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Ok, I don't want to fuel the fire...but I do see a pink line. I do....but like I said, I always see a line. It's usually not pink though. I see it and I love that the test is all taken apart! You are a poas champion!

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Thanks letileon- you gave me and dh a good laugh. I told that you called me a poas champion!
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Well, af showed up. Bummer.
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Chloe'sMama- I definitely see a pink line too. I hope this it for you!!! I have pulled many a test apart too!LOL


Letileon- I feel your frustration. With DS my first PPAF was at 15 months, but then I didn't ovulate for 6 months, and after that 6 months with a luteal phase defect. So in essence, I wasn't able to even get pregnant until he was at least 27 months putting my kids at a minimum of 3 years apart. In the end they are 4 years, 9 months apart and it took IVF. I don't know why we had secondary infertility and I have a hard time making decisions now because one conception was very easy and the other very hard. At least I've had 3 AFs and my DD is only 15 months. I have to be honest though, I used natural progesterone cream around 12months to see if it would help bring on AF and it did and they have come at 46 days, and then 34 days so not bad. I used it as directed for 10 days and then stopped to see if I could get a withdrawal bleed. Maybe it was enough to tip my hormones but now I don't O. I had DD down to 3-4 short nurses a day but then she got an ear infection last week and now (even though she's better) it seems she wants to nurse so much more!! I don't know how I'd even go about cutting her back now (she seemed more ok with it before). I'm thinking she might be getting a tooth and I'll reevaluate in a month's time. I do have an appointment with my RE on May 1st. It'll be interesting to see what she says. She is by far the best doctor I have ever had and even called me at home several times to ensure I knew what to do re: meds! Anwyays, hugs as I know how it feels when it seems you're the only nursing mama whose body is super sensitive!

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Argh! Sorry to hear that Chloe'sMama! That sucks.


2cutiestolove- That sounds like a pain in the A. I am so afraid I'm going to have trouble getting pregnant the second time. There's really no reason to think that but still. I'm sorry it's been such a rough road for you.  Sometimes I feel like a few of us just need to come to terms with the fact that we have to wean to get pregnant. I'm sort of on that path right now. I have plans to wean DS in June and he turns two July 1st. But still I feel guilty that I'm weaning because I want another baby even if I am pretty done with nursing. It's just all very emotional no matter what your struggle is. Let's just hope all these lovely ladies get their BFP's in the next month or so and we can pass the Nursing Mama's thread over to some other TTCers!!

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Thanks ladies- Dh and i are trying to figure out if this is the end of our journey... weird to have such mixed feelings. Anyways, i guess move me to:
waiting to O- Chloe'smama- 4 months ttc, 4ppaf, dd1-3.75, dd2 -20 months

Good luck to everone else in the tww!
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Time flies and it's almost May so we need a new Thread Hostess.\


PM me if you are interested!


I won't be on much in the next couple of days.  DH took my laptap to a conference so I'm stuck in the basement and a desk top with nowhere for the babe to play nearby. 

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Hi everyone!  Its been a while since I've been around here.  Today is my DD's 1st birthday and I'm happy and sad,  She's my fourth child.  I'm 39.  I don't want my baby days to be over.  (We obviously still have a few left, anyway.)  After the births of the 1st three I knew I wasn't "done."  This time, I'm 50/50.  I've dropped a lot of weight.  I feel better than I have in years.  I have a wonderful family. We have our hands full!  Why am I still longing to TTC?  We'd be happy to have another.  We're not doing anything drastic to avoid it.  We've always had to "try" to conceive. I'm not quite there yet.

I'm thinking more about it.  I plan to hang out here for a while.  Please add me to "Waiting to be ready."

The "Big 4-0" coming in January probably has something to do with this.  I know 40 is not "old", and lots of you here...and everywhere...have healthy pregnancies and babies after 40.  For the moment, my plan is to keep getting healthier and enjoy my family.  IF the feeling of wanting another baby doesn't die down, I'll let you know and start charting again.  (Currently just charting beginning of cycle, so I'm not surprised by AF.)  My DD is nursing strong, but I'm having 27-28 day cycles regularly again. 

Thanks for letting me join in!  Good luck everyone and congrats to you who are pregnant!

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So, here's my situation: I'm on my 6th PP cycle. All the previous ones have had an LP between 7-11 days (usually 9), and I O'ed on CD16-20. This time around, I flew by 9DPO and 11DPO with no signs of AF. I'm not an early, obsessive tester, so I waited until 15DPO (when DH drove me to CVS to get a test :-P ) That was yesterday. It was a BFN. So, what could be going on, here at 16DP, CD33? 


The only thing I can think is, maybe I didn't actually O (I'm just charting CM, not temping). I've never had an anovulatory cycle before, so, if that's the case, what do I do? Just wait it out? Any other possibilities I should be considering?

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For some reason my post from last night disappeared!


Welcome to jr's mom!


HopefulJo, do you have link to your chart?


No one offered to be thread hostess this month, so I went ahead and made the May thread.  I don't mind doing it again.




See you all over there!

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