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Nursing Mama's TTC- April

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The Plan for April


pos.gifstork-boy.gifbelly.gifdust.gif   pos.gifstork-girl.gifbelly.gifdust.gif


Waiting to be ready 



Waiting to Catch the First PP Egg! 


DS 9mo


DS 12 months


21 month old 


TTC#7, 14mo nursling


DD 19mo



Waiting to Ovulate



9 PPAF, DS 11 mo nursling


DD-2.75 years, TTC#2-1 year


DD2 20 mo

starrlight97 chartnew.gif

6 months TTC, 6 PPAF, DS 18 months



DS6yo, DD15mo, 2PPAF


4 months ttc, 4ppaf, dd1-3.75, dd2 -20 months




1mo TTC #4, 20thPPAF, DDs (5, 3.5 and 22 month nursling)


18 PPAF, DS 22 mo


DS 15mo, 1m TTC


5th mo TTC, 3 PPAF, DD 16 mo

Hopeful Jo

 6 PPAF, 6mo TTC, DS 15 months


DD18 months, 2nd PPAF


Our Most Recent Success Stories 




2 mo TTC, 15 PPAF, DD 24 mo


1 PPAF, DS 13 months



gardenbelle chart1new.gif

9 months TTC, 9 PPAF, DD 22 months (the nurser) and DS 3 1/2 


8 mo DS, 2 PPAF


DD 20 MO





8 PPAF, 3 months TTC, DS 18 mo


6 PPAF, ds 19 m/o & ds 3 y/o


18PPAF, 1 cycle ttc, DD 26m




9 PPAF, DS ~20 m/o

Carlin chartnew.gif

3 months TTC, 5 PPAF, DD 26 m/o


5 months TTC, 8 PPAF, DD 23 m/o


10 PPAF, DD 12 m/o


6 PPAF, 2 months TTC, DD 23 m/o


6 PPAF, 8 months TTC, DS 16 m/o


9 months TTC #3, DD 29 m/o

Ava's Mama chartnew.gif

12 months TTC, 10 PPAF, DD 34 m/o



fazer6 BFPChart2.gif

1 PPAF, DS 23 months, 5 months TTC

Geigerin chartnew.gif

7 months TTC, 10 PPAF, DC 20 m/o



ThreeLittleBirds BFPChart2.gif

DD 11 m/o



7months TTC, 6 PPAF, DD 16 m/o

IBreed BFPChart2.gif

Waiting to O, DS 12 m/o, TTC 7 months


April Thread Hostess: wp135


Please put all changes in bold!

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Hi! Can you change me to DS 21 months  thanks!!


Oh and Sticky Baby Dust all over April!!!

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Alright ladies.. please talk me out of testing tomorrow at 8dpo. I am having some serious nausea and my temp took another big jump today. Hoping it was implantation yesterday. Cramping yesterday and today.

How many days past implantation to get a bfp?

Oh, i have 2 tests that detect 10, about dollar tree tests, a clear blue easy digital and i think 2 first response tests
.. i am prepared and love to poas.
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I got a BFP on 9DPO in December. However, I ended up having a chemical pregnancy--fading positive lines over the course of 3 days until finally a BFN and then started my period right on target. I have always been an obsessive POASer, but this time {I am also on 8DPO today and experiencing telltale signs of pregnancy--breast changes, nausea, tiredness} I have decided to wait at least until a missed period and....who knows, I may even do it the old fashioned way and let my body tell me in its own time {not test--gasp!}.

But...it is not at all unlikely to show a BFP on 9DPO for many women. If all you are looking for is a BFP, then I'd wait, but if you are OK with a BFN knowing that it really isn't accurate then I'd say test away--daily--your bound to get a BFP within a 5 day period if you in fact are ; )

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You are pretty intense Chloe's Mama.  I hate seeing BFN's so I would personally wait until 12 DPO, I'd rather see AF.  But if you love it so much and it will set you at ease do it.  It's not like you'll have to run to the stoere to get another one!


