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ad astra - congrats, congrats!!  joy.gifjoy.gif    i hope the feeding issues get squared away soon and you are able to take them home.  how in the world did you keep it a secret that you were expecting twins??? what a FUN surprise to share with you friends and family at delivery!!


rainbow - im so sorry to hear about the stress, saddness, and worry right now.  sending you hug2.gif




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RainbowBrite~ Yikes!!  I'm so sorry you're having so much fear and stress and sadness right now.  I truly hope that all is well and that you and your family will be happily relaxing very soon.  And I have to say I love your new photo~ you look gorgeous!!


AdAstra~ WOW!!!  Did we know you were having twins?! Amazing! And congrats! I too look forward to names and pix and birth stories, if you're sharing.  WHEN you get a chance~ you sure must be busy! But a happy kind of busy, so enjoy!


Speaking of birth stories....Isa???lurk.gif  



Crystal~ I've been thinking of you and hope you are ok. You're doing an amazing job in a tough situation, and I know that can't be easy. Your DP sounds like she's having awful jealousy issues, and probably a lot more going on underneath. Take care of yourself and your baby, no matter what it takes. xoxoxox



AFM~ Not much.  Five weeks left of school and I could not possibly be less motivated.  I've already started packing my personal books etc and taking them home.  DP's supposed to be turning in a version of her dissertation today, but she is freaking out keeps saying she can't finish and that she'll never graduate, so I don't know what's up (though it's true that she is a DRAMA QUEEN so I'm sure it's not as bad as she's letting on).  Got a lot packed and tidied last night. I just hope I can keep up the momentum while she's around noodling on the internet and making excuses about why she's not working....

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brite - sending all hugs your way. what a stressful and unfair load to be dealing with! I'm so sorry about hte loss of your LOs cousin. Much love to all surrounding that babe. we are all here for you and dp as you serach (and find) the best place for your birth. hug2.gif


ad astra - this is such amazing news! congratulations!!!! a twin surprise is a wonderful wonderful surprise :)


library - so great to see you around these parts! so excited for your family and your big move and wedding and ... sounds busy but full of life! and shove it mean girl. queer preggos gonna come kick your butt.


isa - take care - don't walk too much or you might be super tired when all of a sudden this babe is comin! I'm thinking so much about you and dp.


sara - your belly looks great - and I love Shay sitting on it :) 1cm dialated! way to go! when is your EDD anyways? all packed for labour/birth?


hi all!!!


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isa- Sending elv, we're thinking of you lurk.gif



ad-TWINS that's awesome!!! How did you keep that a secret for so long?


Sara- How are you feeling? 


Seraf- We thought we'd share a funny story with you. L gets excited any time she sees the laptop, once we get to the pictures posted of S she stops all movement and just stares at the screen. Can't wait to see her reaction when she sees him face to face for Pride. By the way, we loved the idea of having the babies create the colors of the rainbow.


Crystal- We definitely had you in our thoughts yesterday and hoped that you didn't end up on the sofa with C again. Sounds like DP is upset about not being near her family but that is not reason enough to keep C away from the family that is closest to him. How is your mom doing? Well we are hoping that you get the opportunity to speak to DP and get things cleared. She definitely is exercising her control and testing her boundaries. You have to put your foot down and set some limits.


Amanda-We look forward to meeting you and having L and L share secrets about their super cool names and whatever else they may try to keep from us. Who knows they may even grow to be bff's one day. twins.gif


Rainbow- We are so sorry to hear that things are not moving smoothly. We're hoping and praying that all turns out well for your little girl. It must be really tough to be happy and excited about the baby while your brother in law is mourning the loss of his. Keep your head up! Please tell us more about your little ones heart once you get more information. Who knows that may just mean that her little heart is full with much more love than normal for you and DP. Here's to hoping! hug2.gif


Library- It's nice to hear from you again. We were wondering about you. Mean girl is definitely getting on our nerves and we wish she was a little closer so that we can take care of her for you. On a brighter note your moving and getting married, so mean girl will one day be a distant memory. joy.gif







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Wow, guys! A lot happening here lately.

