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Threadcrashing to tell Sara and Seraf that Soren is beautiful! Congratulations Mamas. 


Also, Nos!!!!! I am so, so excited for you and DP and your twins! Is your DP still trying?


Finally, AdAstra- Your babies are gorgeous!

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So much to celebrate! :-)


Welcome baby Soren!!!  What amazing photos.  Congratulations, mamas!!!


Ad Astra, your little ones are so sweet!  I can't even believe how cute it is that they snuggled up together like that.  Do they do that regularly?  CUTE!


Nosreves, that is so exciting!!!  More twins!  The ultrasound pic is awesome.  Wishing you much ease and minimal anxiety as you move forward with your pregnancy.


Dandy, my due date buddy, you look great!  Glad to hear things are going well for you guys.


Brite, I was beyond relieved - ecstatic - to read that all is well with your tiny little one.  I can't even believe the ultrasound techs made a mistake like that and caused you guys to worry so much.  Thank GOODNESS they were wrong!  I'm also so glad to hear that you are happy with your doula and midwives and feel good about your birth plan - that is so important!  I'm sending you lots of calm thoughts as you move into focusing on your birth.


Crystal, I'm sorry to hear that things are still tough with your DP.  It sounds hard.  Others have said this already, and I definitely don't mean to bug or nag you in any way because it really is totally up to you, but I agree that counseling/therapy just for yourself could be super helpful during this time.  I see a therapist regularly (and sometimes my partner & I go together) and I find it really helps me deal with the tough sh*t that life throws at you.  On a different note, I loved seeing your pictures!  Yr baby is suuuper adorable!!!  What a lucky kiddo to have you for a mom.


Amy- Sorry to hear about the teething; sounds hard!!  I know you guys will get through it.  Every time I see his little picture pop up in this forum, I smile!  He just has the warmest, happiest little face!  Knowing he is our little one's half-sibling makes me so happy.  It will be amazing to discover all the ways they will be similar and different.


AFU, all is well over here.  19 weeks today!  We had our 3rd midwife appointment the other night and got to hear the heartbeat again, which I just LOVE!  We've now met all 3 out of 3 midwives, which is a relief.  I definitely have my one who is by far my favorite, but the other two are great as well, and I still have time to get to know them better and warm up to them more before the due date comes.  My belly is starting to show (finally!) but I am still a tiny person and most people still don't notice.  Close friends can tell right away, but random people would have no clue that I'm almost halfway through my pregnancy!  Let me get my love to take some belly photos soon, and I'll post them soon.


Much love to all of you! xoxo

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Hi everyone, tentatively joining as my beta has been steadily climbing, still feeling very nervous because I don't "feel" pregnant. My progesterone was low and am taking prometrium--has anyone felt extra moody/depressed taking this? Really hoping to hear so. I'm also beginning to wean my almost 17 month old and feeling extra sad about her growing up so fast--not sure if this is exaggerated by the progesterone.
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Thread Starter 

Oh man, I’ve been so absent!  I have been reading along faithfully, but I’ve been really exhausted and posting always seems like such a large job, lol.  And I’m not even the pregnant one in this house, sheesh. 


So.  Here we go.


Qmama – thanks so much for sharing your story.  What an amazingly overwhelming and huge way to enter the world.  I’m so glad everything was/is okay with your newest DD.  (Also, I’d really be interested in reading along, would you be willing to share your blog with me?) 


Brite – I’m SO glad your DD is healthy!  How infuriating that the tech was rushing and caused your family this angst.  Thank you for your compliments on my work!  It’s about $10 to ship a painting that size. 


Nosreves – I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: CONGRATULATIONS!  Please please PLEASE post your EDD so I can add you to the roster.  I’m simply too excited.  I read on QC that your DP is no longer TTC; how is she feeling about that?  How are YOU feeling these days?


Glassesgirl - The story about your little one was so sweet!  I love when they first realize they have the power of independent movement.  I do actually have an Etsy, but there aren't any paintings posted to it at this point, so it's empty.  I'm kind of building up my stash of "example" paintings, and then I'll put some up for sale.  


