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Keep us updated Chloe'sMama! I'm pulling for you!!


(Likewise I'll let you know if my "burning boobs" were more than just hormonal madness)  ROTFLMAO.gif

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Well, I'm thinking this may turn out to be the 3 week wait thanks to my wacky temps due to night nursing. I do still think I ovulated since overall my temps are MUCH higher now than at the beginning of my cycle. But just looking at a couple temps that could have been off... if I discard them FF moves O to CD23. This is the day DH thinks I O'd. That would make me only 7DPO. I've never had a cycle longer than 30 days but this is my first PP cycle and especially with nursing who knows. I just wish I was more patient lol.gif



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Please add me to 2ww. Dd#3 is still nursing at 22 months and this is our 1st month ttc #4 and our 20th ppaf

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I got a - on 8dpo with dd3 but a + on 9dpo with her :)

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So my temp is down a bit today, but dh said he forgot the heater on for the two nights before that. Should i discard the two super high temps? I am on my phone and cant attach my chart but you can find it with our names in the first post.
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Chloe'sMama- Don't know about the temps....but did you test today? I'm assuming no because you didn't mention it. Are you going to test soon?


I tested and got a BFN. My tests arrived in the mail today so I just had to use one! Funny story: So I've never used strip tests before and there I am waiting to see the results. I'm mostly focusing in the Test Line area to see if any faint line shows up. Right away a nice dark line appears. I couldn't believe it and was totally crazy excited for the half of a second before I realized that I have the test upside down and that nice dark line is the control. I had to laugh cause that just sucks!


Also, I got my Fertile Focus saliva microscope today. It seems pretty cool, especially for those of you who are charting and temping and what not. It seems like another tool that could really help pinpoint when and if you O'd. They aren't that expensive and they're reusable! Although, according to my spit I'm not fertile...drat.

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I tested in the afternoon today with a $store test... I don't know why... it is way less sensitive than the test that was negative yesterday.... Arghhhh.  Of course it was a BFN.


I had a crazy sharp pain in the lower left part of my pelvis.  It was SHARP.  felt like I pulled a muscle.  Stayed for about 30 minutes, regardless of how I moved, and then it went away.  It would be late for me to have implantation since I usually only have a 11 day LP.  it may be too late already..... but with the dip in my temp and with the pain.... hmmmm, something to think about.  



I was going to test again tomorrow with the 10MiU test, but I only have 2 left, so.... I may wait until Thursday.  If I implanted today, I won't have a positive for at least 3-4 days.  


ALso, there is a chance that I ovulated on CD29 instead of CD27.... I got my first (only) positive OPK on the Sunday, but all the other signs pointed to O on Saturday (CD29)..... So, I may only be at 7DPO instead of 9DPO....  I discarded my temp on CD29 because I was sleeping at my sisters house and didn't sleep well at all and I was super cold all night.... usually I am sweating and HOT at night (especially the last few nights)


<a href="http://www.fertilityfriend.com/home/2a8bea/">My Ovulation Chart</a>

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Letileon- Sorry about the BFN today.  That stinks.  I would be interested if AF shows up soon.  I think I had the sensitive nipples every few weeks before my first PPAF.  I think it may be your body trying to ovulate.  The saliva microscope should help figure it out.


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Sorry about your BFN too! You should wait a few more days to test, especially if you may only be 7dpo. I think it's a lot less common to get a BFP as early as 8 or 9 dpo despite how it seems on these boards. Since you only have a few tests left you should make 'em count!


Also, a sharp pain sounds promising. That's what been throwing me. That sharp pain I had on the 18th was so distinctive and noticeable, but alas I guess it was nothing. I would at least like to ovulate and get a ppaf. I'm starting to feel like this ttc business is a little useless for us right now. I decided that if I don't start ovulating in the next couple of weeks I may go ahead and wean DS in June (his 2nd bday is July 1)....we've just been trying (thinking I'd ovulate at some point) for a year now.