Since I have no life, I went through the theads for the past couple of months and came up with a huge list of people who have not posted since at least January and who's LO's apparently don't age.  I think it's safe to say the these people are MIA and we can probably delete them from the first post, but I wasn to to make sure that was ok with everyone else. 


These are the people:




Jr.'s mom




















Ish's mom





If you see your name here please let me know and I won't delete you.  If you're still hanging around, update us!  How's TTC going?  Let me know by April 7th please.

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Chloe'sMama, I love to POAS too! But I would wait if I was you. I hate seeing BFN's and I still remember how disappointed I was the first time we were TTC and I would have BFN's every month. I tested on 8 dpo on the month we conceived our son and got a negative, I was so upset and cried all day. And then I got my BFP on 11 dpo, so I would wait a little longer still.



mamaharrison- What?! You're not going to test?! yikes2.gif Ha ha. You're stronger than me. I still regularly test, about every month, even though there is probably no chance of me being pregnant. I would love to be able to do it the old-fashioned way and just not test and miss a period and then actually find out when my body starts feeling and showing it. I don't think that's ever going to happen though... sigh, I'm addicted to pee sticks.

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chloesmama - So did you test?? I got a clear positive at 10dpo with my ds so Im pretty sure I would have seen SOMETHING at 9 dpo. Hope you got an early BFP!!


AFM - Since I'm another POAS addict I already tested a couple days ago at what I think was 11 dpo but BFN. But... I'm still hanging out here in the tww, with my who-knows-how-reliable temps ever climbing! I have decided NOT to test again until the day after tomorrow IF my temp is still up and I dont feel like AF is going to show any minute. Wish me luck!!

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Chloe'sMama- Wait! You should wait two or three more days. From everything I've read 8 dpo is pretty early (I know, I know it always seems that women on these boards got BFP's at 8 or 9 dpo. But the rest of humanity is more like 11-15 dpo) So just occupy your mind with something else, like...get really into figuring out how to make a cheese-less quiche, or start making your halloween costume, make a list of everything you have been putting off and do it (besides if you are pregnant you'll never get those things done after your BFP so get them out of the way now!) .....it's only a few days and it may save a lot of heartache :)

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So I can't sleep in the early morning hours and then feel totally beat down at - say 9am, when me and dd wake up. Went to the dentist and just as they're about to do an x-ray something tells me I'm pregnant, don't do the x-ray! But then again I don't have the $$$ so it was probably my inner excuse for running away from the teeth that need work. :)   Boobs are burning off and on, dd complains there's no nummies after a while of trying. My supply must be dropping from having nursed for so long. I had a pretty bad yeast infection. I only get them now when my hormones change (like before I first got my period at 19m pp). Am I sick or just not feeling well? I added it all up yesterday, bought a test and I couldn't believe my eyes - //.  Every month I got my period I was thinking - those darn bf hormones...when will they all settle? This past month I did something different - not related to ttc. I cut out our morning nursing session, dd is 28 m I feel like she can sure just eat breakfast instead of nurse in the morning, too. She eats more when I don't nurse her in the morning, which makes sense. That must have done the trick, because I don't even remember when we dtd this month and was completely expecting my period. That's probably why I was ignoring all these symptoms. Well, I know it's way too early in the game but just wanted to update that I graduated, at least for now. :)


Sending baby dust your way!!! :)



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I caved and took a super sensitive test.... BFN, although, I am ok with it now.  It is so so early at 8dpo, I am not feeling out.


My temps went up again today....   What do you all think?  Also, I am just feeling a little nauseous all the time now.  before I eat, worse after I eat.... my nipple sensitivity left for a few days and now I am feeling a little more sore again (not nearly as bad as the few days after O).  


<a href="http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2a8bea/">My Ovulation Chart</a>


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and CONGRATS boomer!!!!

