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Desert-LOVE the belly pic!!!!!!
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Gorgeous belly Desert!

Hi everyone, just touching base - I think the last time I posted I was all paranoid about bleeding and cramping. Well, that was gone as fast as it came and since then I've had a scan and seen a nice strong heartbeat and spot on measurements too. Plus, I have never felt so terrible in my life. For a few weeks, if I kept up my sleep reserves, my nausea was present but manageable, but now, it's 24/7 and all kinds of smells make me throw up.

I've got so much study and writing to do and I'm feeling very worried about my capacity to get it done right now. I think I might have to consider meds to get me through. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience re anti-nausea drugs?
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Desert--fun belly! I thought about painting mine for 2.5 seconds before remembering that the stretch marks have taken over (I am so glad we did my maternity shots at 36 weeks, right before they showed up. My vanity knows no bounds).

MMM--glad things are going well with the bean! I have no experience with nausea drugs, but I know Qmama was on them for quite a while, so hopefully she'll be able to give you some good advice.

AFM--First day of mat leave! We had a lovely, low-key weekend, met up with some friends, hid a couple eggs for the dogs, cleaned the hell out of our house, etc. It's hard to know if it's inspired by nesting instincts or by my well-honed desire to get things looking decent before everyone I've ever met wants to drop by my house and I have no ability to tidy up before they arrive. Considering how unexcited I was about doing it, though, I'm leaning towards the latter. I started getting what must be contractions on and off yesterday, but nothing regular or too serious. Waiting to see if they want to come back again today...
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Desert, nice belly.

AmandaHope, yay for a happy L.

MMM, Sara took unisom (real unisom) and vitamin B6 every night before bed with zofran for breakthrough barfing. Yay for a good scan!

Isa, cut it close much? Aren't you due tomorrow? Yay for maternity leave. I think you're right about cleaning for the sake of clean still. Nesting feels compulsive. LOL.

I'm missing a bunch more.

Shay is eating solids now and had his first solid poo. We are doing steamed veggies and some purées because he is so desperate for food. It makes him super happy which everyone needs when I'm at work. He is starting to have some seperation anxiety with me and that makes Sara sad.

We made a list of all the stuff we need to pack for the hospital. Hong crap it feels like a lot because we need a bag for Shay with my mom, stuff for when he is at the hospital with us, a pump for me when he's away, ect.

When we did our hospital birth class they said it would be no problem having him at the birth (unless c-section) and post partum. It's just about what I can handle, I suppose. The nurse leading the class used "partner" every time. There were a couple of single moms in the class and half the others weren't married. Only time she made reference to a male partner was when she explained the call lights in the shower and men getting burst in on by nurses if they pull it accidentally.

Oh, and Shay is trying super hard to crawl. He gets up on his hands and knees and even alternates his legs but when he picks up one of his hands he lands on his nose. Soon we will need to baby proof! Or, you know, get some outlet covers and build a latch for the gate.
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MMM--I'm so sorry that you're feeling so bad. I know just what you're going through. I tried acupuncture with this last pregnancy for the ms, but couldn't tolerate anyone touching me or doing any sort of bodywork. My naturopath also gave me a few B6 injections, but that didn't help either. When I was about 7 weeks pregnant, my doctor prescribed Zofran and that was what got me through. I would take a pill about 30 minutes before each meal. It didn't completely make the nausea go away, but it definitely took the edge off enough for me to function. I was afraid to take it at first because I didn't want to take any meds during my first tri, but it really saved me and I am glad I was able to get the ms under control because nothing else worked for me.


Oh yeah, eat lots of fruit and drink lots of water if you end up taking Z. Constipation is one of the unpleasant side effects...


Isa--Holy wow! Welcome to your first day of maternity leave! Keep us posted on the contractions too! As for the house cleaning, get it in now. Our house hasn't been the same since S's arrival in 2008. We are always picking shit up around here, to be blunt!. Oh yeah, I'm bringing something super-cute for Prosper. I'll probably give you a call so we can try to coordinate meeting up between your impending birth and my hanging out with my family!


Seraf--I can't believe Shay is doing solids and trying to crawl already! It seems like yesterday when you were delivering him in your car! Sounds like you are both pretty on top of things in preparing for the birth. The level of organization one has to pull off with a baby (or two!) is impressive.