Sara and Seraf – Congrats Congrats Congrats on the birth of your newest son!  He is so handsome.  Glad Shay did well with the birth – how is everyone settling in?  How do the big kids like the new little guy?


Ad Astra – your son and daughter are just precious.  How wonderful that they’re home now.  I can imagine the overflow of emotion you’ve been experiencing. 


Dandy – you look awesome!  Great belly, mama. 


AHope – wow on Lilah’s crawling breakthrough!  Fantastic news.  She’s going to be everywhere before you know it.  I remember when our foster son figured out how to sit up from laying down, he kept waking up in the night and sitting up, and then he was so tired he couldn’t figure out how to lay himself back down so we’d have to go in there every few hours and help him lay back down.  These developmental milestones are just so exciting for the little guys.  I hope Lilah is able to get some rest!


Amy – I’m so sorry to hear about Alexander’s teething troubles.  I hate how much it seems to bother some babies to pop new teeth through.  I hope he gets some relief soon.


Library – wow to little Ace!  She is certainly living up to her name, eh?  What an intelligent beauty you’ve got there.  P.S. I love that photo of her!  Since posting my painting, I’ve gotten several projects to work on but if in a few weeks you’re ready to talk about a painting of Alice, I’d be psyched.  Hope everything in your crazed life is going as smoothly as is possible. 


Planet – Awesome about meeting all your midwives!  The birth center we’re using has seven, and we have yet to meet them all… It’s such a fun place, when the belly starts growing a little bit.  We would all still love to see a picture! 


Welcome, mtnlisa!  If you post your EDD, I’ll add you to our roster.  I’m sorry you aren’t feeling “pregnant” just yet – is this pregnancy similar to your daughter’s?  I hope you guys get your progesterone struggles worked out soon.  We’re so glad to have you here with us!


Isa – I continue to love seeing all the pictures of your EJ on facebook!  How are you guys settling in? 


Whew!  I know I missed bunches of you guys, I apologize. 


As for us!  Today marks 23 weeks.  Where has the time gone?  I told DW the other night that since I was gone so many days for the conference in Denver, I feel like I missed almost a whole week of the pregnancy and so I’m continually in denial about next week marking the point of potential viability for our daughter.  I took a page out of Seraf’s book and told Evie that she’s grounded until at the minimum, 37 weeks.  Which is still only 14 weeks away, and that’s filling me with disbelief as well. 

The baby has been a true fiend lately!  I feel badly for my wife as she gets bigger and bigger, and I hope that the baby’s growth will restrict her apparent strength and large movements.  Yesterday, DW reported that Evie was simultaneously kicking her in the bladder and in her coccyx.  Then today we think she flipped over and had her back to DW’s front so her movements were less sharp, more subdued, and DW could only refer to them as “weird”. 

The Honda we got is definitely not a new one; we already have one car payment and can’t afford another so we bought a 2003 CR-V.  And it is still a great little car!  Unfortunately it did end up being more money than we had allotted to buy it, so there’s a little on a credit card that we didn’t intend on but I feel so much better about putting my kid in a car that’s newer and has lower miles and better safety ratings than some of the others we’d considered purchasing. 


So… yeah.  Today we discovered that hunting for maternity swimwear is no walk in the park.  Also, neither is searching for nice, modest, summery dresses to wear to DW’s grandfather’s wedding in early June in CA.  Motherhood Maternity seems to be a pretty frustrating place – at least the one in our mall is.  And it’s continually staffed by a condescending, clingy elderly woman.  Win. 


Last, tonight I’m planning on taking pictures of this supposed giant moon, so I’m pretty excited about that.  I hope you guys are all having great weekends! 

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I'm just threadcrashing to tell Seraf congratualtions on Soren and Nosreves congratulations on the twins! Awesome!

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Hey you all,


I'm just dropping in to share that we had a little scare this a.m. that took us to the emergency room.  Everything is fine now and we're no longer worried, but I'm curious if any of you have experienced this or heard of anything like this happening during pregnancy?


