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Way to go Mamas! I'm sending ELV now and hopefully you'll be meeting Soren any time now! You can do it!!!

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Happy almost birthday, Soren! Can't wait to see you. Hang in there, Sara!

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Sara- Looks like you didn't need that Labour Tea after all!!! I am so stinking excited that little Soren will be making his debut sometime today!!!! joy.gifELV goodvibes.gif


Dandy- I am happy to hear that you don't have to move during your pregnancy, we are in the process of looking for a bigger place and it is super nerve wrecking!


Qmama- Thank you again for sharing your birth story!! I am so sorry that your LO picked up Rotavirus that has to be scary! I hope she is back to 100% soon!


Wehrli-  Awww Silas is getting so big and I love the family pic!


Desert- OMG you have some serious talent!! Do you know how much it would cost to ship a painting that size? And how are you liking your CR-V?


Ahope- You are so awesome for donating your milk! I am inspired to do the same once our little one is here and I have an excess supply!


Glasses- I am happy that A enjoyed nakey time and was able to explore some developmental milestones!!


Library-  I am sorry that things are so overwhelming and hectic right now. hug2.gifI LOVE the new pic of little miss Alice!


Isa- Little E did not look pleased with the goats LOL! But I have to admit that owl outfit is too stinking cute!! How are you holding up with DP out of town? I hope everything goes better than you expect with your mom.


AFM- THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone for your warm thoughts and kind words about our LO's heart condition (or lack thereof) we are relieved to say the least, and now I can focus on just enjoying my pregnancy and start focusing my mind on the birth which is very hard for me. It really helps that we have a solid birth plan in place, we have a doula, and we have health care providers who support my wishes. Now I just need to get a handle on my anxieties and fears about her coming earthside because we are 32 weeks and with my Gestational Diabetes my Midwives aren't too keen with me getting to my due date so we have roughly 5-8 weeks left to go YIKES! But can I just say that with Sara going into labor I am tad bit freaked out because I am next in the lineup dizzy.gifThere are times in pregnancy that it feels like this is taking forever and then there are times when you think where inn the world did the time go??? But nonetheless we are getting super excited to meet her  and kiss her squishy little face!

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so while we wait for little Soren to make his appearance (lurk.gif), i thought i'd go ahead and share my news from today (that was what you were hinting at, AmandaH, no? orngbiggrin.gif)  


i had my first u/s this morning, and before we even got to the dildocam transvaginal portion of the show, the doctor said "there are two embryos in there, and they're both alive."  after that we got to see the two sacs each with a little bean hanging out in it.  we also saw the beautiful little flickers of their hearts and heard both of them beating.  what exquisite music.  they're measuring 10cm and 10.7cm, and according to the doc, everything looks perfect.  when we were headed to the appointment this morning DP bet me that there were two in there, and she was overjoyed to see she was right.  she got much more emotional about it than i did...i think she's cried at least three times today.  it's all a bit unreal to me right now, but in general i'm feeling pretty serene.  last week, i had an eeninetsy bit of brown discharge (as in, i wouldn't have even seen it if i weren't scrutinizing every piece of toilet paper post-wipe), and it freaked me out.  that and the absolute lack of morning sickness has made me reluctant to get my hopes up too much...hence my silence here.  DP reminded me today that my acid reflux and sore boobs and sudden bouts of intense hunger are all strong symptoms, too.  interestingly enough, the french have a word for the sudden hunger:  fringales.  


here's a sneak peek at our little (brussel) sprouts:our little sprouts


btw:  vesic vitt is the abbreviated form of vésicule vitelline or the yolk sac. and the j1 means jumeau 1 or twin 1. 


these little ones were conceived in belgium, will be born in france and will be genetically half american and half danish (donor).... our future citizens of the world. :)

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How exciting!!!!!!!!!  Congratulations!  How many weeks are you now?


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Nosreves--I am over the moon for you and DP! What fantastic news! Thank you for sharing with us!