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boomer78- Congratulations!!


Chloe'sMama- your chart looks good! Fingers crossed for you.

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Congrats boomer78!! Hooray for two lines joy.gif


Chloe'sMama- everything you've said sounds good. I'd look at your chart but I don't understand charting so that wouldn't really help. Crossing my fingers for you!


As for me, my nipple sensitivity is coming back but not as bad as it was those 5 or so days last week and it's mostly in my right boob....which also feels like it's...stinging on the inside? Has anyone else had that? I think I may have in the past but I don't remember what caused it. Stinging??

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Letileon- i am always concerned when breast pain is only on one side. I get clogged ducts quite often and mine is both stinging and aching. Could it be that? I always drink water and nurse more.... which may not be good for you now. Hopefully not though.

Are you thinking of testing?
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I've heard that the pain could be related to clogged ducts but I've only ever gotten those when my breasts are full and I can feel the lump. I usually just nurse and massage it and they've gone away. This is more like deep breast pain, I guess similar to thrush but when I had thrush my nipple was puffy and shiny and swollen. I also just can't imagine why I'd suddenly have it again.


I am thinking about testing. I'm not super hopeful but I ordered some online tests for the first time and when they get here I might as well since I have like a million of them! I'm trying not to get my hopes up because since that AF-like cramping on the 24th I really haven't had any symptoms to speak of. I figured if I were pregnant the symptoms would be getting worse, not going away,


How 'bout you? I saw that you tested once, are you holding out for a few days or are you going to go all POAS-aholic like I do!

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What a start to the month!  One BFP already!  Boomer let me know when you want me to move you to success stories.


Hopefully we'll have a few more in a couple of days!

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Originally Posted by Chloe'sMama View Post

I caved and took a super sensitive test.... BFN, although, I am ok with it now.  It is so so early at 8dpo, I am not feeling out.


My temps went up again today....   What do you all think?  Also, I am just feeling a little nauseous all the time now.  before I eat, worse after I eat.... my nipple sensitivity left for a few days and now I am feeling a little more sore again (not nearly as bad as the few days after O).  


<a href="http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2a8bea/">My Ovulation Chart</a>


Thank you! :) It is probably way too early to have a BFP anyway, at 8 dpo, isn't it? I'm sure it happens once in a while but it just seems to early. So hang in there, it's still a possibility. My nipples are sensitive too, but boobs don't hurt. They kind of 'burn' sometimes, but not all the time and aren't sore. I know everyone's different, just wanted to throw it out there. :)


Edited because I obviously can't spell. shrug.gif

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Thank you mamas! grouphug.gif  


wp135 - I will, thank you.


letileon - it's still possible. I did have random shooting pains when pregnant with dd, some time after I tested positive but still very early on and throughout the first few months. I probably had more symptoms before my periods than when I was actually pregnant with dd. Sometimes you can just have some, or none and are shocked when you see a bfp. :) 


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Thanks boomer78! It's good to hear that it could still be in the cards for me. Especially because I'm not experiencing breast tenderness but my nipples are sore and I'm also having that burning sensation off and on that you described. I really don't think it's a plugged duct because I can usually spot those. But I think my hormones are all over the board so I'm not taking any symptoms too seriously. If I did see a BFP I would be majorly surprised.

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letileon-  When I got pregnant with DD2 and DD1 was still nursing, I didn't have any of the typical 'breast tenderness' that I had with my pregnancy with DD1.  I did notice the nipple pain though.... I can't remember if it went away between O and the BFP with DD2 though.  Hmmm, I am interested to see about that since I am just having a tiny bit of nipple sensitivity, and not all the time.  It went away at about 5DPO and was gone for 2 days and came back last night and today... although, not painful, just sensitive.....


I am waiting to test again at least till Tuesday, 10DPO.  If I can, I would like to wait till Thursday.  I should know if AF doesn't arrive on Wednesday though since my longest LP is 11 days.

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