I woke up in the night with a powerful pain on the right side of my lower abdomen; in the morning I woke up and it was even stronger and made me nervous.  We called the midwives, who didn't know what it was and suggested we call my doc, who told us to go to the urgent care to rule out appendicitis!  Well, that possibility did not make me very happy, but we went.  Let me tell you, I was not thrilled about the possibility of surgery while pregnant! (Or while not pregnant, for that matter). 


After working with various nurses, technicians, and doctors, having blood work done, a surprise early ultrasound (which was amazing, by the way!!!!  Our baby is cute already!!!! And everything looked good!), and a very uncomfortable pelvic exam (this doctor guy was nowhere near as gentle and communicative as my wonderful hippie ND midwife that I'm used to seeing for these kinds of things) we learned that I have an ovarian cyst that is most likely what is causing the pain.  They said it will most likely go away on its own soon, or maybe it will last for my whole pregnancy; there's no way to tell.


We are incredibly relieved that nothing is hurting the baby, I'm not in any kind of preterm labor or anything like that, and I don't (well, I *probably* don't - the hospital people couldn't say they had ruled it out for certain, but we were convinced) have appendicitis.  This is the good news!  Now, I am still in pain, and wondering if any of you have had these. Also, if you know of any remedies or have any reassuring tales about how ovarian cysts are normal and go away quickly, I would gladly welcome the reassurance.


Thanks so much, and much love to all of you!


p.s. While I'm on here...I've been meaning to ask, how do you set up the little pregnancy tracker that goes along the bottom of the post signature with the heart that beats over the week you are at?  (Boy that was an awkward sentence.  Who would guess I'm an English teacher?  I'm just too exhausted from our hospital adventure to fix it. ;)

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It's been a while since I updated. Sara's mom is here. We're out of the hospital. Sara is way uncomfortable. If the stitches and bleeding nipples weren't enough, she is riding out a stomach bug, too.

One bright spot is that today she got a painless latch. He is starting to put weight back on (dropped from 7#1 to 6#7). I'm going to plug reclined nursing, skin to skin and letting the baby latch himself. That's the recommendation that finally got a good latch.

I have noticed some interesting things about having this newest baby.

Labor was hard to watch. I generally feel much more powerless with the pain she is going through. I offer up comfort ideas but at the end of the day she is still the one who has/had to go through it.

When my first three were born I looked at their faces and didn't know them. I remember thinking they were so foreign. Sara mentioned that she felt that way when she saw him. It was different for me. I saw him and saw nothing but Sara. He looked like I wasn't waiting for anyone else.

The hospital experience was interesting. I think it was a good fit for Sara for labor. Everyone was great, but the post partum part was exhausting.

I think I've managed to pee twice a day since Sara was in labor, the support roll is so busy and focused on the mom in pain, the baby and the bigger baby. Lol, barely ate the whole time she was in the hospital. The big kids met the baby and we played in the park for an afternoon. They come home again Wednesday.

His cry doesn't upset me the same way the older kids' cries did. I still think its important to answer them but it doesn't hurt my heart the way it did with my first 3.

Most surprisingly, co-sleeping makes me anxious! Me! Big huge cosleeping advocate that I am! Sara thought it hilarious. I was all, can we put a blanket here so he can't roll under you? The first night home I slept way low in the bed so the boys were eye to eye with me. It gave me more room without babies against me and I didn't have to worry about rolling on them (like I roll?). Last night Sara spent the night at the foot of the bed because she was living on the toilet. I wound up taking care of both boys most of the night. With Sara taking up the end of the bed I slept diagonally with Shay in his normal spot and Soren sideways by my head.

Shay has started to notice his brother. He smiles and chatters when Soren makes noise. I try to keep them arm's reach apart because Shay already grabbed his head and bit him once.

