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Queer & Pregnant & Parenting - April, May, June!

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Welcome queer, pregnant and parenting folks!

This is the spring and early summer thread for the months of April, May, and June.  

If you want to be added, just post in bold with your due date. Also, if you have recently had your babe(s), please chime in with the name and birth date in bold. If your information is not correct or has changed, please also post in bold so that I can get it corrected!!

Pregnant - due dates: 

June 2012

MumQuest, EDD June 5

July 2012

August 2012
DesertSunsets, EDD August 31


September 2012


Planet, EDD September 30


October 2012

MidwifeStephPDX, EDD late October


November 2012 

MujerMamaMismo, EDD 11/11/12


December 2012

junebug1, EDD 12/1/12

nosreves (twins!), EDD 12/19/12

mtnlisa, EDD 12/31/12


February 2013




dandylez, Adair Seamus, born 6/28/2012

KSDoulaMama, surro-babe, born 6/27/2012

SwtRainbowBrite, Riley Sophia, born 6/25/2012

PleasantlyFurious, Zoe Aurora, born 6/22/2012

SmilingSara & Seraf, Soren Dare, born 5/2/2012

PrettyIsa, Edith Josephine, born 4/18/2012

Ad Astra, boy/girl twins, born 4/11/2012

Onemommyonemama, Sage S., born 3/21/2012

Qmama42, baby girl, born 1/18/2012

Indigo and DP, baby girl A, born 1/8/2012
CrystalPerez, Cohen Anthony Perez born 12/12/11

glassesgirlnj, Annamaria Sigyn Estelle, born 11/28/11
Mami2mami, Layla Janae born 11/22/11
DAWNMP1, Raya Sylvan, born 11/10/11
2ezforyou, Jagger Stone, born 11/2/11
Seraf and SmilingSara: Shay Brock, born 11/1/11
Escher: Son, born 10/24/11
Julietea8: Rowan Kathryn, born 10/16/11
Starling&Diesel: Hawksley Solace, born 10/2/11
AmyPDX: Alexander Cole, born 8/7/11
AmandaHope: Lilah Nyx, born 7/24/11
Pigirl: Son, born 7/22/11
Mizyellow: Harrison, born 7/20/11
Painefaria: Keegan, born 5/23/11
Cejae: Emmerson and Parker, born 5/22/11
Imogenlily: Soloman Dov, born 5/3/11
2HappyMamas: Baby, born 4/16/11
Bttrflygypsy: Elliot Graham, born 4/15/11
LibraryLady: Alice Meredith, born 4/8/11
Wehrli & jenmostoften: Silas Scott, born 4/4/11
Gumshoegirl007: Addison Alexis Réal, born 3/24/11
Beastie: Esther, born 3/13/11
Burg: Reed Kylie, born 2/05/11
Korey: Baby girl T, born 1/30/11
Coco99: Chloe and Charlie, born 1/30/11
Abeecharmer: Twin girls, born 1/10/11
Mtnlisa: Josie Anne, born 12/18/10
Kimlyn32: Kacey Elaine, born 12/13/10
Erthe_mama & fsonj: Vida, born 11/23/10
Monarchgrrl: Sophia Elizabeth, born 11/2/10
Quasar & Smartycat: Charles Jeffery, born 10/29/10
Mistral: Olivia Grace, born 10/18/10
Lyndzies: Cadence James, born 10/15/10
FTMPapa: Elise Ember Soliel, born 10/3/10
Megan_sacha: Zivia Littlewood, born 8/23/10
Mpkgoddess: Catherine Margaret (Cate), born 8/18/10
Osker & H: daughter, born 8/11/10
Jjnoho: Sam, born 7/8/10
Megincl & Ktcl: Wylie Grace, born 7/4/10
Ksdoulamama: Grace Elizabeth, born 5/17/10
Pleasantlyfurious: Leo Sebastian, born 5/16/10
Kelly: Asa Brent, born 4/29/10
Wishin'&hopin': Henry, born 4/10
Indigoscot: son, born 1/24/10
Kjm: Kale, born 1/12/10
Carmen358: Skylar, born 12/30/09
Kelmendi: Simon, born 12/23/09
Babyfatty: Henry Earl, born 12/9/09
Beth: Hazel, born 11/19/09
Scalpel: Nathan Fisher & Maxwell Edward, born 11/3/09
Denny_Zoo29: Dekaylee May Katherine Bond, born 10/29/09.
Jodybird511: Asher, born 10/9/09
Wazzmum: Tate, born 9/15/09
Raene & River: Cedar, born 8/30/09
DM630: Amelia, born 8/14/09
Ninefirefly: daughter, born 7/31/09
Serenekitten: Asher, born 7/21/09
QTRANDI: Rudy, born 7/7/09
JennM1021: Alexander, born 6/29/09
Lexbeach & Lena: Leo, born 6/26/09
Heart-N-Bones: Ella Grace, born 4/22/09
Quasar & Smartycat: Raymond Joseph, born 4/5/09
Pranava: Zion, born 3/24/09
Giggleblue: "A", born 3/16/09
Pigirl: Baby, born 1/30/09
Starling and Diesel: Esme, born 1/30/09
2happymamas: Colette (Coco), born 1/5/09
Simcon: G, born 12/28/08
MujerMamaMismo: Sebastian Felix, born 12/21/08
Tigermiep & M: Anders Xavier, born 12/11/08
JenInMpls & Jo: E.W., born 10/24/08
Becca: Phoebe Joy, born 10/9/08
Scalpel & Darcie: Alexis Jean, born 8/29/08
Venustx: Levi, Sage, and Jillian, born 8/12/08
AngelaM: Ocean Rae, born 8/10/08
Mamimapster: Jocheved (Julia) Hadassah Bat Sara V' Miriam, born 7/15/08
Kk_davey: Grier, born 7/7/08
MollyKenzie: Lucy & Edie, born 6/18/08
Rightkindofme: Shanna Francesca, born 5/24/08
TheGirls: Alexandra Kathryn Stay, born on 5/12/08
Thismama: Zelda, born 5/6/08
Mamastotwo: son & daughter, born 5/2/08
Msjodi: Delaney Cait, born 5/1/08
Jentina & Sarah: Ellis Thomas, born 2/20/08
NZmumof2 & Leah: Florence, born 1/23/08