Congratulations to you, Ad Astra! I'm so glad your twins arrived safely. We would love to know more, if you care to share.

Brite, I am so sorry to hear about all the sad things in your life right now. I wish I could come over and give you a big hug and tell you that it's all going to be fine eventually. It must be so difficult to come to terms with the loss of your brother's baby, the loss of your home birth, and the fear of something being wrong with your daughter's heart. I am sending tons of love and strength and positivity your way. You will make it through.

Isa, you have been on my mind. I hope you guys are doing well. Prosper will be here soon, I am sure!

Mami, the story about Layla loving the pictures of Shay is so adorable!

Yay to Sara about being 1cm! Soren is gonna be here before we know it!

Library, sounds like life is crazy at your house! Surely it will settle soon! Thinking of you.

I am sorry for those I missed, trying to post on my phone.

Had our first Bradley class last night; nothing exciting. DW is already sick of doing food diaries, and we wonder how she is ever going to be able to eat as much leafy greens as she is supposed to and how she is supposed to complete all her Bradley exercises. I didn't realize being pregnant would require so much homework for these classes! Yeesh.
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Desert~ We had a Bradley class and there was a LOT of homework!  Fortunately my DP is a stats nerd and a tally sheet of what I'd eaten for the day was right up her alley. of course, then she would follow me around the house with boiled eggs and baked potatoes telling me I still had boxes unchecked. And those exercises are something else, but I think they were helpful. I should have kegeled more, I'll tell ya that right now...


Mami and OMOM~ Thanks for your offers to kick Mean Girl's butt. Srsly, it's all I can do to keep my mouth shut, since I'm still relying on her for a reference. If I still get a job before I leave here, and everything's secure, I'm just going to start saying what I think. Boy will she be surprised!! 




Isa~ lurk.gif

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I just want to update that I did NOT end up on the couch last night. C had a runny nose so it was hard to lay him down in the crib and DP told me he could sleep in the bed if I wanted him to, but I ended up letting him sleep in the bouncer so he was upright and could breathe better. Since I have been sick I took him to the dr today but she said he is not sick and it is from teething, but keeping him upright would be best for him. Anyone know the best and safest way to let him sleep proped up? I should have asked the dr oops!



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Crystal: Good to hear from you and glad you got to sleep in your own bed. Sorry that C has been stuffy; Lilah sometimes get a runny nose from teething, too.  I tend to keep her sleeping next to me in bed anyway, but I think that having C sleep in his bouncy seat is safe, as long as he is strapped in and comfortable.  Lilah slept in a bouncy seat when she was in daycare, and they have insanely strict licensing guidelines. Just make sure his chin isn't against his chest; his head should be tilted back enough that he has a totally clear airway. 


Rainbow: Oh, sweety, what a lot of pain and struggle for you.  I wish we could all take it away or at least share it among us. grouphug.gif And I so deeply hope that these are hurdles that you'll get over and that you'll have your healthy girl in your arms before too long (once she is ready, of course).  Are you going to see a specialist about her heart?  Are you taking extra good care of yourself emotionally during this tough time?  I'm so very sorry about your brother's loss. candle.gif


On a very different note...


AdAstra: WHOA. Twins?! Congratulations!  Oh my goodness.  Would love to hear more when you are ready, and best wishes getting those little loves fattened up, nursing well, and home with you and DP asap. 


Desert: I found the Bradley homework a bit much, too, but the visualizations and supportive positions ended up being great during labor.  I tried so hard to eat tons of protein, in part because my class had a contest each week with some awesome give-aways, but the same woman won EVERY WEEK.  Her husband is a personal trainer, and all they eat is protein and vegetables.  I was eating like 120 grams of protein a day (!) and couldn't win...until finally she missed class one week, and I won some organic cloth nursing pads (that I never used).  wink1.gif  I loved the bonding time with DP, though.  Hope you enjoy it, too.