I'll be back soon to post some pictures.
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planet - my wife has had ovarian cysts. She did have one during pregnancy but it never ruptured or irritated her then. We only knew about it because we had ultrasounds at our fertility clinic before hand. I don't know if it was that particular cyst - but one did rupture after pregnancy when DD was 1.5. It was Christmas day. We had no idea what it was - but she was in pain. I thought appendicitis too. We ended up calling an ambulance. The sharp pain (and it was sharp like labour pains!) was fading by time they arrived. We ended up going to Christmas dinner as normal as she was totally fine after a couple hours and an ibuprophen (as recommended by the doc we saw in the ER). The doctor explained that sometimes they rupture and people hardly notice (assume ovulation, etc) some are bigger and more painful - and that my wife has probably had a number of them without noticing up to this point. The DR reccommended taking ibuprohphen - but that isn't useful to you because you can't take them in pregnancy. Worth asking your midwife - cysts are pretty common so she probably has some tips :) !


The ticker thing - its handmade in your signature. You just update your signature each week and move your little marker thing along. I did something like this:


***4***8***12***16***20 ... etc.


Hi everyone!


sara and seraf - WELCOME TO SOREN! man oh man. I love those hospital shots with the kids! Makes me want to have babes close together with my DP :)


nos - I am so very excited for your two little brussels sprouts!!! They are so lucky to have you both as parents. huge congratulations to you!!!


isa - how are you???


afm - Sage is such a peaceful monkey. or perhaps we are more peaceful this time round. likely the later. we are trying not to stress about sleep and such until after a year. Remind me of this when we hit 8 months.... but so far so good. I took the clock out of our room, and it really helps me not to know the time in the middle of the night - how long we're up, etc. I somehow feel more rested.

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seraf - amazing photos. those boys look so happy and snuggly together :) love your observations. found labour much easier being the one in labour. watching DW was hard too for me. Sage's cry definately upsets me differently because I let down and feel it hormonally in a different way. but both did. especially the newborn lip quivery cry.


Post pardum support for DW was alot. I can't imagine it with little Shay to care for! Take care of you as much as you can...  Wishing I was closer so I could bring over a good meal and do the dishes. One thing that helped me was letting go of cloth dipes for a week or two (or three). there was already so much to do. and we only had one at that time.

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OMOM, thank you. Randomly, Sara went into labor when we had 5 loads of clean, waiting to be folded laundry. So diapers haven't been a big deal yet. Soren only goes through a few a day still and Shay had one really wet day where he used more diapers than he typically does in a week, but generally he only goes through 4 or 5 a day. We have several dozen at this point (we have been using wipes for Soren, his pees are so tiny) so we can easily go a week between washing.

Sara's mom folded all the laundry yesterday. My mom came home from her trip and fed us, but I've been cooking. I think we will switch to paper plates for a few weeks, tho especially when the big kids come home.

We are totally smitten. Sara wants to write out her birth story, but she is waiting until her mom leaves today.
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Morning all~


Not much time to write, but I thought I'd say hey.  Alice had a bad weekend, and so then I did as well. She has some back teeth coming in and drools more than I've ever seen a baby drool. She has diaper rash worse than she's ever had it in her life, and something else mysterious which gave her a low fever and basically kept her up all Saturday night. She's been whiny and clingy etc etc, poor li'l biscuit, so that was fun and also cut into my getting-things-packed plan. But I'm already planning a few days off this week (hey, we have fifteen school days left and I've still got four sick days...) so that will help.


LOVE the baby pics and can't wait to read birth stories. 


Hugs to all and more laterz. 

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Originally Posted by seraf View Post

When my first three were born I looked at their faces and didn't know them. I remember thinking they were so foreign. Sara mentioned that she felt that way when she saw him. It was different for me. I saw him and saw nothing but Sara. He looked like I wasn't waiting for anyone else.

thanks for the perspective! I can imagine feeling this way...
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Hi everyone!


Thanks so much for all of the well wishes, support and thoughts about our babies! You all mean a lot to me and to hear from everyone has been great! 


Here's my birth story, as much as I can remember.


