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Hey y'all- just popping in to ask if any of you have tips for how to give up caffeine (coffee). I'm wanting to begin preparing my own body for pregnancy as soon as possible. The plan is to have me carry our next baby and if DW doesn't get preggo within three more tries, I will start TTC. 

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Sotohana- I've never been a big coffee person so perhaps someone else here has more experience.  I think some caffeine is ok, but a lot is definitely not good.  I drink black tea and an occasional latte.  I but back from drinking black tea all day to just drinking it once a day.  I will tell you though that now is a good time to start folic acid.  New studies have shown that taking it months before you get pregnant is helpful.

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esenbee - Go wildcats! I'm really bummed that the women's championship game is only on ESPN (we're cheap and still have rabbit ears), so I won't be able to watch it. I LOVE women's basketball.


rs- Thinking of you, and hoping you get stuff figured out.


Cananny- Yay for AF(?!?). Hopefully I'll never write that again for you.:)


Sotohana- I love coffee. Love it. I tried stopping cold turkey, and it was a disaster. This is what worked: switch now to half caf. If you make your own coffee at home, buy a bag that's half caffeinated, half decaf, and drink that 'til it's gone. It's great if you buy your own beans, because then you can custom mix it. But even if you buy prepackaged stuff, just buy one of each, and do half and half in your coffee maker. After a week or two, drop down to a quarter caf, and do that for another week or so. Once I got to that point, I switched over to green tea, and abandoned coffee completely, but you could just do decaf coffee after that. Green tea does have some caffeine, but not nearly as much as coffee, and has lots of other health benefits, so I feel like a cup a day is okay.


Carmen- Fingers crossed that everything comes together.


mrs- Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


Pokey- I'm sorry about your BFN. Hugs.


AFM, I met with our new baby doc (RE) yesterday, and she was great! I'm feeling very positive about moving forward. This morning I dropped of my prescription for the clomid and trigger shot, and got really excited. I'm on CD 16 now. Things should be starting soon!

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Dandy~ Thanks for sharing your pregnancy symptoms with me, that sounds more like what I have experienced since 5dp3dt, not all the time and not all day long...and so mild that I think that I may be imagining it...or that it is gas or something. Congrats again on your bfp...and a happy healthy 9 months to you.


Carmen~ Hope that your accupunctur appointment went well, and that your body gets back to normal sooner rather than later. Thanks also for sharing your pregnancy symptoms with me. I don't want to get my hopes up...I am taking a lot of progesterone which would explain the minor symptoms that I have had. So, we wait for our beta on 4/5...thanks again for sharing.


Sotohana~ Sorry I'm not much of a coffee drinker either...but I do know some women who got pregnant and they still drank one cup of  java a day...hope that helps. Or maybe you would consider swithing to tea...I think some brands have less caffine per serving and some have none. Good luck...


Esenbee~ I have fx'ed for you. Are you having a beta done? if so when?


Cananny~ Good luck, yeah for getting started...that's funny about your DP...mine says the same thing especially during the tww, when I am being pumped with progesterone...lol


AFM~ just trying to make it till 4/5/2012 for my first beta...and 4/11/2012 when I get the results back...thanks everyone for your well wishes and for support.






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Sotohana - I loved coffee and drank it a lot. I stopped drinking drip coffee and only drank single espresso drinks (less caffeine) for a while and then I started having maybe 5 a week instead of 7, and then 4 instead of 5. When I quit completely, I didn't get headaches or irritable. I still occasionally have a decaf latte or a cup of black tea, but not often. It worked for me. I think different strategies work for different people, so it's good to have a lot of ideas of how to quit and use them all as tapering mechanisms. 


Angela - yay for your new doc! are you doing the trigger shot yourself? It's good that you're feeling hopeful and excited!


Cananny - omg FINALLY ! congratulations! I'm so excited for your next cycle! 


Gelly - that sounds promising, if inconvenient and uncomfortable. FX


Esen - congrats on the win. Your BFP is around the corner, and you can tell the story of conceiving your baby during the championships. Well, I would, anyway.