AFM--Packing and organizing. And absolutely enjoying this mini-burst of sunny weather we've got going on here. Easter was wonderful. S looked gorgeous in her dress and we had a lovely time at a potluck with friends. The kids did an egg hunt in the back yard and I wore the little one in the Ergo most of the afternoon. Gotta go wash diapers and fold some laundry now while the baby is sleeping.

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Hello ladies love.gif  I know its been a while since we posted personals, but we are lurking and following along.


Isa- How excited are you ladies ? Any day now!!


Sara- How are you feeling?


Seraf- Shay on solids, that's awesome!


Werhli- your lil man is too CUTE!


Libaray- you have a one year old already! How are you doing? Happy Birthday to Alice!! We know it was yesterday but we were unable to get to the computer. That doesn't mean we weren't thinking of her!


Miz yellow- Hello!How are your lovely boys doing?



Rainbow -Sorry to hear about your test, it is hard to have to think about medical dangers when you should be basking in the joy of awaiting your baby. Hope your feeling well.



AFU: DS is acting out and we are running out of patience. His seizure medicines have been changed and we're thinking it has something to do with that. He is fighting us to eat (hitting, scratching, screaming, refusing to open his mouth) and is constantly yelling. His teachers say he is yelling in the classroom and is hitting kids on the bus. What to do? DD1 began her softball season and is being a typical teenager. Layla is amazing us with her brilliance daily. She is now imitating sounds (DW taught her how to scream duh.gif), eating purees, laughing at everything, takes steps with support, and loves to play rough. She had her 4 month doctor visit on Saturday and is in the 80th percentile of weight. (Boob milk is doing wonders) DW even got her to take a bottle! We are definitely contemplating going to Pride Fest this year and are wondering where everyone is meeting up. It would be nice to finally meet some of you ladies face to face.



Ok...Now time for some pics




layla on Easter Day



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We have a fetoscope that we aren't really using anymore. I just heard little dudes heartbeat for the first time on it to iChat.

I have a trivia question and whoever gets it right gets it.

Buffy question: What is the poster of on the back of Buffy and Willows door in their college dorm room?!
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Is it a poster for Oz's band?

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Close. I think that's on willows closet...
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Mami: She is so beautiful!  Sorry not to have advice about DS but hope that you and he find some relief and comfort soon.  We don't have any firm plans for Pride yet but will make sure to keep you in the loop!  I'd love to meet your family, especially little Layla.  Layla and Lilah will have to meet one another and share secrets about their similarly cool names.


Isa: Thinking about you today--hoping you are enjoying your second day on mat leave.  And isn't TODAY your due date?!  HAPPY DUE DATE DAY!  joy.gif  Let me know if you want the instructions for how to kick start labor using the pump.  Do you have a double electric pump?  If not, it might be worth looking into renting one just in case... I had that info ready in case I had any early bfing problems, but it could come in handy for natural induction, too.  I'm sorry to hear that the docs get more nervous about going two weeks over bc of IVF.  Strange.  But your little one will come when the time is right, and I'm SO EXCITED for you two to meet him/her (though not nearly as excited as the two of you, I imagine, unless you're in the midst of any last-minute anxiety).  How are you feeling emotionally? Wish we lived a bit closer and could hang out...



Lilah is with Jaimie this afternoon, so I really should get back to work...  UGH. WORK.

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Happy due date, Isa! ELV to you, mama!joy.gif
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AHope--we've got a midwife appointment this morning for NST, which I expect to be uneventful, since I'm being kicked as I type this. However, later today I might take you up on the pump-induction advice. I'm definitely ready to have this kid, though now I wonder if I've jinxed myself in some way by saying I wanted it between DP and my dad's birthdays (the 12th and 17th), but for some reason I also expect it to be born on an even day, for no reason at all. Clearly I am overthinking this.

Mami--we're definitely doing something! Just not sure exactly what yet. Keep your saturday afternoon clear for us and we'll work out the details!

Wehrli--I'm so excited about the possibility of an Ani concert! I can't believe I've never been to one before, either, but the idea of seeing her at the Pabst makes me all warm and fuzzy!

Qmama--good luck with your girls today! I'm sure they'll be little plane-angels for you.