May 1st I had a check up at the OB and was checked and was at 2cm (progress from the previous weeks!). Then the doc told me I wasn't going to have a baby because I was still too comfortable.  Sara, Shay and I took a nice long walk around town while our car was getting the oil changed, and then did some shopping. We came home and I was pooped. Sara made me some Red Raspberry leaf tea (the same tea she drank all the way through her pregnancy with Shay-man) and then made us dinner. After dinner, we had some 'sexy time' and then went to bed.


I woke up on May 2nd at about 1am to go to the bathroom. Then at 2:30 I rolled over in bed and felt a gush of warmth and thought I peed the bed. So I got up to go to the bathroom and still more came out. I cleaned up and then proceeded to try to wake up Sara. Nothing. I got back into bed with a towel under me and then asked her if she knew if I could tell if my water had broken. She said to go back to sleep but I couldn't. Then the lower back pain started.


She started to time my contractions and they were fairly irregular in a sequence but averaged to about 10 minutes apart. We chatted for a bit in bed and discussed who we needed to call incase we left to go to the hospital. Sara's mom was who was originally going to watch Shay but she was in TN building playgrounds. 


I got up and sat on the toilet and that seemed to be the most comfortable place for me to be. Sara started running around the house and talking to me calmly all the while. I had no idea what she was doing (she was changing laundry, unloading the dishwasher, packing, etc.). My contractions started to get closer together and I tired to breathe as much as I could. We made jokes and chatted a lot. Every once in a while I would get up off of the toilet, find a few diapers to fold and then have another contraction which wound me back onto the toilet. 


By 4 I was ready to go to the hospital. I had no idea what they were going to do for me there, but my contractions were getting closer together and I was dreading the car ride there (30 minutes). MY contractions were between 3 and 5 minutes apart by then (short ones, and then long ones). Sara called her sister and woke her up. She was very excited by now and talking really quickly. Her sister said she would be there right away. Sara packed our bags, got stuff ready for still sleeping Shay and checked on me lots. All I was concerned about was towels for myself for the car (the fluid was really messy to me). 


Sara's sister got here before 5 and we left. We got into the car and drove to the hospital. Sara kept asking me if she wanted me to stop by where Shay was born and get out. I kept saying no thanks. At 5, she called off of work and also called L&D to tell them we were on our way in. We got to the hospital a bit after that and pulled into the ER parking lot. I didn't want to get up because I really had to pee. As soon as I stood up out of the car, amniotic fluid came gushing out of me and Sara took a picture. Then the pee came. That was so classy of me! 




We walked into the hospital and up to L&D and my shorts were soaked. They had me sign some papers and were oh so patient when I had to stop doing whatever I was doing to have a contraction. They checked me into the triage room, had me get a gown on and pee in a cup (which I couldn't do because I just peed, was stressed and can't pee under pressure). They checked me and I was at 3cm, my water had surely broken and we were there to stay. 


They got me into our delivery room and I was starting to hurt by then. They said I had to be hooked up to a monitors and sitting in the bed sucked. All the residents came in and chatted with me, they did an ultrasound to make sure he was positioned correctly. Then they left us alone for a while. I had no concept of what time it was, the clock thankfully was behind my bed. It was really starting to hurt, but I kept trying not to focus on it. Sara helped me visualize taking pictures, my trip to Israel and some other stuff I don't remember. Then we asked if I could get into the shower with my IV. 


The shower was absolutely lovely! The hot water and the pressure of it felt great! I stayed in there for a while probably like an hour. I started to think about how much pain I was in and that maybe I wanted something to take the edge off. I didn't say it out loud though. I wanted to be strong and get through this naturally. 



Our new nurse came in and introduced herself to us. I then got out of the shower and back into the bed. I told Sara how much pain I was in (though I'm sure she could see it in my face). We talked to the nurse for a while about my options and decided that an epidural would be best because it wouldn't wear off like something that just took the edge off of the pain and may only last an hour or so. But before we could go ahead with it I still had to leave them a urine sample. That seemed to take forever and the bed side toilet thingy was just not big enough to do that on. OY! 