AFM - I cancelled my blood test this morning. The world's most condescending nurse left me a voicemail an hour later trying to reschedule for tomorrow, and she let me know how *excited* she is that I haven't gotten my period yet. Today is 13DPO and she's a professional so that "excitement" seems a little misplaced. I have to drive someone to the airport at the exact time that the nurse wants me to be there tomorrow, so maybe I can escape this blood draw yet... I had another BFN on the FRER this morning. I have some weird cramps that started last night - not as painful as I expect for AF cramps, but I'm not optimistic and I am really resistant to the idea of having this blood test and getting a negative phone call. If I can get past one more day without going, it will probably be a moot point, so.... That's my plan. 

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Hi everyone. I'm checking in after a little break from reading this site. My sympathies to the folks with recent BFNs. AFM, we haven't skipped any cycles and are on track to insem this month, but O is taking its sweet time just like last month. Last month I got a smiley on CD 26, and today is CD 25 with no smiley. I expect it will come soon. This morning, I got a positive on a cheapie strip but negative on the digital, so I repeated both tests in the same cup of urine and got the same results. I left a message for the midwife to let her know I should be ready soon. I am definitely "waiting (and waiting and waiting) to O."

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rs - i'll be thinking of you tomorrow.


cananny - yay! finally!!


allison - hurray for no pcos! sorry to read about the waiting room experience though, what torture.


gelly - fingers tightly crossed for you!!  i had af-like cramping before my bfp.  sort of came in waves throughout the day.  are you really not going to test at home until 4/11?!  thats some serious willpower!


esenbee - wow you are a brave early tester! i never had the courage to do it that early.  hope that second line appears soon!


soto - im a huge caffeine addict.  i never quit it until the day before IUI (or ET). then, i'd just go cold turkey until pregnancy test.  will your dp continue to try also after three more cycles, or stop while you try?


angela - eee, exciting!!


mrs - boo on your nurse (and im sorry about the frer bfn this morning).  if i were you, i'd be ducking out of the blood draw too.  ugh. 


outdoorsy - will be keeping fingers crossed for you!


afu - not much to report, just trying to distract my mind until the first ultrasound (4/16).  the first time i was pregnant, we learned the baby didn't have a heartbeat at the first ultrasound, and i'm still traumatized by that so it's hard to be excited just yet.  im holding my breath til then...

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I just stopped cold turkey when I gave up. I had awful headaches for about 2 days but then felt fine.
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Hey y'all- just popping in to ask if any of you have tips for how to give up caffeine (coffee). I'm wanting to begin preparing my own body for pregnancy as soon as possible. The plan is to have me carry our next baby and if DW doesn't get preggo within three more tries, I will start TTC. 

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Originally Posted by Cananny View Post

Af is here making up for lost time.... idon't usually have cramps...but last night and this am...heating pad and I are Bff.smile.gif. im just happy to plan this cycle...gearing up for lots of u/s and daily blood work....and clomid plus injectables....dp said shes staying at work for next 10 days:)
mrs...are you going to test, or did you? fx
carmen...yay for acupuncture, but sorry you are still bleeding and may b out this month...fx your body cooperates ...
gelly...im holding everything crossed xtra tight for you!!!!
krista...you ok ? miss you on here smile.gif
Allison...fantastic news..pcos sucks!!!
rs....hope you are hanging in threre,,be kind to yourself...
has everyone been moved who needs to be moved?

Please move me to waiting to O
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Hi!  I'm pretty new here, though I've lurked and read the board lots.  My DW and I married 10-1-11 and are into our first TTC cycle.  Insemmed with frozen sperm on 3/29-3/30 (cd 19-20)at 12 and 24 hours past +OPK.  My FF chart now tells me that I O'd cd21 which really p's me off since I usually feel the O pains 24 hours after first + test, hence our timing...Anyway...  4dpi now and already anxious to know!  I have had consistent "heavy" feeling in uterus and cramping on my left side in lower abdomen/ovary since the day after we insemmed.  This never happens to me, as my LP is usually boring as heck. 

Cananny, can you add me to the TWW? 