Mami: Can't wait to meet you and your family at Pride. 


AFM: Exhausted--graded exams in a frenzy this morning and then taught about the Vietnam War and the identity politics of the late 60s and 70s...during which time I came out to my class of 100 undergraduates.  I do this every year, but it never gets any less nerve-wracking.  There seemed to be fewer hanging jaws this year.  Last year, when I was visibly pregnant, the students looked completely shocked.  Stunned.  Baffled.   jaw.gif


Just came across this: a blog by  Trevor, a transgender, gay, Canadian, breastfeeding father who blogs at Milk Junkies.  Super cool.

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Isa??? We want the news!!! When you get the chance, of course... redface.gif
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Isa- Sooooo?lurk.gif
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Originally Posted by CrystalPerez View Post

I just want to update that I did NOT end up on the couch last night. C had a runny nose so it was hard to lay him down in the crib and DP told me he could sleep in the bed if I wanted him to, but I ended up letting him sleep in the bouncer so he was upright and could breathe better. Since I have been sick I took him to the dr today but she said he is not sick and it is from teething, but keeping him upright would be best for him. Anyone know the best and safest way to let him sleep proped up? I should have asked the dr oops!




DD got a cold at 10 weeks and we were told to elevate the entire bed rather than try and prop her up. If Cohen is sleeping in a crib you could elevate one end of the crib (there are special "feet" to do this with apparently). The doc knew we were co-sleeping so that's why he suggested the entire bed. We actually ended up setting up a wedge type thing and putting it under the sheet in our bed so it was a gradual incline rather than something that was too abrupt and would cause her to be "bent" - like a homemade this: http://www.toysrus.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2401848. It wasn't "textbook safe" but it worked for the few days we needed it. Also, before bed on those nights we would run really hot water in the shower and put eucalyptus oil in the tub and shut all the doors of the bathroom. It would get all steamy and we'd sit there with DD (stripped down so her clothes didn't get damp and cold) for about 10-15 minutes. I guess you could use a humidifier but we didn't have one and didn't want to buy one.

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Hi, kids! Finally awake enough to check in. Edith Josephine was born around 10:30 last night. She's perfect! It's so funny to hear her hiccupping and not be able to feel it at the same time!

More when we're home and rested up--it was a long haul, to be sure.
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Congrats, to you both! and welcome, earthside wee Edith! I love her name! can't wait to hear more, see pics, and (eventually) meet your little girl! rest up, mamas, and ENJOY!! joy.gif
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HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Welcome to Earth to the wonderfully named Edith Josephine!!!!  And to her mamas!!!  We look forward to pix and stories when you can!  Hooray!!!!!!!!

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Isa, congrats! We're so happy for you. Is she huge? Are you feeling ok? Sara said if you wanna hillbilly her up she can be Edie Jo!
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Welcome to the world, Edith Josephine! I love her name. Congrats to you and DP! Hooray joy.gif hooray!

Eta: I can't help but notice she was born on an even day, too! Way to go, Edie!
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Welcome Edith and congrats mamas!!!! joy.gifjoy.gif

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Congratulations, Isa and DP, and WELCOME Edith Josephine!  joy.gifclap.gifenergy.gifjumpers.gifwool.gif(I've missed the jumping sheep, btw)


Thrilled for you that your little one is out and well and hoping that you are resting and enjoying this intense, amazing (if not exactly easy) time.


Btw, whenever you get a chance to think about it, we'd love to bring you food!  I'll never be able to produce the volume of delicious food that you brought to us (for which I am still thankful), but we'd love to do our best.  Would next weekend work? How about Sunday the 29th?   We could also take the second shift after the first wave of food (assuming it is coming) dies down in a few weeks.  Whatever/whenever you need, just let us know.  So happy for you both!!



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Congratulations, isa!!!! Welcome to the world, Edith!! joy.gif
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Congratulations Isa!  Welcome to your new baby girl!  joy.gif

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