At 9am the anesthesiologist came in and started the epidural. They sadly had to kick Sara out of the room because it had to be a sterile environment. It hurt a lot and she was saying everything she was doing out loud to the resident she had with her, so that kind wigged me out. The epidural shot hurt a fair bit and she gave me something extra to make me numb up more quickly. 


Finally Sara was allowed to come back into the room. I felt way way better. Sara encouraged me to nap and also told her sister it was okay to bring shay now (she had called while I was in the shower to ask 'how to get him to stop screaming like a psychopath'. The drugs kicked in and I felt so much better that I wasn't in pain. Our nurse was great! Shay got to the hospital around lunch time. 


Apparently I was given a bit too much of the epidural because my blood pressure wouldn't stabilize. It went really low. They had to give me oxygen so that it didn't effect the baby and meds twice to bring it back up. I was completely numb from my boobs down to my toes and could barely wiggle my big toes for most of the day. They turned it down around 5pm. 


We did a lot of chatting and I've never felt closer to Sara, it was prefect. She was amazing, I'm so lucky to have had her there with me! Around 6 I was fully dialiated but my contractions were still more than 2 minutes apart so they gave me the smallest amount of pitocin the could to bring the contractions closer together and me closer to meeting the baby. 


At 7ish it was time to push. The doc came in and checked me out. I was starting to feel like I had to poop and Sara got excited again! I pushed and the doctor went into the other room to deliever the other baby being born. She came back in and said I was really close and got all suited up. Shay fell asleep earlier and was just starting to wake up. I was really feeling the pressure by then and it sucked.


I pushed and they said I was doing a great job. The new nurse team came in (I didnt like them as much and was sad my nurse had to leave). I was getting tired and kept begging for them to just get him out of me. I kept pushing. I said once that I never wanted to do this again. I started to yell during my pushing and Shay would yell back at me, coaching me on the whole time. He's so sweet! Then when I wasn't pushing he would yell at me because he thought it was a game! 


I got a bit hysterical at the end and I think the doc was about ready to smack me from it. The babies heart rate started to drop a bit, so they said they could use the vacuum to help me a bit with getting him out. I said sure and after about 3 more contractions his head came out. That was so awful to feel him half out of me, but the last push when he came out felt soooooo great! 


He was born at 8:14, 7lbs, 1oz and 18 3/4 inches long. 


The cord was wrapped around his neck and they had to cut it right away, but that's okay because he is okay! They put him on my chest, Sara got even more excited and I instantly fell in love! 


I tore really badly. All of the msucles in my bum and the perineum. They took about an hour to stich me up with 3 full packs of seutcurs. It sucked! They said it was like a 2 1/2 degree tear, almost a 3. 


I spent two nights in the hosptial and am thrilled to be home. We have been having a fairly rough time getting a good latch and after a call to friend who is a lactation consultant with WIC, I think Soren and I are figuring it out. I also how some 24hour super flu crap and that was the worst. We finally got a good nights sleep last night for the first time since I went into labor.


He seems like a very chill baby, only fussy when he is hungry or we are changing his wet pants. He has gained 2 ounces a day since we got home! He is finally starting to look familiar to me and its settling in that he is really here and really mine! I'm not just calling my stomach Soren anymore. Also, I have 7 lbs left to be back at my pre-pregnancy weight. 


He is perfect and I'm ever so in love!!


1336415955.jpg 1336415957.jpg photo-53.jpg?t=1336416187

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Hi kids! Checking in again—I read all the time, but it appears I have a 2-hand baby most of the time.

Ad Astra—the only thing I can think that is anything but perfect about that picture of your babies is that it’s May now and you won’t be able to use it as a holiday card. They are heavenly!

AHope—crawling! Aack! We had two of the boys over this weekend and they went straight for the cords every single freaking time. It was quite the education about how un-baby safe our house is. Have you got everything ready for her to be mobile, or are you frantically rearranging things?