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Nos Reves, that is such wonderful, wonderful news!!! I am so thrilled for you guys! Lots of love to the two little sprouts! joy.gif


Editing just to add that "dildocam" is my new favourite word. We call it "getting wanded" but I just told DP that we have a new name for it!

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Nos- I am so over the moon happy for you!!!! Two little beans!!! That is so awesome that they are going to enter this world already full of so much diversity!!! joy.gif And LMAO at your correction of Dildocam that is going to be our new word for that blasted contraption!! 

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Nos--can we call you Dosreves now?  Congratulations!!!  And Saras...hope things are going well and little Soren is safely earthside or nearly so.  

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Brief photo birthstory at www.sachfo.blogspot.com

I can't post pictures to mothering from the phone.

Besides trying to yank out Sara's IV a couple of times, Shay did pretty well. He didn't do well with my sister.
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WELCOME SOREN!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gif

Happy birthday beautiful one!

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Welcome to the world Soren Dare!! We have been anxiously awaiting your arrival. Although I think your Moms were waaay more anxious than the rest of us. Congratulations Saras on your 3rd beautiful baby boy! Enjoy the babymoon. Soren is adorable and from the looks of it Sara your pushing was well worth it.
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Yay! Welcome, Soren!!! joy.gif

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Hello beautiful Soren! Welcome to the world, little one! Saras, you look great--job well done on the addition to your family!
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CONGRATS to sara and seraf!!!!! What a beautiful baby!!!


Nos- Beautiful embryoS!!!


For those of you who have asked about me... I am doing alright. We dont argue about things if we dont talk about them and thats what we have been doing lately and I know thats not a good fix or anything but I am less unhappy. No sight of counseling. I'm trying to just not think about all the bad things and just start over and do the things she expects from me but,then the next time we argue about the same stuff I wish I would have left the last time she said the things she says. I just hope she stops and realizes that we could be so happy if she let us be.

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Welcome Soren!  

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Congrats, Saras!!!!! And welcome to Soren!! So happy for you all!

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I said this on another thread but congrats to the Saras!  I'm sorry Shay wasn't happy at your sister's, Seraf - I guess he wanted to be where the action was!


Rainbow, I'm sure that with a good doula, good HCPs, and a partner who loves you, everything will be just fine!  I definitely want to keep hearing updates.


Nosreves, how exciting for you!  I remember sore boobs being a BIG part of the first trimester for me...


Crystal, I'd like to gently encourage you to seek counseling for yourself if your partner isn't interested.  I know the time I spent in therapy, years ago, helps me a LOT to deal with any challenging situations in my life today...

BUT I know that has to be something you do on your own timetable, and I don't want you to feel nagged or pressured about it. 


AFU, A is getting better at rolling every day now, and is beginning to try to crawl!  (She moves forward about one inch every 5 minutes... :D )  My spouse tells me she is also learning the difference between "nose" and "lip" (i.e., she will poke him in the appropriate place if he says the word while he's holding her.)

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Originally Posted by glassesgirlnj View Post


Crystal, I'd like to gently encourage you to seek counseling for yourself if your partner isn't interested.  I know the time I spent in therapy, years ago, helps me a LOT to deal with any challenging situations in my life today...

BUT I know that has to be something you do on your own timetable, and I don't want you to feel nagged or pressured about it. 



I think that counseling is such a great idea for all couples. DP and I were talking about it and are going to arrange for a few sessions before the baby comes. We're not aware of any problems right now, but we know that a new baby can be the equivalent of throwing a grenade into a relationship. I think it's easy to get so busy with baby that communication starts to falter and small issues build into big ones.  Crystal, I know from previous experience that counseling can be really scary and anxiety-producing if there are existing challenges in a relationship, but I agree with glassesgirl that  it's a good idea for when you're ready. It's hard to talk through this stuff, but it is so worth it if it brings you both to a new understanding.  Unfortunately, this sh*t doesn't go away on its own.  Thinking about you!

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welcome soren!! love.gif

and omg congrats Nos! twins are so much fun, congratulations!! joy.gifjoy.gif

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