Recovering from Losses, to Rejoin Us Soon





[NOTE: Any EDDs over a month old without a birth announcement will be deleted.]

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Thanks for the shiny new thread, Desert. You don't mind if we fluff it up a bit? We are going to have a baby here in this very thread!

But we will patiently wait for Isa to go first.
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Feel free to carefully place sticks and twigs and leaves and bits of dryer lint anywhere you like!  I hope it'll be a great place to build your nest.  thumb.gif


Isa, you're getting so close!  

Sara, congrats on selling your car.  That's got to feel good!  


This is a pathetic excuse of a post, forgive me.  

Excited because DW is 18 weeks today!  Tuesday morning is our anatomy scan and I am so psyched to see this little babe.  DW's mom is going to come along too.  I wish my mom could come, but she's 100 miles away and it's an early appointment.  Oh well.  Next weekend I have big plans to decorate DW's belly like an Easter egg.  Or a bunny.  Or something.  Also, to dye eggs, even though I have no children to hide eggs for.  This weekend, however, DW is working twelve hours both today and tomorrow.  At least that means she'll get Monday and Tuesday off!  


And!  Our Centering classes at the birth center start on Wednesday, and our Bradley classes begin April 17th!  It's getting crazy busy here.  I've been having such a good time playing with the baby, feeling kicks and movement.  And the belly is growing and growing!  We'll probably take pictures soon.  


Hope you all are having a good weekend.  

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I seem to recall some conversation about milk savers in the past. ANyone have experience with them? Where did you get them? how long did you use them? did you get one or two?


I'm leaking all over and want to save this milk. If not for later, for another babe.


Hi to all! nice nest here! thanks desert!

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Desert, yay for your scan, ask if they can switch to 3d for a second, it looks so much cooler but they didn't tell us they could do that.

OMOM, I used mine for only a couple of months. Got it on amazon but there are other places to get it. The brand is Milkies milk saver. I just got one and put in on the side I wasn't nursing on when I started nursing. I still leak but it's only a few drops now so I don't bother with the milk saver anymore. I used to get between half and ounce and 1.5 ounces at each nursing session and pour it into one bottle, then I would chill the next batch and add it to the bottle then chill th next one. I was getting 5 ounces a day at one point and freezing it all at bedtime. The pump is a lot faster but the milk saver is easier. My only complaint about it is that I would forget about it and bend over and pour all the milk up the inside of my shirt. I think Shay learned a lot of bad words those days.

We totally have birth class tomorrow and almost forgot. And Sara worked her last day today. Holy cow the baby is coming soon.
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Oh thank god. I have all this dryer lint and no place to put it! smile.gif And yes, Saras, wait your turn! That one needs to cook longer anyhow.

