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Doesn't the iud break? I mean I have seen the commercials campaining that the iud breaks and they need to do surgery...I want to remove mine after 3 years. I also don't want to go to the doc and pay x amount when I can do it at home. Any advice???
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I'm sure every medical professional would advise against doing it yourself. But it's really up to you. I personally had no problem with my husband going in and removing it, and neither do many others - but if you're at all concerned don't do it.


Perhaps if you do try it yourself, make sure you have a backup plan if anything goes wrong - eg do it during the day while the doctors are open and ensure you have transport to go there if necessary. 

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Omg! I was wondering if I could take out my IUD myself so started searching the web & found these mothers that said they had done it ....ok cool let me try it see what happens. ... 1st wow the strings were so easy to find I did it while in the shower so I started trying to pull it out yes it was slippery and hard to grasp with my index finger and tumb to get a good grip but when u straightn out the strings it was a lot more accessible so I pulled slowly and no pain no cramping just came rite out. So yes ladies it is possible to take out ur iud yourself :-)
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OK, so why would you have 3 of them put in, if you didn't like it the first time why did you bother doing it again?

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Kudos to you women who say they removed theirs in 2 minutes! I tried to remove my Mirena tonight, and could NOT seem to get ahold of the strings! I tried the glove idea, and it did help but I could not seem to be able to grab them. Help! Any ideas?
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Have any of you ladies who have been successful in pulling your iud out, haven't had children yet?
I've had my iud I since December 2012 and it makes me completely miserable! I tried for hours all last weekend to get it out and was unsuccessful. At one point, finally able to grip the strings, I thought I was so close! I felt a little bit of pressure like it was stuck or something and I lightly kept tugging and it slipped out of my fingers.
Ive seen a lot of post where you guys are like 'it comes out so easily. i didn't feel a thing.' I havent had children yet, so I'm wondering if this could be the reason why it wouldn't come out easily? I was on my period and orgasmed before trying, so I thought my cervix would've been open enough...but apparently not?
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I'm so excited! I just took mine out! orngbiggrin.gif I have had both the Mirena & ParaGuard & both were awful! Bleeding, bleeding, & more bleeding!! Anddd, I actually became pregnant w/the Mirena! An absolute nightmare when my midwife attempted to remove it twice. I was finally sent to a specialist who said that if they kept trying they would cause me to miscarry, however, I only had a 50% chance of carrying my baby to term. It was horrible! I had to get sonograms every month to check on her & the IUD location.....fast forward, she's 19-months-old. I decided last March to try the ParaGuard. Well, all I can say is "blood". & not so much at 1st but the past 3 months....I even started a pill which I'm normally against & haven't been on in like 12 years but my midwife said it would help w/the bleeding. Nope. & she wasn't available until next Thursday so I googled removing it yourself & found this sight. I will say I had trouble finding the strings but once I did, it was a piece of cake! 1 cramp & that was it!
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oh my god i keep reading online about the effects of the iud and it really doesnt give you all the information on it so i thought i was going crazy.  I have gained about 20 lbs in less than a year and I am not one that gains any weight except the baby weight.  Once i give birth i literally go back to the way it was before i was pregnant.  So i have been gaining weight, mood swings, always wanting to cry for every little thing whether it is good, bad, or even funny.  I have had periods randomly and never know if i am going to get one or not.  I have gotten so much acne, and so many phantom kicks that every time a take a pregnancy test and it says negative i feel like writing the company and telling them the tests are faulty.  I cant have regular sex it hurts, i have never had a yeast infection until i got the mirena and now it is a common thing for me and i constantly taking meds to get rid of them.  I chose the iud because the pills dont work for me, the nuva ring doesnt stay in ( come to find out my uterus faces the opposite of most normal women)  the shot made me sick all the time.  So i thought one more type of bc and this is the last straw before permanently making myself unable to produce babies.  I get very depressed and then very upset and very happy and very mad and all these emotions from this little thing inside me.  I am scared to pull it out I am allergic to latex and nitrile so i have to find special condoms even to have any type of intercourse with my husband.  I am thinking about trying to pull it out but still very scared after reading this post and the others below it i might get brave and just do it.  I am so over it already but just dont want to have anymore children right now.

