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Please help my poor girl!  

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my daughter is 12 and wets the bed every night. She usually soaks everything in pee and tries to hide it. On top of this she has uncontrolable bowels. She will go to poo whenever she feels like it. Too make things wose she always has diarrhea and it is explosive. It will go everywhere, eaning she is constantly being cleaned up at school. She is embarassed and hates it. her Diarrhea is watery, light brown, runny, smelly and sickening. She goes around 3 times a day. 
Her bed wetting does not continue during the day. 
Please help

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Has your daughter been to the doctor? I would take her right away because this doesn't sound normal.


I think you should also look into food allergies. Does she also have any rashes on her skin? Any respiratory problems, such as runny nose, watery eyes, sneezing? The gastrointestinal problems alone suggest a food allergy, but if she also has any of these other symptoms I'd really suspect it. Perhaps try an elimination diet, under doctor's supervision, to see if the symptoms improve.

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There was a similar thread to this that was locked. I suspect this one will be too.

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ktarr, you already got responses in the other thread. The consensus is that you need to take your child to a doctor. There is no other advice that anyone can give at this point.

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Has your doctor considered the possibility of Chron's disease? Uncontroolable explosive diarrhea can be a symptom.
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please don't feed the troll! 

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This is the fourth thread about the same thing from her. 

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Thread is closed. ktarr - please take your child to the doctor.

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