Starling, DP laughed when I explained the popcorn.

Desert--dogs LURVE eggs. Love. If you have one, or friends who do (or a dogpark where you could hang out and look unsuspicious while owners wonder what the hell their pets are eating) you can dye them and hide them and let them have at it.

In the meantime, still nothing going on around here, though my belly did feel weirdly soft yesterday. We got to see the baby's feet moving around all over the place, which is unusual. Today's the last day that I definitely did NOT want as a birth day (April Fool's and all that), so from here on out we're good to go, though I'd still rather wait a week or two to get things done. This morning we're going out to brunch with the couple who were about 2 days away from having their baby when we first met them, so it'll be funny to compare our late-term belly experiences. Good think I don't like bloody marys or I'd feel left out!

Anyone do anything funny for April fool's? I thought about a mock announcement of triplets, but then decided that it's too close to the real announcement and decided not to.
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Thanks for the new thread, Desert!!  Love the fluffing being added by Isa and the Saras! :)  Isa, you're so close, it makes me want to give a totally-out-of-character high school cheerleader squeal!

Desert, excited for your scan! Hope it all goes well.


14 weeks today here! Definitely have a bit of a bump now. (I think the past bulge was bloat. :D )


(Desert, can you change my EDD to Oct 1?  The midwife adjusted it back at our first appointment and I forgot. Not that I'm expecting the LO to keep to any kind of schedule or anything!)



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So excited for prettyisa and smilingsara! (And anyone else whose due date is getting close that I'm not familiar with.)


DesertSunsets, is it okay for you to add my delivery date even tho I wasn't a member of the group at the time?  That would be Annamaria Sigyn Estelle, born November 28 2011. 

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Dandy and glassesgirl, your info has been updated.  We're happy to have you anytime, glassesgirl!  


Isa - we do have a dog, but he's never shown much interest in eggs... but he's kind of an odd dog.  Much as we love him.  Maybe yours lurve the eggs because you've got close-to-the-ground rodent-sniffing-nosed hounds?  And eggs are related to rodents in that... well, they're not.  Hrm.  Though I think your dog park idea has some real merit.  I do love being a ninja Easter bunny.  How're you feeling, as of late?  


We don't do things for April Fool's.  Although maybe this year I should announce that *I'm* pregnant, really freak our facebook friends out.  Haha.  


Seraf/Sara - you have a birth class on April Fool's day?  That could be nervewracking, lol.  It's almost baby time!  

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Babe sleeping lightly in wrap so can't type much but wanted to post a pic for our pretty new thread.


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thx for the new thread, Desert!

thx for fluffing our li'l queer nest, isa, Sara and Seraf!

and thx, AHope, for the new photo for our wall. smile.gif

it's feeling more and more like spring... bring on new life! orngbiggrin.gif
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AmandaHope, I'll see your babe sleeping in a wrap picture and raise you one!







We sold the car he was born in, he was born right there on that seat.



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Just out of curiosity, Seraf, when selling the car did you mention its skills as a baby delivery device?  Seems like maybe it would be worth more money that way.  winky.gif

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No, desert, I didn't tell them he was born in the car. I thought about it but did t think that family would have enjoyed it as much as we do! I feel kinda bad we got rid of the car he was born in, but I have my memories of it! And the sign he was born next to.
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OH, P.S, the baby has the hick ups and it  feels si cool. I can see my bellly giggle and jump with everyone! 

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Those baby pics are gorgeous!!


We received a sling, a wraps and 2 carriers from DP's sister today, plus a ton of clothes from 1 year up. All boy stuff, but I really want to put a girl into almost all of it. If it's a girl, she'll be one tough, ass-kicking girl!  Okay, it kinda just looks like a mini-version of our adult closet. :)


I took this pic this morning... 14 week bump. :)  Tonight I feel like there's no room in my body for my body. Feels so tight and stretched out... it's weird and kinda cool.



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Mom: The milksaver was my savior. I leaked A LOT and I got enough to have 100 ounces of stock in my freezer and donate a ton of milk to another mom only using the milksaver. I also dumped it out a lot which in my hormonal state made me cry a few times. Ha! But i totally loved it!


Love the wrap shots. Love you guys!

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Last night was a hard night for me. I felt really huge and really sore and woke up in the middle of the night because I felt weird and uncomfortable. This morning I'm feeling a bit better. Baby is kicking and hiccupping away this morning.

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mizy -  did you have one or two???


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