DP is taking me out to breakfast to try to put me off my over-due funk. greensad.gif
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seraf - crawling!? :) Wow. I'm glad things are so awesome at your hospital with Shay there. I hadn't thought about the added complication (not that it is one now) of having an infant and labour :) sounds like besides the crazy packing, you have great support and options :) that is awesome.


sara - how are you feeling these days anyways? Hope all has settled down in there :) I don't know about the poster and won't need a fetoscope for a while now :) but that is one sweet contest!


qmama - what is your little one up to these days? Ergo :)! in an infant thing or is she good to be in it without one now?


dessert - also love your belly pic!


isa - thinking of you. was breakfast distracting? hope so!!! Your LO will be here soon. My midwife recommended doing something exciting/distracting each day. I can't remember if we did or didn't...lol. HAPPY DUE DATE DAYS :) I am so so so excited for yous!


hi everyone!!!


afm - this may be TMI but today I shot milk out of my boob clear across the room. We are talking like 12 feet or something. I saw photos of this but never thought I'd be able to literally shoot milk. I feel like a super hero. 'cept when I'm leaking all over the place in public ;)


Sage is gaining 3-4 ounces a day consistantly since birth. I thought we'd have a little tiny babe for a while, but not so! Newborn dipes are too small and we are already saying good by to little onesies... She is great though. Sleeps pretty awesome for a babe. Eats loads as you can imagine.


We didn't have a ring sling for DD1 and I really really love it. Much easier to use than a moby/cuddly wrap. Though they both serve their purpose. Hense the multiple carriers around here. Ergo being the favourite - but I don't have the infant insert so we aren't using that yet.


DP, who was adament about having only 2 kids is now making plans for a third maternity leave :) Whoa... already!? :) I'm all for it.The question is who will carry. We both want to. We have time to figure it out I guess. I dont' know if we could financially have 4 kids, but maybe a situation where we both carry close together like the Saras would work? you will have to let us know how it goes for you two!


And finally - for anyone working on potty training a little one - apparently Peri bottles (the squirt bottles to clean your stiches/perinium after birth) are the big enticement needed to start potty using in earnest. DD1 wanted to be able to squirt herself with a peri bottle and decided to ditch diapers! we aren't in underwear outside of the house mode yet, but getting there fast. Yet again reminding me that I try too hard sometimes to encourage my babes to learn something. They can learn it themselves when they are ready with a lot less stress and work on my part... I will remember this with number 2, I will remember this with number 2...


A few pics of sage above. Hoping everyone is well. Can't wait to see some more LO pics!!!









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hi everyone , and thanks so much for all the congratulations and good wishes over in QC blowkiss.gif.   i'm not actually jumping into this room yet, but i had a couple of questions that i wanted to ask of you more experienced gals.  so i got my first beta back today, and it was really high.... 453 at 13/14dpo.   after some overzealous googling, i'm trying very hard not to freak out about it.  i'd appreciate any words of wisdom or anecdotes ya'll have.


and the second (very minor) thing is that for the past few days i've been getting cramps along the sides of my pelvis when i turn over in bed at night.  not AF-type cramps (although i'm having some of those, too) but muscle cramps that come and go very quickly.  i've never had this before, and i find myself turning over very gingerly to avoid it because it hurts like a mofo.  any one else had this or know what might be causing it?


thanks in advance! 

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Nos, my beta when I was pregnant with DD was 360 or something like that at 14dpo. Betas aren't always indicative of multiples (if that's what you are worried about). They can be. But not always smile.gif

I also had similar cramping early on....it reminded me of a "stitch" type pain. It would mostly happen when I turned over quickly or coughed, etc. When do you go in for your second beta or see your RE again?
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Originally Posted by nosreves View Post

hi everyone , and thanks so much for all the congratulations and good wishes over in QC blowkiss.gif.   i'm not actually jumping into this room yet, but i had a couple of questions that i wanted to ask of you more experienced gals.  so i got my first beta back today, and it was really high.... 453 at 13/14dpo.   after some overzealous googling, i'm trying very hard not to freak out about it.  i'd appreciate any words of wisdom or anecdotes ya'll have.


and the second (very minor) thing is that for the past few days i've been getting cramps along the sides of my pelvis when i turn over in bed at night.  not AF-type cramps (although i'm having some of those, too) but muscle cramps that come and go very quickly.  i've never had this before, and i find myself turning over very gingerly to avoid it because it hurts like a mofo.  any one else had this or know what might be causing it?


thanks in advance! 