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Sotohana - I forgot!  I was a MAJOR coffee drinker before we TTC.  In preparation, about a month beforehand, I cut down to 2 cups of coffee a day.  Then, after about 2 weeks, just one cup until the last of our coffee ran out.  Then, I bought black tea (Chai, English Breakfast, Lipton, etc) and found it actually tasted way better!  So coffee has something like 120-200mg of caffiene per 8oz cup, and I believe 200mg is the max you're allotted for a day.  Black tea has 60-90mg (according to my box of tea).  So I would have two cups of black tea a day, then when my period started and we were in the actual TTC cycle, I started with one cup of black tea, then herbal tea afterward.  Now that we insemmed, I drink decaf tea which has 1-8mg of caffiene in it.  I drink two of those a day, or one decaf, one herbal (with zero caffiene).  I have read that the chemicals used to decaffienate coffee beans are very dangerous and have mixed reviews.  So, I opted for decaf tea instead, which appears to have no hazards that I know of.  Of course, tea can have its own dangers if you use the wrong weeds/plants in them.  But you can look up dangerous teas online.  Also - I have read that green tea can effect how your body uses folate, and folic acid is necessary for conception and healthy babies in their growth process.  So I skip green tea altogether.  Since I downsized coffee gradually, I did not have any massive headaches or withdrawal.  Long answer, but hope it helps!

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Sotohana: I love my soda and am fully addicted. When I want to cut down I cut down gradually how much I drink a day. I usually had one 20 ounce bottle a day and then cut to 16 oz, then 12 and then 8 then 6 and then 4 and then none. That helped so I didn't actually have a caffeine headache from the withdrawl. Now I'm having about 12 ounces a day and need to pick a day to stop again. 


Good luck.




Fingers crossed for everyone in the 2ww! dust.gif

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WELCOME CJC.. Welcome.gif


Hoping your stay on this board is short and sweet.. tell us about yourself.. age, where you are from, share your story.. we are a chatty bunch most of the time :)


Re caffeine.. i quit cold turkey ( like you sara i loooooove my soda) but i read a few articles regarding soda and fertility.. and it was not pretty.. so being i have pcos stacked against me.. i quit co,d turkey a few months back.. luckily had zero headaches.. but over the last week ive cheated and gone back to drinking soda on occasion.. i am making a pact to not have any starting thursday ( my first U/S for this cycle... 


Angela.. great news on baby doc.. did you pick a new donor yet?  I too hope you never have to say those words.. yay for AF!!!


Outdoorsy.. Hi.. nice 2 see you :)


AFM.. af is giving me some lovely cramps.. but otherwise good.. so i have to go in thurs for a cd u/s ( day 3) and im a bit grossed out.. an u/s while I am bleeding?? Ughhhh tell me its not so bad ...


Good night all!!!!




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ughhhhh CD3 ultrasound is so terrible. Good luck Cananny! 


welcome cjc!


carmen! heck yeah waiting to O! 


outdoorsy - good luck on your upcoming insem.


junebug - that is so stressful, the waiting and holding your breath. good luck. 4/16 seems so far away (probably feels even further away for you than me)

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Hey all, I am so happy to find this thread! I am new to the forum. Short bio: 38 years old, doing at home insemination with my partner, using a donor friend's sperm. Got pregnant on the second try/second month TTC in February, but had a m/c at 5.5 weeks (only 3 days after POAS, the spotting started....and just got worse). So...we inseminated twice about 3 days apart this month, and because my hormones are a bit wacky, I am pretty sure I ovulated (temps are up), but am not exactly sure which day it happened on (I had two kind of spikes...confusing). Good thing is is inseminated the day before both spikes, based on looking out for EWCM.


So here I am,

Cananny, could you put me in the 2WW section?

Thanks for starting this thread  -it's really nice to see your name up there, under some kind of category!!


PS to the coffee addict - maybe try switching to tea for every other cup? If you hate it, maybe not, but if you can stomach black tea (with or without milk, sugar, etc.) then you can cut the caffeine per cup by about 70%, but still have that warm bevvy to sip on...

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Welcome.gif Monkey1 and cjcwomyn3!  We look forward to getting to know you better.  Good luck to you!



Cananny-I'm so glad AF finally showed up!  I am surprised that she listened to me though when I sent her to your house.  She's not usually so responsive to suggestion. 

