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Anyone else planning on (or thinking about) birthing unassisted? We were thinking of having a midwife this time but that's not happening for a myriad of reasons. My husband and I were the only ones present for our daufhter's birth and it was lovely. We did lots and lots of research and had what we could on hand in case of emergency. It was more of a last minute decision last time ( around 35 weeks I think) so we have much more time to prepare and plan this time!
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I thought about it with #3, but changed my mind. I had a postpartum hemmorhage with #2 & it scared me enough to not be alone. I do believe UC can be done safely and is a wonderful option for many women.


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I had a UC w/ my 3rd baby. It was very quick and I didn't expect that, but aside from that, it went beautifully. 

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I had an unassisted / unplanned birth my with last. I actually gave birth by myself. I was lucky in that I had a good, working knowledge of childbirth and excellent prenatal/chiro/acupunturist care before the event. Plus, I was deep into Hypnobabies so I didn't panic and it wasn't scary.


But no, I am not planning unassisted again. I feel I was lucky. I want an experienced midwife at my time next time who can handle the unknowns.

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We had unassisted pregnancies and births with our last two kids. They were amazing! We are planning on another unassisted pregnancy/birth with this baby. It helps though that I am a student midwife and have a large community of midwives to call upon if we have questions or concerns.

Mothering › Groups › November 2012 Due Date Club › Discussions › Unassisted?