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Don't dare enough to pull it myself. Just get mine out for $72 in planned parenthood yesterday, yes it is cheaper than my obgyn who will charge me $175. My insurance does not cover any kind of birth control unless tube tied. Waste my $380 to put it in plus $275 mirena iud who I order myself online thru online pharmacy (yes it is same mirena from another country that CVS price here is $900!!). $72 Does not mean at all compare to the relieve i have now! It stay only 8 months. 8 months of fatique, moody, weight gain, bloating (yes I pass the gas tons time a day), and like I have pre menstruation syndrome everyday in my whole 8 months. It is only 24 hours and I am already feeling so great now like my life is back!!! I have 1 yo and 3.5 yo, until last week I feel enough is enough I need my energy back to take care my kids! I think the hormone things in iud make it this way. I use pills before with no success either.

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i have to say that i love this thread!  i had mine removed by a GYN last year and had I known she was just going to tug the strings and have me cough, i would have given this a try at home.  yay for empowering folks.

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I'm planning on trying to remove my IUD myself but I am scared to do this. It really doesn't hurt??
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I am a new member and this is my first comment, so after reading comments I don't want anyone to think I'm an anti-IUD troll. I'm not a mother and I found this forum/post while searching for information on at home IUD removal. I'm very pro-IUD and would have loved to keep my ParaGard but had too many problems with it. Some of my issues also stemmed from not ever being pregnant.

This advice helped so much and after two tries I was able to remove mine. I located the strings with my bare fingers and then used a disposable gloved finger to grip the string. I grabbed as close to my cervix as possible and in two slow tugs I was able to remove it. I have some mild cramping (I have a period coming up so that could also have been a culprit.) It was surprisingly easy with no pain, just mild discomfort. This thread helped me so much.
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How long did you have it in? I have had mine in for three in a half years and I am tired of the cramping.

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I just read the thread and have been pondering doing it myself for over a month. I reached in once to find the string. I reached in again to see how much "tugg" force I would need and the IUD just slid out....I couldn't feel anything. It was the plastic Mirena. I was planning on "going slowly " as recommended, but it just came out when I wasn't even sure I had a grip on the strings.


Total time: clothes removal 30 seconds, IUD removal 15 seconds


I'll write back if I experience any adverse effects, if not, no news is good news. That was EASY.

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Just did it in 15 seconds with a platistic  Mirenda. It was easy and nothing broke, slipped right out. Good luck.

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My husband removed mine in about 5 minutes and no, it didn't hurt a bit 

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For those of you who have succeeded in this, just wondering what part of your menstrual cycle were you in.  Did you do this during your period or sometime in-between?

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Im trying to remove it but i cant really feel it? and you guys talk about 2 strings? i could only feel the one. I dont know what else to do?
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1st, I have to say, I don't sit around waiting to post, read posts either....I really did remove mine & am still so glad I did! To the lady wondering about 2 strings, they can be stuck together so it may feel like one.
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I got the Mirena inserted just about 3 months ago.  It was pretty painful to get put in and I had cramping/spotting for two months straight plus yeast infections that come every week or two.  Lately my breasts have been very tender and throughout it I have a lot of lower back pain and muscle tenderness in my hips and back.  I was in a car accident about 6 months ago and have back pain from that that won't go away, but now I'm wondering if it's due to the Mirena.  I've been seeing a chiropractor, massage therapist, and physical therapist and nothing is helping the persistent pain.  Every day my lower back feels like it's on fire and I'm uncomfortable.  Today I decided to take the Mirena out myself and it was super easy - I sat on the toilet, felt for the strings, and pulled slowly.  It came right out with no pain.  I hope this helps my back pain, and it it doesn't at least I know it's legitimately pain from the accident and not this device so I can go from there.  I'll probably get a prescription for the Nuva Ring now, I have used that before and had no side effects at all.  I'd rather have that than all these other issues!  So ladies, yes, you can take it out yourself and it's super easy!!  PS I am a first time poster, I just came across this while researching the Mirena side effects and wanted to share my story.

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