sounds kinda neat and sciency!! Although this probably is no longer relevant, if it were me with a KD I would call him in for a third day just to make sure I had all my basis covered. Did you end up doing a third insem?


Darth- I hope they move you guys quickly through this process so that you can insem this month. Is that what you want? I'm glad you no longer have to worry about KD and his abnormal sperm. Your new house sounds lovely. I hope the new floors were worth spending all weekend inside.


Angela- The clomid sounds like it is working for you! Good luck! Also, how is the new puppy working out?!?! She is so cute!


Outdoorsy- How weird that you O'd so early this cycle. It sucks that you have to sit another one out. Maybe this will give you more time to think about clomid (you were still thinking about that right?) How are you feeling about Oing so early? Are you all ready for next cycle now?


Lise- Sorry about your temp drop this morning. I'm curious to find out more about your decision to move to IVF. Was it just a matter of time thing for you guys? Have you been thinking of this for awhile? Whatever you decide, I hope it works!


Mtn- WOOHOO!!!! biggrinbounce.gifbiggrinbounce.gif biggrinbounce.gif biggrinbounce.gif biggrinbounce.gif biggrinbounce.gif biggrinbounce.gif biggrinbounce.gif biggrinbounce.gif biggrinbounce.gif biggrinbounce.gif  Congratulations! 


Soto- I don't think doing any heavy lifting at 3 dpi could hurt anything but I have tried to be more aware of what I am doing physically during the TWW for that reason. I'm sure it won't prevent you from getting your BFP this month! fingersx.gif


Cananny- Sounds promising!!! How many DPO are you going to test??


AFM- I had my HSG on Friday and they said everything looked good. I also got my AMH back and it was 1.7, they said that was also good. I got a smiley yesterday morning and so I am scheduled to go in this afternoon for the IUI. It is weird to trust someone else on the timing now. I feel like it is too early because I got another smiley this morning and my cervix isn't as high or as soft as I know that it gets. But I guess we will find out in about two weeks whether or not the timing is good.  Also this weekend, DW and I told my sister and her husband that we are TTC. They were very excited and supportive. She told us that they are going to start trying for their second in August. I really don't want her to get pregnant before I do and I don't really want to be pregnant at the same time as her so I feel a little bit of a crunch to get this thing happening. 


Can I be moved to TWW? 

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Carmen Hugs to you, sorry about your BFN :(


Re: ferning--I used a ferning microscope off and on as well and found that it was unreliable for me, but now I know that I do have PCOS and I think that the ferning might have just reflected my irregularity


Hopeful  fx for you!! 


afu--first beta draw this afternoon--I am feeling very asymptomatic so I'm interested to see the numbers!

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Please move me to Taking a Break. AF arrived today. I think our reasoning for thinking about IVF is that it has been 19 months, we've spent over $12,000, have had 2 miscarriages and I have a low amh/high fsh (that might explain much of the issues...). We can't really afford it but I figure we can always save up and try in the fall or winter. I don't know. I will talk to my FS tomorrow and see what she thinks. Good luck all!
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MtnLisa:   This is too cool for school. Congratulations on the two dark lines and hopefully you have great beta numbers. Let us know. joy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gifjoy.gifthumbsup.gifbiggrinbounce.gif


Darth: So sorry to hear about KD's swimmer issues. How frustrating that it took him forever to get the testing! It sounds like you and DW and heading right onto plan B. Sounds like a smart decision.


Pokey: Good luck with figuring out what you are going to do about testing this cycle. Have fun visiting your family. If you are game, I would love to still meet up on your trip back home and I can only imagine that you may be crazy busy with visiting people. Let me know if your schedule opens up.


Cananny: Good luck with your u/s and home visit. I have heard that if you have a really good home study written out it can really increase your chances of being a good foster-to-adopt candidate. I think getting therapy for the infertility issues can be so helpful.  I have found finding a therapist who specializes in infertility has been pretty difficult in our area, the only person who advertises to be a specialist in addressing infertility issues doesn't take insurance. I ended up finding this site out of frustration with not being able to find local professional mental health resources to address the frustrations that go along with this ttc process. I so get your pain about your friend being pregnant. I am surrounded by it in so many ways as if God is really trying to teach me something about patience and tolerance. It sucks. Don't hesitate to use this space to vent your frustrations - this is why we are all here.


Nos: Girl it has been a couple weeks I know but I have to say that I am still so excited for you. Hopefully your doctor acts better this time. You have worked so hard to get here- the least your doctor can do is not be an asshole. Good luck at your next vist.


RS:  Yeah for great fertility body signs.


Lise: Argh...Grrr...to your AF. So sorry to hear that and that you need to take a break to save up for IVF. But its sounds like a smart decision. Have your doc every recommended anything in the meantime to address the low AMH/high FSH?


Krista: Thanks for the heads up on the risks of getting too much Vitamin A. I too definitely needs to get back to taking prenatal vit. I take straight folic acid 800 mcg and stopped taking the prenatal vitamin bc it had soy in it. I try to avoid soy and yet have found that it is in a lot of unexpecting products.


Carmen: sorry to hear about your BFN.


Angela: Cute cute puppy. good luck on your u/s on friday. (sorry darn bold getting stuck)


Indigoscot: Hello I don't think we have met.


Monkey: Welcome back, hopefully this is your cycle. Sorry I don't know anything about ferning monitors. I don't think it's is easy to tell whether or not you have O'd from bodily signals per se. I could be wrong. A couple months back I was sure that I didn't O bc of chart bc of my chart and then I tested my progesterone levels at 7dpo and it was 26.4. So I think the only way you know whether you O'd is getting the level checked.


AFM:  I have been MIA since going on break. Sorry. I feel like such a fair weather fan sometimes- if I'm in a good head space I can't get enough of this blog. If i'm struggling, I have a tendency to isolate and get involved in other distractions to keep my mind off the ttc process period.  Well I'm back folks. Cananny, can you please move me to waiting to O? According to FF, I will O mid next week. Today is CD 4. We are in the process of getting the money and kits to our new KD. This will be the first cycle with him, hopefully everything goes as planned for the first time in a while. I will be so excited if we actually get to insem..which hasn't happened for two months. 





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