Anyhoo, keep us updated. I'm really hoping you get that BFP in a few days pos.gif

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Sorry to see the BFNs, letileon, OSUvet and CholesMama. But it's still early, so there is still hope!


Congratulations, boomer!


AFM, hmmm. I'm 8DPO, and woke up to some light spotting. I tested and got a BFN. It is of course early to test, so I'm not sure if it's AF or implantation spotting. When I got pregnant with DD, I had spotting in the morning, tested that night and got a BFP—but that was 15DPO. It's mid-day now, and no additional spotting. I'm tempted to test again this afternoon. This is my first PP cycle, so I won't be devastated if we're not pregnant, but this not knowing is killing me!

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Well... i tested again with my super sensitive test and got the faintest of faint lines..... seriously faint. I am not telling anyone but you giys until i get a bfp on another type of test. I will be ttying to wait till thurs to test again.... my temp was way high again but dh is not sure about the heater so i dont know what to make of it.

Northwoods.... sorry about the bfn. Hopefully it will be positive later this week.

I think i want to surprise dh anyone have any good ways to share the news?
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Congrat's Chloe'sMama!!! I'm going to go ahead and get excited for you already :)


Hey northwoods my new theory is that I am also just 8dpo. I am going to test again on Friday. I am the same as you - first PP cycle and not dying to be pg right away... just dying to know!! :)

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Congratulations, ChloesMama! I'm sure that line will darken!


Crossing my fingers for you, OSUvet! You have strength—there is no way I'll make it until Friday to test. I'll me lucky if I make it to the end of the day.

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Not strength... just only one test left in the bathroom cabinet. lol!

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Woohoo!! Congrats Chloe'sMama!! A faint line is still a line!

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It seems to be looking good for everyone so far!  Fingers crossed Chloe that the line will be darker in the morning!


Things keep changing at work for me and we just can decide if we're going to seriously start this month, but it's looking like that won't happen.  At the very least it's giving me another month to lengthen my LP.  We're starting to wean DS from needing the boob to go to sleep.  Instead of nursing at every waking DH rocks him through the first waking at 11, at 3 I nurse him quickly but don't let him fall asleep, at his next waking he comes in bed with us.  So far things are going well and he's sleeping better already which means less constant nursing for me.


Has anyone else had issues with EWCM?  My first few PPAF I had tons, but the past few cycles it's been practically non-existent and no where close to what it has been like in the past.  Is there anyway to imrpove that?

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wp135- I haven't had a ppaf yet, but preseed is supposed to sort of help out in that area. I've never used it but I've heard it works....or maybe just regular ol' lube!


I tested again...just for kicks since I have so many cheapie tests...BFN but man, it never ceases to amaze me that if you want it badly enough you can always see a "line"! I'm feeling a little bummed about it. I know it's not going to be a BFP but a negative is still disappointing. It doesn't help that I feel like crap due to all the hormones but I still haven't O'd, had a ppaf or gotten pregnant. sucks! (sorry for the vent, just can't really talk to anyone about it, they all give me the "it'll happen when it's right" speech...but sometimes you just need to be bummed)



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I'm having a really hard time trying to find pre-seed here in Canada.  The only website I have found that carries it is always sold out and it's not like I can ask a friend to pick some up for me when they visit the US.  Well, I could, but that would be awkward.


Apparently there are vitamins you can take to help, but I already take pre-natals, omega-3s, and calcium and was also thinking of taking vit B if my LP doesn't lengthen this cycle.  I'm hesitant to add even more vitamins to the mix.  I don't have a naturopath and my doc isn't really helpful when it comes to this stuff so I sort of feel like I'm on my own. 

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I wouldn't overdo the vitamins if you aren't working with a professional. Why not use regular lube in the mean time? I'm sure Preseed is just a hyped up water based lube. I guess the point would be to just give the sperm something to "swim" in!

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Ok, i may be wrong, but way back when ttc dd1, i heard you can actually use room temp egg white as lube. Check it out.
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