I had this in the beginning--ligament pain, I think.  Not a problem, so far as I know.  And CONGRATS! I was terrified of multiples and would have been freaking out with such high hcg levels, but it really might not be out of the ordinary for one.  Yay!!


And Omom: Sage is so so so beautiful!!  Oh my goodness.  Those feet! That face! Yummy newborn goodness.  And I'm impressed by the spraying milk across the room.  Though I had oversupply, I never had the leaking/spraying action.  That's a cool trick. 


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Nos, those pains last for months.  I've heard that betas can go wither way with multiples, but Sara and I are the only family I've known IRL who got pregnant at the same time and both got singletons (I've known 2 families who had a singleton and twins).



Qmama, I'm glad to hear things are going well.  Daycare so soon sounds like a bummer.


Chicago girls, Are we going to have enough babies to make a rainbow of footprints?  That would be an awesomely chaotic craft!


Mami, she is adorable!


OMOM, So dang cute!  He's not crawling yet, but he wants to. The hard thing about organizing for labor is that I don't now how long it will be.  There is extra milk in the freezer if he needs more.  There  are diapers, but we were planning to stuff some fuzzy bunz to make it easier for my mom.  But like, milk and diapers for 12 hours? 24? I've never left him overnight and depending on how the labor goes he can be brought in to nurse.  I will most likely have to pump at some point (oh yeah, I still leak through my shirts regularly).




Isa, Good luck on your pumping!  We want to see that baby!


AmandaHope, how are you storing your milk?  I saw some frozen in ice cube trays recently and then in a big zipper bag in the freezer and I thought it was brilliant because you can thaw exactly how much you need.  Not sure of possible drawbacks yet, tho.  I think I'm going to try it.


Life here is good.  Not much else to say.

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omom: I'm feeling fat. I'm feeling good but fat. By the end of the day, no matter how much I try to relax, my body is tired and sore and achy. But I'm really enjoying feeling him move and my time a home with Shay and the excitement of the nearing new baby. I worry sometimes, though, that we are having this baby too close to shay being so small and that he will miss out on one on one bonding time and his 'baby' time. I know its silly, but I find myself needing reassurance about it from time to time (like tonight). Your little Sage is SO stinkin cute! I like those cheeks! 


AmandaHope: Looking forward to seeing you in Chicago in 2 months! I'm sure excited! 


ISA: How was breakfast?! What did you have?! (wow I sound pregnant). That little one is going to come out when he/she is good and ready! And just think, the longer (s)he cooks, the fatter and cute (s)he will be! 


Wehrli: We're gonna see you guys in June right?! 


Mami: How's the little one?! How's the rest of the fam?!


Qmama: How are your precious little darlings doing?! I'd love to see a few pictures!!


Starling: How are things up north?! Can I have some snow here please?!


Carmen: Hi! I think you were in my dream last night...that's all I remember though.


Nos: It's lovely to see you around these parts. I still have those pains every night when I roll around in bed to get comfy. They are particularly bad when I stretch so I try not to in bed anymore. I'd say its just round ligament pains and your body making room for the little one to stick around for a while! Is your DP still trying too?!


Library: Where the heck are you?!


AFM: I'm ready for the baby to come, but I know he can't. I'm just excited! I'm more excited than anything else. Although I'm finding myself worrying a bit about maybe I should have waiting to get pregnant until now so that Shay could have baby time. I feel like it was selfish of me to get pregnant so close to him being little and that I should have waited and let him have one on one baby time with us (repeat from above, I know). I'm just a worry wort. I'm sure once baby soren gets here it will be great. I'm not worried I don't have enough love, just worried he is going to feel slighted. 



look mama, the easter bunny brought me this fun toy!



hello from my new stroller



I like carrots, yes I do, I like carrots. How about you?



and the fourth picture I wanted to post is lost in cyber space. I'll try to find it.

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Originally Posted by smilingsara View Post


Carmen: Hi! I think you were in my dream last night...that's all I remember though.





Shay and Sage are both adorable...love seeing the photos orngbiggrin.gif


I too am impressed with the spraying across the room! I didn't do that but I leaked for months...I had to wear a nursing bra with thick absorbent pads in it to bed or DD and I would wake up in a puddle!

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