Amy—how goes the teething? Thank god that happens too young to remember—I imagine it’s quite traumatic.

Library—congrats to your DP on her PhD! And I would plan to take those four sick days at whatever time is least convenient for the Mean Girls, just because you can…

Hi Mtnlisa—welcome!

Desert—love the bump! And good luck on the maternity clothes—I think all of the swimsuits look like tents—one suggestion if she’s planning to use it for actual swimming or aqua-aerobics is to get one without a skirt—the skirt looks better when you’re out of the water, but in the water it kind of balloons up, which is annoying.

Planet—I’m glad it wasn’t appendicitis, and that everyone is ok! That must have been terrifying. I’ve never had cysts, but I remember a girl in my college dorm going to the hospital with one and all of us being so scared for her. Hopefully that’ll be the last time you’ll have to deal with it.

OMOM—interesting about the clock—it’s been making me feel better to time the length of nursing sessions (well worse, since last night she got into a series of 5-minute feeds. Ugh) but maybe we’ll put it someplace harder to see…

Seraf—it’s really interesting to hear your side of things. I was wondering how it would be for you to be on the other side. DP had such a hard time with E’s birth (lots of anxiety afterwards, feeling traumatized, etc), I think mostly because she felt like there was nothing she could do to help and I’m usually so in control that watching me be out of it at all was really scary for her. I love the two of them looking at each other!

Sara—congrats, mama! Thanks for sharing your birth story, too! I can’t wait for June to see those little boys in person! smile.gif

AFM—things are coming right along. Today is the first day of mat. leave on my own. I’m feeling a little overwhelmed. I think I’m overthinking the diapers and baby-wearing (do I need different detergent? Should I be trying different kinds of diapers, or just stick to the system we’ve got? What the hell do all those acronyms even mean?!) and I’m also realizing that I definitely need to make plans to see people probably almost every day. If it weren’t raining I could have gone for a nice walk, but staying in all day by myself is not going to be a good idea for me. E is particularly sweet, though, I must say.
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OMG! - just heard over on QC about nosreves' twins! That is awesome. Congrats to you and DP!

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planet- When I was 2 (i dont remember it i just know from what my mom tells me) I had to go to the emergency room because of tummy pain and they found a cyst on my ovary. It never caused me pain again and I had it checked when I was like 11 and it was the same size. and it is gone now I think it probably went away when I started having periods but I know it depends on if its fluid filled or something else if it can go away but hopefully it does so painlessly when your periods return.


Sara- wonderful story and pictures! I especially love the ones of the babies together!

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Isa, Sara's birth would have scared me if it had been my first, too! Like mine scared her. On diapers, here's an excellent post http://themiddleofeverything.wordpress.com/2012/03/01/the-mother-of-all-online-cloth-diapering-guides/ I personally don't do what she recommends, but out system is different. We use flats and rarely have poop in the wash and our diapers do fine with a single cold wash and any laundry detergent without fabric softener. On baby wearing, what would you like to know? I love a one shoulder carry for both boys. The little guy has been riding in a 2 yard piece of fabric folded lengthwise and ties with a slip knot. Much like a ring sling but I don't have a ring sling. Shay has been riding in a pouch sling. The cross carry is nice for tiny babies, too. There are a million great websites for baby wearing but I'm freaking in love with YouTube for instructions. If you have specific questions I'll try and figure them out. If you want to call us I can talk more easily than type at the moment or I think we are going to install Skype on the new computer soon and we could troubleshoot. I am not great with ring slings but proficient with anything that ties. Let me know if I can help in any way.
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Thread Crashing to say...


Yeah again to Sara and Seraf...Love both of the Birth story versions. I am so happy for you two. Your boy's are adorable...Congratulations again...way to go Mama, and Ba!



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Apparently Alice has Foot Hand and Mouth disease. Makes me feel like a farmer, and she a cow.  She's covered in a rash, poor thing, and very miserable. It should go away in a few days, but it's going to be another long night...

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