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Sohotana, I was a huge coffee drinker... coffee snob. :)  While TTC, I made a half-hearted effort to quit. Basically, I tried to avoid it during the 2ww, but often cheated and allowed myself a half cup. I was obsessively researching ways to increase fertility when I read that coffee (and particularly the way caffeine is delivered in coffee) can reduce fertility by 50%.  That was enough to scare me, especially when I added in other factors like my age, and so I just stopped. I also read that green tea, despite the caffeine content can increase fertility by as much as 50% so I switched to that - 1 cup a day (not matcha though, just regular, good quality stuff). 


On the other hand, my partner is an ER nurse and about 12 of the women she works with are pregnant. As you can imagine, working shift-work in a hospital ER = massive coffee intake, and apparently most of  them are still drinking coffee/caffeinated pop regularly and in large amounts. So... I guess it really just depends on you and your situation. I know that if were to try to get pregnant again, I'd quit coffee and switch to green tea immediately as prep, but I'm a bit OCD / superstitious about certain things...


Good luck with the quitting... it's not easy, but green tea does help to alleviate the caffeine cravings. And you might like the more-even caffeine distribution of green tea (no big boosts, and no midday slumps).


(oh, but don't drink green tea with your prenatals. Someone on this board advised me that it can affect absorption of some the iron or something.)



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I think it's easy to get super superstitious when PLANNING TTC.  It's a little easier when it's a "whoops" pregnancy.  I wrestle with what we're doing/not doing and whether that's impacting our ability to get pregnant.  


Cananny: Huzzah for AF!!  I hope all goes well and your day 3 US isn't too bad...  (I did crack up with you asked people to tell you it won't be so bad and Mrs^2 replied that it was so terrible!!  You guys are awesome).


Carmen: sorry to hear about the spotting still.  Yeesh!  Oh well, it's sort of sunny today, I hope you can get out and enjoy it!  :)


Junebug, I'm crossing my fingers for you!!  I hope everything will be perfect and fine!


Gelly: enjoy sitting on your hands!  :P


Welcome to CJC and Monkey!  :D


Another one of my TTC buddies, who was told she was going to have difficulty getting pregnant and so they started the adoption process, found out she's pregnant.  UGH!  WHY????  We start our next round of insems tomorrow.  


In happier news, we got the keys to our new place, AND AND AND I met the other queer mamas with their kid in the elevator!  Of course I made a fool out of myself because I was so excited, but I can live with that (seriously, who high fives perfect strangers???).


Righto, time to go strip some wallpaper!


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CJC and Monkey: Welcome!


Cananny: I'm glad AF finally showed up! The CD3 u/s usually isn't that bad for me. It was this month, but I think that was just because I was cramping *so* bad.


Sotohana: I gradually switched over to decaf a little at a time. I only drink organic coffee, so the chemicals used to decaffienate it aren't an issue.


Allison: Congrats on the new place! I read about your u/s hell. I'm sorry.


AFM: I had a repeat beta at the RE's office this morning. I just got off the phone with the nurse and my beta dropped from 52 to 31, so they think the m/c is resolving itself. I have to go in on Monday for another repeat. Hopefully I'll be at baseline. She said that if the beta goes up again or doesn't continue falling, they'll assume it's ectopic and treat it accordingly, but right now it seems like it's going to be okay and we dodged it. We should hopefully even get to try again this cycle!

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welcome new people!


tuna queen - that's great. now everyone has another story of a family that was magically cured of infertility through adoption! i am pretty sure this month is going to be a hit for you & your dw. congrats on the new place!


RS -  you deserve some better news. I hope this next cycle goes perfectly for you! 


AFM - 14 dpo and no sign of af or spotting. This morning I was feeling vulnerable when the clinic called me to reschedule my blood work (again - yes, I tried to cancel it again) and I decided to go in for a beta this morning. I didn't even take an at-home test this morning b/c at this point I'm convinced those things are not even capable of turning positive. So, blood test! Hopefully they'll call with the results today and I'll be shocked and surprised to find out how wrong we were to assume this cycle was over. Since my temps are back to coverline and I've had so many negative FRER, I'm not hopeful. At All. Not even a little bit. Less than 1% hopeful. 


Edited To Add: the (nice) nurse called me and my blood test was negative. can you move me to "taking a break"? thanks.

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